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  1. 5 hours ago, j_cuevas713 said:

    I was just about to ask how much do we think Houston will get. Who knows what Lizzie has already accomplished so fa. I did see this tho a couple of weeks ago


    The next bill will the massive infrastructure and next generation stuff. Congress will spend a total of 100-200b on public transit/trains/commuter. She needs to holdout for atleast a billion for metro in all together at minimum. I don't know why metro and others aren't lobbying her more. I spoke with her chief of staff they told me she's aware of metro rail expansion and is working with metro. Let's see honestly but with her vote meaning so much ( 5 seat majority in the house) she needs to demand for lots of $$$$. I've donated a decent amount to her in her campaign and she needs to be aware of the situation.

    Now that earmarks are back in congress let's get some damn money flowing and rebuild our public transit for truly next generation. Congress is never going to ever pass this sort of funding again in our lifetime and she needs to leverage her vote for some truly historic investments.  (Not talking politics keeping it strictly bout infrastructure)


    We need to hold our elected officials accountable bottom line. I urge everyone here to contact her office and demand that she brings us more than bus lines. Grassroots and pressure works. I've had numerous friends and others call her also.

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  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/SecretaryPete/status/1415053476284047362


    Every other democratic congressman are getting all their local cities massive train and public transit expansion wtf is lizzie doing ?!?! With the massive trillion dollar infrastructure bill (which this nation needed a decade ago) upcoming she should be using all her leverage to fund all metro projects. I've spoken to her office and I ask you guys to also. We really have a once in a generational opportunity to transform the public transit in Houston. We're not talking about expanded bus lines and other bs. True change and the money is there 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Houston19514 said:


    l've been hearing whisperings about this growth to 700+ flights a day recently in other forums.  Hope it comes true.  FWIW, that is a LOT of growth, especially considering they apparently plan to grow the Denver hub from about 550 flights per day this summer to more than 700 per day by 2025.  https://thepointsguy.com/news/denver-could-be-united-airlines-largest-hub-by-2025/

    I've spoken to Rodney Cox whos in charge of operations for the entire airport. Im not sure why that rumor is spreading because United plans on making Houston the largest hub by 2023. In regards to Denver they plan on expanding to 650 by 2025 but Houston will be the king of of all hubs. Denver will take over alot of the regional routes and replace them with 737's, but Houston will get the most destinations added. IAH to Dublin, Iah to Aukland are all but guaranteed as well. United wouldn't be investing 1/3 of a billion dollars into a single airport if didnt see it as the king. Houston will be the only United airport that will have EBS (Early bag system). I'll post photos of the construction when I have time but its going to be one of a kind. 

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  4. On 1/14/2020 at 1:00 PM, wilcal said:


    Do you mean 150 flights/week or per day? 150/day would be an insane increase. 150/week is still an increase, but not a ton.


    At the moment we service 492 a day and we plan on increasing it to 700-800 A DAY after 2022. I dont think you guys know just how much growth United is planning for IAH.

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  5. 6 hours ago, asubrt said:

    Well that’s definitely encouraging, sorry to be a hater I’ve just been disappointed many times in the past few years. I was more skeptical about the Mumbai/Lagos routes, I don’t doubt the bag room is happening. Keep us posted with any info that you can share!

    Its not just any bag but its the most expensive bag room in the USA. During the holiday season we had major issues with luggage and we were even storing luggage in the training classrooms because we literally had no where to store them. After the new bag room is built we'll be able to handle more then 75k bags a day. I'll post photos of the construction of the room. We'll have the third most sophisticated bagroom only behind DXB and ICN. 

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  6. 9 hours ago, wilcal said:


    Do you mean 150 flights/week or per day? 150/day would be an insane increase. 150/week is still an increase, but not a ton.



    I think part of it is additional planes coming online. Looking at summer now for MAX to come back. 


    These new CRJ's with lots of biz are for EWR and ORD. 


    I think there's a 0% chance UA launches Mumbai, but Air India certainly might.


    There's a much better chance of Lagos coming back. 

    Ill bet you anything the Mumbai route will be confirmed. 


    Also IAH-MDE is another route that is being discussed. 

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  7. 9 hours ago, asubrt said:


    Hate to be that guy, but... source?? This seems extremely hard to believe given United's complete disregard for IAH in the past few years. Every other hub has gotten multiple new international routes and domestic routes, while we've gotten... Spokane and Ontario?? Don't get me wrong, I would be ecstatic if this happened and hopefully you have some awesome insider info, but I'll believe it when I see it.

    I work at United in the operation department at IAH.  We've hired over 200 employees over the past 2 years and are still hiring. We've hired more in the past 1 year then we did between 2007-2017. I'll know by May additional routes if others are interested. 


    If you want me to post photos of the new bagroom under construction or whatever else to prove myself just let me know and I'll snap some pics.

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  8. On 6/11/2016 at 4:07 PM, lockmat said:

    When the Galleria announced their project, Ralph Bivins guessed it would be a Ritz. Here are some excerpts for his argument as to why it could be.





    The galleria hotel will also have condos on top, which our HAIF source has confirmed the Ritz will have.



  9. On June 8, 2016 at 10:46 AM, Sellanious Caesar said:

    You know that famous urban planning saying "grocery stores, pharmacies, and GFR follow rooftops"?


    likewise, Ritz Carlton follows entertainment clusters (LA), upscale shopping corridors (ATL), or wealthy edge cities with high concentrations of conference space or office space. My guess would be in or near ROD, the Galleria, or Uptown Park shopping center. 


    Here are 4 skyline clusters in order of most likely to least that I could see Ritz setup shop in


    1. Uptown Houston

    2. Museum District

    3. Greenway Plaza

    4. Neartown (building cluster on Allen Parkway, centered around AIG building)

    Confirmed yesterday it will not be in the Museum district or neartown

  10. Im not sure where to put this thread at, but a very credible source confirmed to me that they are in the process of bringing one to Houston, in the next 18 months.


    Anyone have any clue where this could be ? This is a very reliable source who I have known for years and has worked on numerous high rise projects such as the W in Austin. 



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