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  1. I was hoping the wood frame apartments would completely cover the garage podium. oh well
  2. Does anyone know what spot Hines is eyeing for their next project, or what/if any lots they own downtown? It seems they announce a new project once the previous one is near completion
  3. Landrys had been using the old Willie G's location as a commissary to provide meals to their furloughed workers and also first responders, that's why the Landrys sign is out front. However, no idea what the remodel might be for
  4. If I remember correctly, I think it was early last year, when they announced this project they said it would be built in two phases, with Phase 1 being the office building, and then later on they would add the apartments on top in Phase 2. In the rendering for the 48 story tower, I think it was assumed the fat part of the building would be phase 1 and the skinny top part would be phase 2. I don't remember what square footage was supposed to be, but maybe this could still just be phase 1? Or does it sound like this is the entire project now
  5. oh wow, not much longer now until the windows on that side of hogg palace are covered with parking garage
  6. This is kinda random, but it seems Hines has been announcing a new tower once they finish up the previous one, and I know it will still be awhile before Texas Tower is topped out, but any guesses at what block Hines would build on next? They do seem to prefer this area of downtown
  7. I'm sure it will slow down once they start on the garage, or at least it will for me, I always get impatient during the garage building portion
  8. In the last picture, what is that giant parking lot next to the Astoria? Is something being built there, was it a staging area, or is it just a parking lot
  9. I hadn't seen these pics before, but it looks like they didn't center the garage, I don't know how common that is, but seems like it would be a long walk if your apartment is on the opposite end
  10. Oh good, I was hoping they planned to put a facade over the garage
  11. In the second to last render, is the garage really going to be exposed like that facing San Felipe?
  12. Last I saw, they hadn't started on the Heights one either at the old Jack in the Box, I'm not sure what the hold up is because I'd also like to see both buildings gone
  13. Are they building the parking garage above this portion? It looks like there's a ramp in the second to last picture
  14. It would be nice to see a 4 year school open something here that San Jac could feed into, similar to what's going on with the new HCC and UH schools out in Katy
  15. I like how they're got apartments on two sides covering the parking garage, I think the sort of thing makes the parking podiums looks so much better
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