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  1. Sorry bud but I'm right. Galveston should have a Hamptons type development. It'll be amazing. Oh, and Galveston should have a man made lagoon. It'll look amazing. It'll be breathtaking.
  2. Elseed

    Porretto Beach Abandonment

    Nah, it'll be worth it.
  3. Elseed

    Porretto Beach Abandonment

    Nah, I like my idea better.
  4. Elseed

    Porretto Beach Abandonment

    Nah, thats limited thinking. Thats a very old school backwards texan type thinking. Turning it into a playground for the rich would be ideal. It would be awesome if it could be a hybrid of South Beach and New Orleans. Its kinda lame as it is.
  5. Nah, I think they're should be more development in Galveston. Just not any lame development. Well there ya have it! Just more of it and much cooler for cooler people.
  6. Elseed

    Porretto Beach Abandonment

    You're probably not very good in business. Nor do you have an imagination; pity.
  7. What I mean is; there should be a a crystal clear blue lagoon development created in/around Galveston Beach. This project would be close to the beach and it will have a crystal clear blue lagoon anchoring it. As for “Hampton’s type development”, I mean; there should be a “Hampton’s type development" in Galveston. No one said it has to be exactly like the Hampton's, that's why I wrote; “Hampton’s type development." Notice the word "type." This development doesn't have to be inferior and it could essentially be just a neighborhood; at first. Then it can grow to whatever the developers or the city's hearts desires. Also, the "authentic Gulf Coast town" experience is a pretty crappy experience if you ask me. You've got to have vision Reefmonkey or you'll just continue to make the same crappy development that Houston and Texas is so used too.
  8. Elseed

    Houston Center Redevelopment

    Sorry bud, it was and always will be lame. You got it brother!
  9. Elseed

    Houston Center Redevelopment

    Mehh. The Houston shops has been lame just like the downtown tunnels since day one.
  10. There should be a crystal blue lagoon development in Galveston. Along with some Hampton's type development.
  11. I wish Downtown developers thought like this. Those stupid Downtown tunnels really did destroy Downtown Houston street life.
  12. Elseed

    Jefe Bar Mex Grill @ 502 Main

    Walked by and it looked like work has been done but still no clue as to what is going on. I hope they open a live music venue or a comedy club.
  13. Elseed

    Holiday / Days / Heaven On Earth Inn (801 Calhoun)

    The entire building should just have murals on it.That would look pretty sweet. Either way I hope they don't tear it down. Abandoned or not we still needs as many buildings as possible in the city.
  14. Elseed

    1st Pasadena State Bank

  15. Elseed

    Jefe Bar Mex Grill @ 502 Main

    Any updates?