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  1. https://www.papercitymag.com/real-estate/americana-development-downtown-houston-new-restaurants-capital-retail-properties/ *Update*
  2. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    I pity you.
  3. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Yeah, you mad lol
  4. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    You mad bro?
  5. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Its funny because you’re doing the same thing that you say that I’m doing; passionately espousing your ideas. You say, “An "awesome core" would entail building affordable housing for thousands of workers who are priced out of the area right now.” You see that’s you’re under developed opinion. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Houston is getting denser and the CBD is getting denser. More people are moving into the city and that’s a trend that will stay put for a very long time. Ask any major developer in any city and they’ll probably tell you the same. If you can’t see that then you’re just as thick as Ross and have no business on this page and that’s a fact jack!
  6. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    No point in trying to explain anything to you. If you can't see why having an "awesome core" and making the city more suitable for visitors and residents alike is a good thing then you're just delusional.I pity you.Have fun at applebees.
  7. Occidental Petroleum Headquarters

    All I got to say is this. If this city and the companies in it want to be looked at in better light and be attractive to other companies and prospective employees, then they need to start catering more towards younger talent and to the people who want to live in a city. Downtown and the loop is booming, and no bright, eager young upstart is particularly excited about working in Katy, Texas or The Woodlands. Houston is becoming denser and its becoming more attractive to everyone. Especially the young upstarts. Look at how expensive New York is. Yet hundreds of thousands of eager bright minds flock there every year. Why? Not just because of the salary but because its in a lively city. I understand the mantra for years about Houston was, “you don’t move here for its beauty but for a job”, well my friend that mantra is changing as we speak. If you really want to attract bright young and WISE OLD minds you need to have lively city, great public transit, and more company HQ’s in the city or very close to it. There is still plenty of space to build on in the city. There are still empty lots downtown, Midtown, EaDo. So I call bullshit when these multi-billion dollar companies say that they don’t have enough space to invest in the city. Also, the City of Houston needs to get a task force together to keep these mofos in the loop, particularly downtown or certain segments of the city are going to be hurt economically if these HQ’s move. If these companies are committed to the future they need to stay in the loop, particularly Downtown. Otherwise, they are going to lose out on great talent that will take their ideas and money elsewhere. Also, I’ve known people who’ve lived in different suburbs but commute to the loop for work and most of them are older. I’ve heard from many of them that they like the fact their company is in the loop. The reason being, that they like doing stuff in the loop after work and its just generally more exciting.
  8. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    I'd put it downtown because its the best location for it. It's centrally located, we already empty surface lots that need to be developed and there are business, sports teams, and now residential and retail(somewhat). If we really want Houston to become an amazing metro area with an amazing core then putting it downtown is your best bet. Otherwise we're just going backwards as a city and adhering to the lame suburbanite mentally. You know the same lame mentality that built the big piece of crap known as the Houston Pavilions. Anyway, Downtown Houston is booming and I dont see it slowly down anytime soon. Having a centrally located intermodal station there would allow thousands of visitors from Houston and other cities to come and explore Downtown, midtown, EaDo, etc without having to look for parking. But knowing how backwards a lot of people and developers in the city are, I'm pretty sure the intermodal center will be at Northwest Mall, smackdab next to the 290. I cant imagine all the wonderful traffic that will be added to 290. It'll be a heck of bottleneck. Cheers to you crappy train builders!
  9. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Are they still going to build that crappy grand modal center at Northwest Mall instead of Downtown? If they do then the entire project sucks and I hope they scrap it.
  10. Occidental Petroleum Headquarters

    Any company building their HQ out of the loop is lame. It really shows how out of touch they are.
  11. Porretto Beach Abandonment

    I wonder if they'll ever be a Hampton's like atmosphere in Galveston? Or If they'll ever have any developments for the uber rich.
  12. Will we get a World Cup Game?

    Its gonna be a real slap in the face if Houston is not chosen as a host city.
  13. McNair Mixed-Use: ~6-acres at 3200 Post Oak Blvd

    Sucks that this development is not gonna be in Downtown or Midtown...
  14. The Regalia at the Park: 100 Crawford

    Out of curiosity, what year was this?
  15. The end of KHOU: Allen Parkway

    Anyone know what the land is gonna be used for next? Condos, townhomes, building...