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  1. Looking at this I’m actually disappointed in the development around MMP.
  2. I thought I was the only one that remembered that lol. I tried finding the rendering again a while back with no luck.
  3. Looking at the 3D exterior rendering, that side of Discovery Green facing Embassy could use a face lift.
  4. It honestly doesn’t do much for me. I know there was some recent work done do it but at the very least some GFR would be nice.
  5. Thanks! This is why we need sticky posts within threads. The little quarter purple block angers me lol
  6. This one hurts the most. Can’t see something better than what was planned going here.
  7. And don’t they own the half block on the Marrow lot?
  8. I would love for 1001 Preston (County tax office) to come available. Fronts Main Street and is basically a dead zone for that side of Main. 🤞🏼
  9. Not the best pic but they had the lot with Khyber blocked off. Sampling?
  10. My buddy said he saw this building being demolished. Wasn’t the original plan to be renovated? I believe they’ve been renovating the inside for a while. Anyone know what’s up?
  11. A little bitty cafe would be nice. Although, I’m not sure if that would work financially.
  12. Yes! Every time me and my buddy pass that block on Main and Prairie we always dream.
  13. That is the block I’m most excited about for downtown. I have high hopes for that one!
  14. Did you see work being done? The plywood has been there since March I believe.
  15. page 34 down gives you an idea of what they have in mind. http://houstonfirst.com/static/media/uploads/attachments/theater_district_master_plan_02.02.15.pdf
  16. I’ll be the hater 😬. I like the ground floor stuff but the towers are blah. Obvious improvement but still.
  17. Nice! Does it match up to the renderings above?
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