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  1. Seen this while driving, not sure what’s going on? Sorry for the wack photo and photobucket.
  2. nate4l1f3

    Skyline update

  3. Man I would take something like this any day over those 20+ story boring office squares. I would have LOVED this in front of The James fronting Westheimer instead of the office building going up.
  4. genuinely asking here but what would be considered and easy conversion to light rail? Are we just assuming or is it known that it can cut construction time in half or whatever?
  5. nate4l1f3

    Skyline update

    When I pull up the google map app on my iPhone there’s no option for 3D view??
  6. nate4l1f3

    Skyline update

    Do you know if this only works with android?
  7. I absolutely love this space. It’s hard to imagine it struggling or even needing a makeover of sorts.
  8. Yup. Reasonably priced with styles similar to H&M and Zara. They’re only doing 10% off denim at this location right now.
  9. I feel like Zara, Forever 21, and H&M all have the same customer base. I would love a Zara here though.
  10. Would be nice to see Dallas St. develop as planned.
  11. It’s a loss no matter how you slice it IMO, one of the few “major” retailers Downtown. Realistically what would you like to see?
  12. Nice! I thought this thing was finished and was disappointed that it had no street presence.
  13. Hoping they go tall (duh) because this is the next best chance to stretch the skyline.
  14. Good! I shared this story with a buddy and his first comment was about the neon sign.
  15. As someone born in 85’ I would love to see video from these times...
  16. So how many will just miss the neon sign if it goes? Me and the GF use to have Rita’s on the patio when the weather was nice but never really for anything else.
  17. Could someone share some other major Skanska projects?
  18. While your point holds, I do believe they did a nice job with this. I love how they gave the space an option to go open-air.
  19. It’s been like that every weekend for a while now..
  20. Bittersweet for me. That skyline view from the Texas pool at the Marriott has almost become a Houston landmark. Visitors love that photo opt
  21. Thanks for sharing. Always cool getting a look into the lifestyle of the rich and famous 😜
  22. I was excited to hear all that talk as well, but I like the Crane approach of minimal talking and mass action. It’s still early in his tenure so we’ll see I suppose.
  23. Would be nice if Tilman snatched up a lot or 2 around Toyota Center, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.
  24. Ahhh ok didn’t catch that. I was thinking where’s the steaks? 🤦🏻‍♂️
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