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  1. Probably unreasonable but I would have liked to hear buzz words like “landmark” or “game changer”. I’m sure whatever is built will be nice, but my personal expectations are high because I’ve waited soo long for a couple of those lots to be developed.
  2. Looks like if the American Airlines Arena in Dallas had an apartment.
  3. I’m actually a fan of the old design. This is nice too, obviously.
  4. I could have my projects mixed up but I recall that the lobby for this wouldn’t be at ground level, correct? Never mind. I got my answer from page 7. Hotel lobby will be on ground floor.
  5. If you look at the building on google earth and compare it to where the hotel will sit in the rendering, it certainly looks like it will sit on top of the office building and not the garage. But I’m with you, I always thought it would go on top of the garage. That makes more sense.
  6. Will the side facing the Four Seasons change at all?
  7. Kam’s in no longer in business. It’s been replaced by Bamboo Asian Seafood.
  8. I like it 10x better than the original design
  9. What would a buyer do with this building? Trying to phrase this right..... if sold, the chances of it being torn down are really slim correct?
  10. It has already been converted into premium parking.
  11. Live sports bar at 407 main looks to be closed permanently. Anyone know how long it’s been closed?
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