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  1. I won’t believe it until it’s completed haha
  2. How excite! I still wish they would re-clad the exterior but if not new then we’ll probably never see it.
  3. Haha while all true that’s part of the charm for me.
  4. This is off topic but why has the lot at Main & Prairie been empty so long? Who owns it? I’m sure this has been discussed so maybe a link?
  5. Wonder if the rooftop patio is still planned?
  6. Touché. I hated the transformation to Boomtown. Either way it goes this is a great location once all this mess is over with.
  7. I did notice a for lease sign as well on the window of Boomtown, just wasn’t sure if it might have been for the space above? I loved Honeymoon when it first open- didn’t feel like old Houston when I was in there.
  8. Boomtown coffee closed for good? How long has this been the case?
  9. Awesome! I hate tidbits like this get lost in the threads (for me at least).
  10. Was this info from an insiders post on here?
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