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  1. Rivet Oaks Theater is my #1 favorite place in Houston. You can feel the history inside and I even like the awkward silent bar upstairs. I don’t generally get upset about things being torn down and replaced but this would be an exception.
  2. Don’t know the politics of it all but I have no problem giving poor parts of town nice parks.
  3. I believe @geneposted earlier in the thread that Voodoo doughnuts was going here
  4. An employee at the Rice Village location mentioned that they planned to reopen the DT location once it made sense to.
  5. Are these the townhomes fronting the feeder? I always wondered why they were listed so cheap for new construction.
  6. Hmmm I was aware of the Thai spot but didn’t know the car wash was apart of it. You could be right.
  7. I have no idea what the term ground lease only means but I found this on twitter. A side note: I’ve never noticed the “clay west car wash” sign all these years 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Guessing this is for jack & ginger?? They’ve yet to open back up
  9. Hmmm never really thought about that. Has that actually ever happened though?
  10. Will I still be able to see 👀 the trail joggers 🍭when driving down memorial? Looks like the trail will be pushed back.
  11. I was watching the Challenger documentary on Netflix last night and it kinda hit me with all the Discovery shuttle talk.
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