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  1. I personally prefer when they have their own thread.
  2. Damn I can only imagine how you feel about the Astoria
  3. Nice tidbit on the lots they own that just sparked up an idea. I’m always wondering who or what companies own certain empty lots DT (mainly around TC & MMP). Is there or has there been a downtown map with this info?
  4. Fix coffee is next door. Although, their parking lot sucks.
  5. There are way more people who can answer that question on here than me brother. I would guess if the development fits in whatever parameters the city sets for certain developments then it’s a go. The problem would be with the City and their standards IMO. Which is why people on here push to eliminate minimum parking requirements etc.
  6. This is probably what pisses me off about Houston more than anything. Smh. Smh.
  7. That’s my hope as well and it just makes too much sense. What doesn’t make sense is building somewhere in the suburbs (besides cheap land). I remember reading that Tilman will be using his Post Oak Hotel for visiting teams starting next year instead of the Four Seasons Downtown so that’s why I think the Galleria area maybe have a long shot.
  8. https://www.chron.com/sports/rockets/article/Tilman-Fertitta-scouting-venues-for-new-Rockets-12378765.php
  9. I hear you, but if I had to guess more people enter the boulevard through Westheimer than from the feeder. I wonder if that land is an option for Tilman’s new Rockets practice/entertainment facility?
  10. Was thinking how it would help if a rendering was pegged at the top of every page on these developments. Wouldn’t have to be multiple renderings just 1.
  11. I used to work LP for Houston area CVS’s so I’ve been to 90% of them. The nicer/cleaner/newer ones are in the suburbs but if we’re talking strictly in the loop I guess you could say Kirby @ 59 and Market Square? TBH none of them really separate themselves and they’re pretty much built all the same with the 2 DT locations being exceptions.
  12. IMO this business itself will be temporary. I’ve been twice (party hours) and if it’s any indication of business during working hours then this place is probably losing money fast. My first impression is that they either rushed opening, or just didn’t put much money/work into it. The place is a GREAT size with a big square shape bar in the middle but that’s about all it has going for it if you ask me.
  13. Im really curious why they or anyone would be hesitant or upset to put something on the TV for a customer? I’m a sports fan myself and anytime I ask it’s usually 50-50 whether or not a little attitude comes my way. If not an attitude people definitely get visibly annoyed a lot of times.
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