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  1. They could also work to add better landscaping around the stadium. There’s way too much concrete in and around the stadium. Maybe paint the UH logo on ground of the gates leading into the stadium? Something.
  2. Dead horse here but that would make such a cool spot for something.
  3. The Aquarium within walking distance of the station as well. Whatever happened the the Aquarium expansion into that empty lot?
  4. Looking at this I’m actually disappointed in the development around MMP.
  5. I thought I was the only one that remembered that lol. I tried finding the rendering again a while back with no luck.
  6. Looking at the 3D exterior rendering, that side of Discovery Green facing Embassy could use a face lift.
  7. It honestly doesn’t do much for me. I know there was some recent work done do it but at the very least some GFR would be nice.
  8. Thanks! This is why we need sticky posts within threads. The little quarter purple block angers me lol
  9. This one hurts the most. Can’t see something better than what was planned going here.
  10. And don’t they own the half block on the Marrow lot?
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