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  1. Midtown Streetscape Improvements

    2 years to complete? Wow... Good to see it starting though
  2. Man that was a lot faster than I imagined! Can’t wait to see the renderings.
  3. Here’s a permit from last week for a concert pad on this block. c/o @chrisandrewsCDA on twitter.
  4. I’m not sure there’s a coffee house I don’t like tbh, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried 90% of the most popular ones in the city. I wish somehow I could get paid off doing so lol. I’ll throw an out of the box suggestion and go with slowpokes on W 34th and Alba. Also, I’m partial to the coffee shops that actually use theirs AC! It’s surprising to me how many of them keep it warm inside.
  5. New Garage with Retail Next to Lyric Center

    Says adult content and won’t let me view unless I’m signed in???
  6. Marlowe: 20-floors, Downtown Condo Tower

    Would love to hear more on this
  7. Hotel RL & Residences @ 1005 St Emanuel Street

    I say yay...
  8. Greyhound Bus Station

    I would seriously thinking about getting a condo at 2016 Main if Greyhound moves. That block would explode.
  9. Serious question because I don’t know..... are all Greyhound stations in the US dealing with the same issues we do here in Houston? I can’t imagine there’s really a nice one right...?
  10. Central Library Renovation

    Project by project, block by block, this city is being remade and I absolutely love watching it happen.
  11. Pitch 25 at 904 Hutchins

    Lol yeah it’s defiently nothing to look at but I’ve never had anything sketchy happen to me there.....I will say that their St Patrick’s day party can get kind of hood lol. But , they frequently go out of their way to always have some sort of event or watch party and it’s usually well attended. I want to see where the dynamo fans end up gravitating to once it’s complete.
  12. Discovery Green

    Wonder when the updates to the park are in line for?
  13. Pitch 25 at 904 Hutchins

    Anyone else think this will make Lucky’s the ugly step child..?
  14. Forgot how classy this thing looks...