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  1. I really like this food hall. I like that it’s not an open concept like the other ones in town instead it’s built more like a maze (horrible use of the word but I can’t come up with a better one). This is in no way a direct comparison but it reminds me of the Chelsea Market in NYC in that there’s a beginning and an end point. With that said it’s extremely small 😔. Does anyone know if they have plans to expand at a later date or is this pretty much it?
  2. 😍Keep the updates coming on this one especially since we don’t have any renderings.
  3. Are you sure he’s not talking about the ballpark village? Unless I’m turned around, this current construction is more North or East of the stadium than West.
  4. I was lucky because the gate was widen open and one of the guys happened to be on the sidewalk messing with his phone. You should ask yourself if you get a chance, maybe you’ll get more info than I got.
  5. I was able to talk to one of the construction workers today (nice guy) and he told me that they’re expanding and building a new team store that will expand out in the place of where the trees were. If I understood him correctly this thing will be huge. I asked him if it will be just a new team store or perhaps a restaurant or other space as well but he sounded unsure. Half of the facade that stretched from the end of the tracks right the center field entrance was off already. I’m surprised we haven’t heard or seen any renderings 🤷🏻‍♂️ If this ends up being a team store/Astros hall of fame then @tigereye deserves an award for suggesting this a couple years ago haha.
  6. This whole thing is weird to me. There hasn’t been any announcement or press release so I’m assuming it isn’t a major addition, at the same time the timing is weird with the playoffs right around the corner. Maybe it’s an emergency repair of some sort?? Idk but I’m really curious.
  7. I forgot about this expansion plan…I wonder what happened? Reminds me of Tilman’s- yet to be delivered- promise’s to overhaul the Toyota Center and build a new mix-use state of the art practice facility for the Rockets.
  8. 21 year old me really wanted to see Roxy resurrected but this looks cool!
  9. I spoke to the owner (really cool guy) in July and if I recall correctly he said is stepping back and letting his partner (not sure if he’s a new partner) take over. From what I remember he’s doing some Latin/Pakistan fusion here. This could all be out of date info by now but that’s what he told me at the time.
  10. I’m just being bitter, y’all. The idea of cheese and wine, and the word upscale being in Montrose is still something I’m not accustomed to.
  11. Bummer. Upscale huh? I liked the vibe of goodnight Charlie’s when it was open and was hoping for something casual here. This along with the wine and cheese place next door pisses me off .. O well.
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