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  1. While your point holds, I do believe they did a nice job with this. I love how they gave the space an option to go open-air.
  2. It’s been like that every weekend for a while now..
  3. Bittersweet for me. That skyline view from the Texas pool at the Marriott has almost become a Houston landmark. Visitors love that photo opt
  4. Thanks for sharing. Always cool getting a look into the lifestyle of the rich and famous 😜
  5. I was excited to hear all that talk as well, but I like the Crane approach of minimal talking and mass action. It’s still early in his tenure so we’ll see I suppose.
  6. Would be nice if Tilman snatched up a lot or 2 around Toyota Center, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.
  7. Ahhh ok didn’t catch that. I was thinking where’s the steaks? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. So, how long before we start seeing things like Cypress Heights, Spring Heights, Bammel Heights? Haha
  9. Probably all true, but you’re talking to someone who liked the vibe of the Windchimes dollar theater on Westheimer. You can also probably guess the River Oaks Theater is my favorite.
  10. I may be alone but I love that this theater still has a 90’s feel to it. It doesn’t feel old but it has a nostalgic feel to it for me.
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