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  1. Wow. Ever knew that. Any pic?
  2. Weren’t those 2 spaces open concept at first?
  3. if all goes to plan will Neils Bahr be affected as well??
  4. Are there any pics of before 2011 from that area?
  5. So has construction started or is this just the relocation of mccue?
  6. So will there still be a rooftop bar or is it only event space?
  7. Haha what you’re looking at according to the website is Memorial Groves A living memorial to the WWI soldiers who trained at Camp Logan, trees aligned in regiments will shelter gathering spaces for reflection and education among the 100-year-old remnants of the camp.
  8. i’m going to guess these have been posted before but here’s a nice refresher. Although, I don’t see the volley ball courts in the sports complex rendering.
  9. So does anyone know exactly what stretch of Memorial this will be and how far down it goes?
  10. Would love for you to expand on the “undesirables” and the “low self-esteem” comments.
  11. Now we wait for the value engineered renderings! jokes aside I hope this one doesn’t get scaled back 🤞
  12. Crappy drive by photo
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