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  1. nate4l1f3

    Latest Astroworld Plot redevelopment news

    This is what I expected but his comments really blew up online and people took it as if he had something in the works. Come on Turner! On on a related note, in my mind I’m saying screw Six Flags, we need Disney to come on in.... Think big! I’m sure there are some incentives the Mayor would throw at them. A space themed park could go really far with rides and themes. BTW I have no clue what I’m talking about.
  2. nate4l1f3

    Discovery Green

    Here’s what I mentioned
  3. nate4l1f3

    Discovery Green

    I wonder if this project is part of the previous announced plan to make the park more welcoming/accessible toward the la branch side of the park. Does anyone remember that that was mentioned not long ago?
  4. The original proposed building looked out of place so for the first time in history I think I actually prefer a shorter building here.
  5. The Pruitt-Igoe myth
  6. nate4l1f3

    Pedestrian Downtown

    Random question: how long has the parking garage on Main and Congress been there and what exactly was there before? That thing always looked out of place to me and looks like a huge wasted opportunity.
  7. nate4l1f3

    609 Main at Texas: Hines Next Downtown Tower

    Wonder if this will face Main or Fannin?
  8. Peeping through the window on Sunday I would be surprised if it’s this weekend. Could be wrong but seems it would be a stretch. Definitely excited!
  9. nate4l1f3

    3015 Bagby St. - More Midtown Infill

    What @CrockpotandGravel isn’t a secret in the bar and club bizz. It’s a reality that that you don’t have to look hard to realize. I think some may have misinterpreted his point and intentions.
  10. nate4l1f3

    1303 Westheimer (Old Docs Location)

    I’m one of the few that actually liked docs. Wasn’t overly crowded and had actually good food, but I was looking forward to this craft beer spot. O well.
  11. nate4l1f3

    3540 W. Dallas St: Planned Mixed-Use by Hanover

    Asset classes?
  12. nate4l1f3

    1303 Westheimer (Old Docs Location)

    Hmmm thought this was going to be a craft beer place.
  13. nate4l1f3

    HEB at 23rd & Shepherd (Formerly Fiesta)

    I’m for these being built in an urban format like this but they seem like a real hassle if you want to just run in and out.
  14. nate4l1f3

    The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    So the whole wanting to build a “landmark” tower was B.S. from the start?
  15. This may be my favorite residential building when it comes to looks, it’s a shame it will be blocked smh. It would front Westheimer!