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  1. Thumbs up for patio seating..... I love the way Finn Hall has done theirs.
  2. Merge wars! Lol. Does anyone know what to expect from the rest of the exterior of shake shack? Are they allowed to kind of build outwards?
  3. This was a joke. I laugh at those who are scared as you can see by my post at the top of the page.
  4. @swtsig mentioned this or land in the immediate area possibly being part of a very large redevelopment. Maybe there’s more to it?
  5. Very large? Hmmm do they own the Dillard's site as well?? Westheimer to W Alabama would definitely qualify as large.
  6. Was hoping for a tower of course. Not sure how I feel about this one just yet.
  7. Jokes aside i have no beef with anyone here. We’re all passionate about our city and that’s what makes the contributors here so special. If I had to rely on the Chronicle for all my news and updates then I would be begging for threads with only addresses in them, so thanks to all for your postings, pics and even gifs.
  8. This isn’t twitter but I wish I could retweet this! I’ve mentioned this exact point before. This is what makes up the Heights sub-forum.
  9. Way too soon to say for sure but the food hall definitely has an office tower feel to it. Excited to see it completed.
  10. Lol @ 609 Main. Seriously just turn them off.
  11. I won’t win any photography awards but here is a far-away shot of the crowns lighting. I’ll try to get a better shot if I’m closer in.
  12. Smarter people than me will know what this is. Just seen it randomly driving by. Townhomes?
  13. I wonder how much it would cost to do something like this? Anyone have any experience or know where I could find out?
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