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  1. That area used to be so quiet and calm years ago. I want to say there was a church across the street and you could here the kids playing basketball until it got dark. I like the name...Bell Heights.
  2. I love food and some of the new restaurants are great. I dont worry about prices especially if its a healthy option, but this is a popsicle. So I have an option to pay more or less for sugar. I think Ill keep that on a lower level. My opinion of course. I could care less how much money you have or what you are worth my friend.
  3. Cool looking house. The porch looks great and its in a good location. If you can put up with the WO weekend traffic, its a wonderful spot. $$$$$
  4. Didnt say anything about white people. Send the butler to get one
  5. Yeah...this is what I said and meant. I think its crazy that there are places that charge this much for a simple popsicle. And donuts! Donuts cost $3.00 at some of the newer places. $.75 at Shipleys. Lets decorate a donut and see who is crazy enough to buy this.....
  6. So Palletas are selling for $3.50 now? I'll stick to buying from the little old man on the bike....I'm not afraid to speak with him.
  7. Here is a solution: Don't look at the light folks. Close Thread. Growing up in this neighborhood, I always remembered how dim the streets were. I walked home a lot at night. Cant do this now, I might get a picture taken or constable on my butt. I like the LED's so far.
  8. WTH! This post is comical ^^^^. All I see at Gelazzi are families or couples w/kids, etc. Those good folks had an X on their backs before they even opened. Sad to see how some folks can try to ruin other people’s hard work by spreading rumors and lies. White Oak isn’t my cup of tea on the weekends but during the week we like to grab a gelato. P.S. I met the owners when they opened. Very nice folks.
  9. "Donut Guru" LoL. Isn't this down the street from Shipleys?
  10. Someone asked me if and when it is happening this year. I used to go years ago but not anymore. It started out as a small thing but has since grown to several streets in the Woodland Heights. If it is on, I hope everyone drives safely and watches out. Lots of kids with their parents walking around.
  11. There are lots of food places in this area. Probably a good spot for it. I havent been to MytiBurger in years! In the Heights, we had Chuckwagon and Someburger. Someburger is still there with a different owner I think.
  12. I saw this coming. I hope they really do work with the Surfhouse and not just say it for the papers. The owners are very nice folks. I really cant see that place being torn down. Oldest surf shop in Texas.
  13. "Mom, Dad...Can I borrow some money to open a Crossfit gym? I want to help people, change lives, do burpees and Drink Beer!" There are more Crossfit gyms than gas stations in the Heights.
  14. I dont think its location next to those places mattered. I do think that the inconsistency of their food and drinks does. Its a nice small location.
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