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  1. Trying to find out what company used to have a gas station at 7135 Fulton Street. Station apparently closed in late 1970s, leaving tanks that still had gas which are now leaking. This station was located on the west side of Fulton at the corner of Fulton and Neyland.Street? Someone suggested it may have been a Sigmor, but I can't find any proof of that and nobody seems to have clear recall. Please email me. /s/ Joe email: legalexpresstexas@live.com
  2. New two bay antenna has arrived and will be mounted on one of the Senior Road towers at 1800 feet. I was told mid-March. 106.1 KBreeze will soon be heard all over Houston.
  3. http://www.radiodiscussions.com/showthread.php?672021-K291ce/page2
  4. Yeah, Purple, tell me about it. Folks have been emailing me with info about a banned broadcaster continuing to manipulate the scene through others...
  5. K-Breeze: A Foul Wind Blowin' See http://youtu.be/2WaSzDNf-QQ
  6. Working on it all as time permits... Yes, there will be a classic station for Power 104. This radio/TV stuff is a hobby. My full time job keeps me busy... and when not busy, very tired.
  7. I am a lifelong fan of John Lander, the Q-Morning Zoo, and 93Q. A little over a year ago, I created an internet based streaming radio station remembering the original format. See www.93QClassic.com Folks really like this blast from the past! The popularity of this automated station is such that its not always easy to listen to. I have to pay for each listener slot and bandwidth, so occasionally the number of listeners exceed available slots. Two weeks ago, I created something new. 93Q Country Television. See www.93Q.tv I've turned 93Q's playlist into a CMT-like country music video channel -- complete with weather forecasts, HPD public service announcements, and Gallery Furniture commercials. Without any promotion at all -- other than sharing with my friends via Facebook, who in turn shared with others -- this new channel is getting approximately 300 hits a day. I am currently in the process of creating TV channels for other local radio stations. There are links to the demos for the other channels on the 93Q TV website. Check out www.93Q.tv and the other channels and consider this: There are dozens of broadcast TV subchannels for lease in Houston and their rates are quite reasonable! If this type of programming was on a regular TV channel, would you watch it? How often?
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