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  1. Purple, that's almost spooky. When I read your post I was at Dirty Juicy Burgers conversating with Rage. And yes, he is smiling behind the counter...
  2. Update: Message from Cox Media earlier today. I will have to edit out any mention of the KKBQ call letters, Otherwise they now don't have any problem with it. Also reconfirmed with John Lander. I have his written permission to broadcast any of the old material. Gimme a few weeks to put this together.
  3. Folks have really reacted positively to the various theme weekends I have been running on JoeFM (www.JoeFM.net & TV Channel 38.9. A while back I had all love songs and all one-hit-wonder weekends. A few weeks back I had an all "Disco 94" reunion. Last weekend I had the most listened and watched weekend yet -- remembering Rock 101 KLOL. My Google Voice number was full of voice mails and text from people who loved it. What I'd really like to do is a weekend remembering John Lander, the original Q-morning zoo, and The All New 93Q -- back when it was really "all new" and dominated the top of the ratings chart. Thanks to Rage, I have a complete recording of the first Q-Zoo on 79Q, and a year later the first Q-Zoo on 93Q. I have dozens of airchecks sent to me from various sources. I own copies of a bunch of John Lander's Hit Music USA syndicated show (that used Q-Zoo material). I even have the Q-Zoo's greatest hits album (a prize they gave me years ago). I also have John Lander's permission to use his material. Problem here is that Cox Media, the current owner of 93Q, thinks that bringing forward all this old material tarnishes their current "country music leader" image. In other words, any material that doesn't promote the current format is best buried and forgotten. If I do a remember 93Q weekend, they'll probably sic their legal dogs on me. So I haven't done one. Just putting this out for commentary. Should a radio station suppress others from trying to revive material and a format many folks loved but the station, for whatever reason, decided to abandon???
  4. I have to agree. Ten more years, and FM will be like AM is today!
  5. So folks can listen to what? The same iFart and CBS garbage heard on similar stations all over the country? The translator stations with spanish and other foreign network programming that probably already has other translators in your area. I think not.
  6. Was down south a couple days ago near Rosharon. Good signal from all the Houston translators 104.5, 98.7, and 106.1. 94.1 however, was a bunch of static with a Beaumont station trying to come in. By the way, in Rosharon I had a really nice view of KGOW! See
  7. The legend continues. Its a Rock 101 reunion weekend! Outlaw Radio Rock 101 KLOL can be heard this weekend only on www.JoeFM.net and on TV channel 38.9 KZHO Houston.
  8. We also have a HAM repeater on the old stick which, by the way, took a direct lightning hit last week. No damage. No, no word on if or when KEHO will light up. There are a lot of LPTV channels being bought and sold real cheap right now due to fears that they will be displaced after the spectrum auction. Sellers fear they will be left holding a worthless license, while investors are grabbing up the channels to keep them dark. I'm sure you are aware of the other built out (but dark) station in Houston that is held by New York Spectrum Holding??? In other cities, they have been quietly experimenting with other uses for their slice of the spectrum. See http://licensing.fcc.gov/cgi-bin/prod/cdbs/forms/prod/getimportletter_exh.cgi?import_letter_id=39870
  9. Just learned that KEHO-LD (Channel 49, dark - not currently on air) has been sold to DTV Corp for $300,000. DTV America is an owner of low-power television stations in the United States. These stations carry programming from the English-language networks Antenna TV, DrTV, MyNetworkTV, and Soul of the South Network, and Spanish-language networks Estrella TV and Telemundo. Notably, the FCC has issued a construction permit for KEHO-LD to operate from the Neyland Tower near Crosstimbers and I-45. This is the same tower that KAHO-LD (Channel 4) briefly operated from before being turned off due to transmitter issues. Last month, the transmitter was returned to the manufacturer for repairs. No word as to when it will be back for operations to resume.
  10. I can understand why Liberman is unloading. Very few AM stations are producing positive revenue. I don't know what this means, but noticed a few days go a for sale sign out in front of the transmitter site for 950 KPRC. (See attached pic) On the lot next to it a brand new development has started. One engineer speculated the building size may mess up the pattern for KPRC, forcing them to find a new site.
  11. K291CE is owned by PRIMERA IGLESIA EVANGELICA DE APOSTOLES Y PROFETAS in Dallas, Texas. I met Pastor Filepe Villatoro. Genuinely nice guy. It is currenly LMAed to Hum Tum.
  12. few or feud? What are you talking about?
  13. Purple, this station is actually on the air. Over a year ago I called up the Daystar engineer, who confirmed it was broadcasting at reduced power. He wouldn't say what, but said it was less than the authorized 300 watts. So I drove over to the tower site with my little 7 inch portable TV. A scan found KDHU, but it was still hard to get -- antenna had to be just right or it would pixel out. So it was simply a broadcast to say they were on the air to hold the frequency and license; they weren't attempting to cover anything with it.
  14. I'm glad you are keeping up with all this, Purple. As you know, I did, for awhile. Some days I felt like my head was spinning...
  15. JoeFM


    The 98.7 signal is directional, so its not doing as well as 106.1. Lots of in an out around Houston...
  16. Okay, Purple. Are you on Facebook and part of any groups on there?
  17. The RF frequency for 38.9 is channel 39. There is no schedule. Just an automated music station playing classic hits. I hope to have the video also streaming on the website soon.
  18. Hi, I'm Joe. I'm just an average guy born and raised here in Houston, growing up in the heyday when John Lander's Q-Zoo ruled the local radio airwaves. While Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio all have classic hits radio stations, the variety of music that 93Q used to play simply isn't heard in H-town anymore... . And despite all our bemoaning, its clear that the corporate giants are not going to program classic hits on any of their stations. Ostensibly, its because they think it won't make them any money. If I had a lot of money, I'd buy out 93Q, flip it to classic hits, and give John Lander his job back. Unfortunately, I'm not Joe Millionaire. I'm just an average hard working Joe... However, it costs a lot less to take over a TV subchannel. And so that's what I've done. Tucked away amid Spanish preachers, home shopping, and infomercials, you will now find on channel 38.9 a music station called "JoeFM." The slogan "JoeFM: It's like radio, but with pictures" defines what I trying to do here. You've got a wide variety of over 3000 songs in shuffle, and the music never gets interrupted by commercials. Okay, so the picture quality is a bit blurry. That's because this channel uses less than a third of the bandwidth needed for an ordinary TV channel. On screen folks see public service announcements, weather updates, flyers, business cards, etc. I'm offering the first 10 businesses and professionals who respond to this post a week of free advertising. Your flyer or copy or business card will appear on channel 38.9 for approximately 20 seconds repeatedly throughout the day. All you have to do is email me your contact information, and a good clear picture of your business card or whatever else you want to show on TV. Email me: JoeFM1@outlook.com
  19. FOR SALE: Up until the Oklahoma City bombing, the site of the largest mass murder in U.S. history was a rental boat stall in southwest Houston, where Elmer Wayne Henley and Dean Corral buried the bodies of young men they raped and tortured. The owner is now asking 1.8 million for the property. For those of you too young to remember what happened, here's a video ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlfhxKugbfk
  20. Opposition to all of Don Werlinger's illicit activities now filed with the FCC. FCC 3.8.15.pdf
  21. Just sharing facts: See https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B38Q6D-a_CluTGhmR0prWTZmdXc/view?usp=sharing
  22. No doubt everybody remembers the mid-1990s fiasco where Chameleon Radio Corp had the gall to apply for the call letters KFCC, then lost their license due to misrepresentation and lack of candor. If you don't remember, read about it here. http://transition.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Mass_Media/News_Releases/1998/nrmm8013.html The main party involved there was Don Werlinger, who now is running the show at RAFTT CORP. RAFTT is the company that is bringing the new 106.1 K-BREEZE to Houston. The company that at one time was illegally operating the translator with original programming, and airing commercials even though they avoided paying FCC fees by claiming noncommercial status. What's Don up to these days? Well, he can't file anything with the FCC using his own name, so he's going around using the alias Bob Morrow -- a former RAFTT employee who now is retired in Katy, Texas. Morrow is really upset that his name appears not just on RAFTT applications, but on dozens of FCC applications for stations all over Texas. And get this, when Steve Lee recently showed up to inspect K291CE and issued a Notice of Violation, Don identified himself as Bob to the federal agent! Felonies have been committed. The facts are clearly set out in the attached affidavit. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B38Q6D-a_ClueVE0VTZGYWhIaFU/view Many months back, I produced a video entitled K-Breeze: A Foul Wind Blowin' It's not just foul now; its NAUSEATING!
  23. Yes, and I now have confirmation it was in fact a Diamond Shamrock owned by Sigmor, or maybe visa versa....
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