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  1. The license expired in 2013. Last year the FCC required fees to be paid within 30 days or no renewal.  Fees not paid.


    I was told the tower lease has been renewed on a month to month by Jerome Friemel...a man who works.for Don Werlinger.  The FCC was surprised to learn the station is back on. They cant discuss it further because it is a pending investigation

  2. 5 hours ago, StevenM said:


    WFMF is an Iheart station in Baton Rouge.  They often cross promote other iHeart stations during commercial breaks so that's no surprise (101.5 WYNK is down the hall from WFMF).  It sounds like someone is rebroadcasting from the iHeart app.


  3. 3 hours ago, StevenM said:


    WFMF is an Iheart station in Baton Rouge.  They often cross promote other iHeart stations during commercial breaks so that's no surprise (101.5 WYNK is down the hall from WFMF).  It sounds like someone is rebroadcasting from the iHeart app.

    I heard it too.  Twasn't me.

  4. Mr. Tejano...  When 98.7 was in testing mode under a construction permit, it was allowed to originate programming just for testing purpose.  Now that it is built and they are getting ready to license it, they have to operate as a translator -- e.g., repeating another station, whether FM, FM-HD, or AM.  Hum, which is already translating KKBQ HD3 on 106.1, is "filler programming" for the 98.7 tramslator until a new tenant is found.  I'm sure they could've found something better to repeat, such as  The Point on 106.9 HD 2, but that's not my decision...

  5. 98.7 is available for LMA.  I heard the asking price is $9K a month.  Any potential broadcaster would have to already have a primary station in the same area, or lease an HD subchannel.  I also heard HD subchannels are going for about $7K a month.  Not the kind of money I'm willing to spend...


    Purple, something is wrong with the messaging feature.  I can't send or receive messages....


  6. 13 hours ago, Purpledevil said:

    Paulino Bernal & the Villarreal brothers have consummated the deal that sends translator 88-1 K201EU to the family of Aleluya Broadcasting stations. Along with the consummation notice, a minor modification of the facility has been filed, dated 04-21-16. The result of the minor mod will move the translator a hair south to a transmit site which is 3 meters taller, and increase its maximum HAAT from 68 to 75 meters. Question here; who's site is this? I don't think Aleluya has a stick of its own out there.


    Yes, I know, but it's been a slow few weeks in the world of Houston radio. :lol:



    That is the site for 980 KQUE I believe...

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  7. 3 hours ago, Anonymouse said:

    If you ask me, when 1680 comes back it should include background music, maybe 70's 80's and 90's music. That might go well with the emergency weather reports and encourage people to listen.

    Mouse, you are such a .... (Well, since you can't see it, there is a link below)



  8. I had an informal opposition on this one raising issues the FCC doesn't want to deal with.  See  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5fT1CTu9fUAVlZ1Z01ock5HM0U/view?usp=sharing It is my opinion they found other grounds to dismiss it in order to, once again, avoid having to publicly address the Don Werlinger saga.  I haven't been able to confirm it, but a very credible source in the radio industry told me there is a warrant for his arrest.       






  9. Well folks, I think I just had my most popular theme weekend yet.   Started Friday around 7 p.m. and still going for a few more hours.  My Google Voice number is the JoeFM hotline.  Since Friday evening I've had over 300 calls and texts -- all positive messages except for one caller (who wants another Rock 101 weekend).  Maybe I'm getting all the alienated/displaced KCOH and KJOZ listeners...?   Hmmm?  Did anyone on here get a chance to tune in? 


  10. I went to the Amateur Radio HAMFEST up in Belton today. Fun fun fun! 

    Mr. Tejano, there are too many LPFMs trying to use 92.5 around the area to know for sure what you were hearing...

  11. 6 hours ago, Purpledevil said:

    Ok, so I did a little bit of investigating on the carrier. Btw, audio has returned again and it is now featuring end times preaching complete with conversations of the false prophet and antichrist being revealed to the earth very soon. Still having distortion on the high ends, but I heard tinkering going on here and there while driving. I've got it nailed down to a tee as to where it's being originated. Now, had I known this before, I wouldn't have taken to the HAIF and 5-0ed its existence. :ph34r:


    Sorely disappointed that this programming was chosen over what COULD be going out over the 101-5 signal, but I'll just leave it at that. <_<


    Since I was in the area, I stopped for lunch. Hungry Farmer sure hasn't lost a step in serving up a mean stuffed baked potato. ^_^ God help all of the Northside if we ever lose this treasure.


  12. Had a chance to visit with the defacto owner of the KULF facility today. He has a court order granting him ownership of everything but the license to operate the station. He advised he thought he was switching off the station by turning off the computer; hence, that explains why it operated day and night with dead air. Our favorite FCC resident agent was the one who went out there to the site and actually powered down the Nautel transmitter. According to my contacts in Washington, the license was not renewed due to outstanding fees and will soon be cancelled (but everyone knows its really because Don Werlinger has disappeared).  The equipment is now for sale, with folks already expressing dibs on stuff in hope of a deep discount. Broadcasters: This is a prime example of what happens when you don't do the right thing!





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