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  1. Any comments or opinions on Dessert Shoppe on 19th street ? What about Whats up Cupcake ? located corner of 14th street and Sheperd street empty lot ? It would be nice if the Heights had a great selection of ice cream,pies,cakes ,or homemade sweet desserts.
  2. Open for Business! Has anyone tried Brown Bag Burgers on North Main and 25th ?
  3. Good Evening All, This is a great Krogers compared to many of the older stores around town. Was there talk or a sign of a grocery store next to the AIG building . .Whole Foods ? I am curious is there 1 or 2 grocery stores that fits the majority of peoples wants/needs in Houston ? I have read some people prefer Whole Foods for the organic and Central Market for the prepared meals and HEB near 59South and Fiesta cause of low prices ? Thanks
  4. Good Afternoon All, Any news on The Bedford ? Closed or remodeling ? I noticed lights off ,no cars, and covered windows ?
  5. Good Afternoon All, Does anyone have any insight or what is to develop at the following: Bar across from Beer Island or next to the gas station I think it was a sports bar ? Also I noticed the church across from Fiesta on 14th major remodeling. Anyone been to the new restaurant on 19th street across from The Vietnam Restaurant I think it is called The Picnic ?
  6. Good Afternoon All, Hope your week is going well! Does anyone have any insight to a Constable Patrol car that I have seen many times over the past few weeks patrolling near Studewood? Is this part of the Constable Patrol program? How is this being funded? What areas of Studewood are being patrolled? Thank You
  7. Good Afternoon, hope your day is going well! Thank You for all the comments. So does the AT&T U-verse requiring new drilling of holes on the house for cable and internet lines ? Someone mentioned about the electrical wiring of the home must all be updated and grounded ? Is there an installation fee ? Do you have to have an AT&T phone line ? Thank You
  8. Good Afternoon All, Seeking some feedback, comments, and experience with switching over from Comcast to AT&T U-verse. Or not worth it to sign another contract, drill more holes on the house for cable and internet lines, and too new of a product to determine a good service? Thank You
  9. Good Evening All, This seems to be a great topic of discussion so let me obtain some feedback. What makes or creates a certain neighborhood to the left or right? Politics, location, income level, people or environment? Also are there any other inner loop neighborhoods in Houston that is similar to the Heights? I can recall many years ago that the Heights was not always a desired area to live in or developing homes. Is this mainly due to gentrification? I am assuming the older neighborhoods Bellaire, West U, River Oaks, Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Idlywood, Country Club Place, Garden Villas, have always been desired neighborhoods unlike the Heights?
  10. Good Afternoon All, hope your week goes well! Any ideas what this place will be or when it will open for business ? Also I noticed a Sno Cone stand in the Fiesta parking lot on 14th and Studewood. Thank You
  11. Good Afternoon, Can you confirm or know if Cortlandt from White Oak to 11th, 12th to 14th, and 18th to 22nd; Oxford between 15th and 16th streets. Will this also include streets 13th 13 1/2 st also 19th-20th streets ? Thank You
  12. Good Afternoon All, Any word what is being built on Shoe Stand building on Studewood and 13th ? Also what other streets are getting curbs or new pavement besides Oxford & Columbia ? Does anyone know completion date for North Main ? Just wondering if there are more major plans for the Heights ? Some have mentioned the Heights Theatre , corner building 20th & Studewood, also those town homes behind Block Buster ???? Thank You
  13. Good Evening This is great feedback ! What might be some examples of factors that negatively influence value that does not affect the comps ? If your home is located near a busy street or high traffic ? Maybe located near a restaurant or bar ? You dont have drains only ditch ? Most of the houses on your block need some exterior upgrades ? Also what happens if one or two homes on your block sells really high or a house on your block is appraised really high ? Thank You
  14. Good Afternoon, hope your week goes well! With so much revitalization, new construction, and higher end homes being built and sold did the Heights experience decrease by HCAD standards? If you decide to protest will HCAD come evaluate your home or property and can they determine your property value should actually be higher? If you decide to protest HCAD does your home have to be current with all permits for minor remodeling ? What is HCAD looking for when they come to evaluate on your property the exterior of home , your street , any remodeling you have done , or if your area is growing ? Thank You
  15. Good Afternoon, Seeking any feedback, comments, or experiences dining at The Big Mamou, The Bedford, or Textile restaurant? Thank you
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