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  1. Anybody left or plan on leaving?
  2. Is it true that homeless people aren't allowed to be on the streets after dark in midtown?
  3. Every time I drive down Elgin I wonder why they never replaced some of the old stop lights. elgin/ austin intersection and elgin/ caroline.
  4. a quickie mart would bring a hangout for all the homeless people in the area. i'm glad its gonna be more condos.
  5. new sign was erected on friday. 17 units - condos - terramark homes. starting at $190,000. any opinions?
  6. Does anyone know exactly how long the memorial park track is?
  7. call the radio station and find out...
  8. What is this all about? It's right next door to Buffalo Wild Wings.
  9. wow that's huge. i can't wait. can someone please tell me when this project will be finished?
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