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  1. @Smashburger your restaurants are discriminating against Guest with disabilities and service animals. Denied access at Houston 7811 main st

  2. Never mind no kicker needed #TEXAS

  3. Bucc-ee’s says #Texans merch only in Greater Houston area. All other stores only sale #cowgirls gear. I’d rather pee in a dirty bathroom

  4. @simple Need support. Can't call because you closed my account and will only allow messages but nobody will respond to my support messages

  5. Are you not entertained…

  6. RT @nycjayjay: Amazing. https://t.co/jSCM8sDb5q

  7. @ChrisLiebing Welcome to Texas! Can't wait for the show tomorrow night..

  8. RT @AndyYoungFilm: BREAKING NEWS: Trump shutting down Netflix to help bring back Blockbuster jobs.

  9. @GHoundBusHelp your driver just went 40 mik s out of the way trying to get to downtown Houston. Do you ev m GPS?

  10. Just loved "Transitions with John Digweed and Jimmy Van M Live from Mandari..." by John Digweed on @mixcloud https://t.co/vVcNVPzQqf

  11. This is the first time Spicy has apologized and admitted he was wrong. Maybe he is human.

  12. I answered 10 of 10 questions correctly on the @pewresearch Cybersecurity Quiz https://t.co/LtEWY9VJY5

  13. RT @Indi_Pac: Vale Mike Hall. #IPWR https://t.co/UtLOth55Pf

  14. Favorited "Dangerous Disco Live On 93Q [August 17, 1990] 1 of 3" https://t.co/aq3YdUNUF6 by @djrage70

  15. RT @BarackObama: President Obama: "I kind of like the term ‘Obamacare.’ Because I do care. That’s why I passed the bill."

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