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  1. We had to get the MLS ad placed before we had all the pictures completed, so here is the link again with 16 new photos of the interior that were not previously there. Looks like we might have two offers on the table by the end of the day. I think I secretly didnt want it to sell, I love this house... http://search.har.com/engine/7818-Nairn-St-Houston-TX-77074_HAR14124248.htm
  2. My 1956 Lucian Hood MCM will be available to tour this coming Sunday, August 19th, 2012 from 2-4 p.m. Here is a link to the HAR listing. Hope to see you then! http://search.har.co...HAR14124248.htm
  3. We are selling because our daughter has graduated high school and will be heading off to college in Colorado. My wife and I are planning on leaving Texas and driving all the way to Patagonia. We plan on spending a year on the road traveling through Central America and South America. My wife is 38 and I am 43 so we feel young enough to take off a spend a little time on a grand adventure. If the house doesn't sell we will just rent it but it would be nice to have cash in the bank from the sale of the home so we can enjoy our trip a bit more. One day we will find another MCM home to restore,
  4. Four more I took this morning. Sorry for the quality, they were taken with my phone. I will be having professional shots done to market the home for the sale.
  5. Thanks for the compliments, I sincerely enjoy doing the work plus I think the house deserves to be brought back to its former glory (although the redwood has always been painted). The house is in Braeburn Valley a very small unique neighborhood of 97 homes that were almost all custom built in the mid 50's to early 60's. It was designed by Lucian Hood in 1956. This particular home was designed for a Swiss diplomat (Dr. Fuchs) and his wife who had no children but enjoyed entertaining guests so the home is quite large (2755 square feet) with large common areas. It is technically only a 2 bed
  6. I have completed almost all the redwood restoration on the house and am very pleased with the results. It has made it a completely different home than it was! Oddly enough I think I am going to miss working on the house now that it is almost finished. My wife suggested I pick up my old hobby of fishing. The one thing I have learned through the process is that I would like to purchase another MCM to restore, although I hope it is a much smaller one this time. Too bad I can't make a living out of it. I have included two photos. One is of the backyard and the large wall in the photo is 12'
  7. Several months ago I started stripping the paint from the clear heart redwood on my home and this is the finished project. I plan on stripping the rest of the wood on the house in the near future. The post and beam in the photo were constructed of treated pine but I wrapped them in redwood that I salvaged from a home that was to be torn down in River Oaks. It was 1x6 tongue and groove but I milled each piece to a 4.5" board by cutting off the tongue and groove then stripping the paint and sanding each piece. I am very happy with the finished product and feel that it has added warmth, a ton of
  8. These photos show the current progress of the redwood renovation. The back wall in the photos is complete having been stripped and sealed. The long wall to the left of the photos has been stripped but more sanding then sealing needs to be done. All the windows in the photo that are dark brown have had all the trim replaced as much of the wood was damaged. All the tan trim is soon going to be replaced also. You might notice that some of the beams coming from the wall that extend across the patio have been cut off. These were sagging from all the weight and 56 years of a 14 foot span with
  9. One wall is complete. Now some light sanding, a sealer then done. This wall is about 70 square feet and took me about two hours to complete the paint removal process.
  10. I do hate to sell the house but I do want to leave the house as I feel it should be. The next owners may or may not appreciate the work I have done but I at least get to drive by the house in years to come and feel good about my contribution to its preservation. I can understand why people would think I am crazy to do this much work just so I can sell it in a few months but I do enjoy the work and it seems to be a noble thing to do for such a great house. All I really lose is my time. I did forget to mention one important stat about the Paint Shaver Pro. It can remove one square foot of pa
  11. Okay, so most of you know I will be putting my house on the market in February. Until then we are doing lots of renovation and today I embarked on a true labor of love, something I have wanted to do when I purchased the house 6 years ago. Remove the paint from the clear heart old growth redwood siding and seal it naturally. Last week I purchased a tool that ran me about $1000 dollars that apparently is the best on the market. It is called a Paint Shaver Pro, google it. I did a lot of research and found that it truely is the best paint removal tool on the market, and it also comes with a s
  12. Hey folks. I am getting ready to start stripping the paint from the redwood exterior of my Lucian Hood mod with plans to seal the wood for a natural look, the way it should have been in the first place. If anyone knows of a home being torn down that might have redwood siding (1x6 tongue and groove), fascia or soffet that I could salvage please let me know. I did manage to salvage almost 1600 linear feet from a River Oaks home that was being torn down, but I would like more of it to replace some of the more damaged wood on my home. Also, if you know of anyone that owns a Paint Shaver Pro or
  13. Latest update. Speaking of A/C, mine wasn't cooling last night so I had a repairman out to take a look. $3800 evaporater coil is all it needed. With a new compressor last year and a new coil this year, its practically new! On top of all these repairs the blower fan was replaced last week.
  14. Yes that 3 phase does save money, I will stress that to potential buyers. Regarding the living room, it was the first room I saw in the house and it sold me immediately! I absolutely love that room. One day I plan on building a retro mod and you can bet on the fact that I will build a living room closely resembling this one. The ceiling and the fireplace will be the main features of that design. Thanks!
  15. Sometime before December I will be putting my house up for sale, pricing it in the high $200's. It is a 2755 square foot Lucian Hood Mod custom designed and built in 1956 and sits on a 14,850 square foot corner lot. In the past 5 years the foundation has been leveled, a new $25K Duro-Last roof has been put on, new a/c duct work and insulation have been put in. The A/C is a 5 ton 3 phase unit and the compressor was replaced this year and was still under warranty, so it is good to go for quite awhile. When I first moved into the house my A/C bills were running $600 a month in the summer time
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