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  1. Also, remove SkyHouse from U/C to complete.
  2. Not sure if the taller one of the two was going to be a supertall. I mean I never heard an official height mentioned, but it could be.
  3. What's the status on the two-tower proposal for Pacific Plaza? Was the official height ever announced for the taller of the two?
  4. Let's focus on developing flying Metro rail or buses. Everyone's wish for a successful public transit system will then become a reality. You can have loud speakers installed in the train that would say "Houston, the MetroRail has landed .... on (destination name)" at every stop.
  5. I think an elevated train is what this city needs, at least moving forward, not rail running on the streets. Keep it on the ground where you can (like on the 288 median), but elevate it everywhere else.
  6. Miami | One Brickell CityCentre | 1102 Ft Seattle | 820 2nd Ave | 1300-1400 Ft Chicago has a couple supertalls proposed as well. Regarding Dallas, I suppose it would be the proposed "landmark tower" to be build by Ross Perot Jr. sometime in the future. This one bothers me the most. Because we have no reason to stop building, there's also no reason to not build supertalls. I'm patiently waiting to hear about all the mixed-use and condo high-rises in the pipeline for Uptown and Downtown. I hope a supertall or two is included in the mix.
  7. It's a beautiful tower, but I think a new design is what is needed for the next supertall. I believe we can do much better, the only thing to keep is the height (keep it around 1400 feet).
  8. I think the FAA is greatly exaggerating the hazards of building a supertall in downtown Houston (bigger than what we have now). I don't know the stats but I don't remember ever hearing about planes hitting buildings by accident or due to bad weather. I hope the proposed legislation never passes. Anyways, I hope Houston gets another supertall someday, the skyline needs more of the wow factor and building tall gives you that.
  9. Sounds great, hope they do just that! It's just too big in my opinion.
  10. I'm still wondering how the existing garage will be renovated. It sure is ugly.
  11. Thank you for the pictures Graystone and welcome. You have the perfect view for this project, keep 'em coming!
  12. I hope it's accurate. I think having a fat tower would match nicely with a fat garage.
  13. I would say a better place for a super tall would be in front of the DoubleTree Hotel, where that massive garage was built, or where the Days Inn is at. Anyways, Five Allen Center has to be 50-stories, at least.
  14. I hear you. It looks very fortified, not transparent, unwelcoming, but so is their headquarters in downtown Dallas. I suppose it's because it's a telecommunications company, and data mining on everyone's communications is going on too.
  15. I can't help but think of this side of downtown as being the back side of downtown. Ever since the GRBCC was constructed and its long back side faced the elevated freeway, that's the ultimate impression I get. I feel as though that stops high-rise development from happening on that side. I guess when you have a front side (northwestern side), that's what you'll end up with. Just a thought.
  16. So long as the direct flight path of a runway is cleared of high structures, that's all you can ask for. Ten miles seems too much though. Anyways, the FAA should focus on other issues, and "accidents" will happen no matter what you do.
  17. From what I've seen in the webcam today, looks like they're pouring a thin layer of concrete forming the perimeter of the tower, and a line of dump trucks is still there past 10 pm.
  18. Concerning the third tower: 1. I hate it. If it's residential, the Nashville tower is much better. Also, one tower is bad enough, but two of these is going too far! 2. I'll say something like this will go up in ..... Altanta.
  19. For the second tower, better design, I like it. I'll guess that this is for Chicago also.
  20. Interesting design, but no, I don't like it. This is in Chicago, right?
  21. When I want an improvement in my quality of life, I take a vacation out of Houston or Texas. Also, Texas can very well go down the path of California. I mean, even looking at the political environment here in Houston (or any major city like Austin, San Antonio, Dallas) makes me think that's a real possibility, and the Democrats of today are nothing like the blue Democrats you speak of. I'm not seeing fiscal responsibility in the least either. Plus illegal immigration right now is going on rampant at the border with Mexico, I don't think you can argue that is good for the state or country. These changes will bankrupt the state eventually if it keeps up, and sadly it's all done on purpose by our government, just my opinion.
  22. A small mention of 6 Houston Center.
  23. I hear you, my thoughts are just the opposite though. It would look bad if it was short enough to not "cover up" Allen Center 3 entirely. I imagine it as if the Heritage Plaza was 37 stories with the 50+ story Enterprise tower behind it, it wouldn't work. I think if you want to build on this side with all the other dominant towers, it should be very tall.
  24. Begin that it's at a prime location, in front of the tall Allen Center 3 tower, it's either 50 stories or bust!
  25. I would say one Skyhouse is enough, not something I want to see made a replica of. I'm praying we move onto better things.
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