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  1. Thank you for the list, perhaps he did exaggerate some. These are all prime office sites. The key blocks that I hope can get developed to include tunnel/skywalk access are Block 251 (Lamar, Dallas, LaBranch, Austin), and the blocks surrounding 800 Bell. Sure would help to spread it on the South/East side of downtown, and will as you said open up more empty lots, making them desirable for developers to build on.
  2. Every cent (of the borrowed dough) is being spent on the tower, I love it!
  3. The first time I read it, I thought it meant that there is only 3 class-A buildings with a large amount of leasing space available for a relocation of a major company. I mean the really good office space is pretty much gone or very little of it is left. But reading it again, perhaps it's true that there is "about 3 good office sites" remaining for development. I mean, the tunnel/skywalk expansion is just about done on the north side of downtown. On the south side, you have 800 Bell (which after the renovation will have tunnel access) and the vacant lots around it can be developed to connect to the tunnel system. You have the empty block near 4 Houston Center also. All the other vacant lots do not have easy/close access to the tunnel/skywalk system. Who wants to develop those for office space? By the way, will the new Chevron tower have tunnel access? Also, I found it interesting that Allen Center (I assume it means Allen Center One, Two, and Three combined) is 95% occupied overall with only one full floor available. Anyways, someone should pass all this info to Stream Realty and tell them that CBD lacks top notch class-A space and they need to raise the floor count on One Market Square to 50 floors again!
  4. Yes, this area needs to diversity itself. Anyways, a prime location with tunnel access, it was going to be developed sooner rather than later.
  5. I agree that this view is used too much, and it hasn't changed much. Yes, it looks small but I think it will look better once 1600 Louisiana goes up and 609 Main. One Market Square at 41 floors may not be as visible but we will see. But I disagree that Heritage Plaza is ugly. I love that building and looks great as the centerpiece. I think the worst view is from the back, right across 59. You have the back side of GRB spread across much of that side. That alone makes it awful and having 59 elevated right next to it officially makes this side the worst and no doubt the least photographed side. Looks good if you're standing at Discovery Green, or if you're standing far, far away from that viewpoint. But yeah, up close from across 59 is the worst, no other side is as bad and no other side is as challenged for highrise development than that side.
  6. It would be nice to see the tall tower be a supertall for condominiums, or at least the top portion where the floor plates are smaller. It can be Houston's version of a John Hancock Center, but this one will be white with round corners, no antenna (would be nice with one though) and with a more dense exterior "X" frame.
  7. Having One Market Square at only 41 floors, I would say no. The western, taller side is THE view.
  8. That's great news! And with all the color experimenting going on (no wonder they're over budget, now pushed back to finish 1Q 2015), I wish they tried coloring it green, I mean it is Holiday Inn.
  9. One Market Square is alive, and I predict it will rise.
  10. The suburbs are not the suburbs anymore or at least not as we knew them. They are as developed and dense, traffic congested, and diverse as in the inner city. Not sure if this is a good thing, since white flight still exist today.
  11. We're becoming another California, or Los Angeles, a gangland.
  12. Thank you, so has there ever been a case when the poured concrete did not meet the minimal standards? You'll have to do it all over if that's the case, correct?
  13. This really has nothing to do with race, but the DOJ and the feds were there from day 1 to make it about race, including FBI rats like Al Sharpton. So yes, this kind of chaos can happen in Houston, we have plenty of race baiters here (remember Trayvon protesters blocking 288 traffic), and anywhere in America. Your government will be working hard to make sure that it does. So when you're all out in the streets stealing and rioting (because you can't help yourself, you're all victims), our militarized police in Houston will be brought in as our saviors, put in place martial law, and maybe kill some people, definitely attack people violently and indiscriminately.
  14. democide

    Alley Theatre

    I was hoping a pressure wash was only needed on the outside.
  15. There is a lot of rebar steel coming out sideways all around the perimeter of piles, so I'm guessing that it will also be embedded with the tower later on, once the tower reaches street level.
  16. Looks like the base of a crane was put in place today, along the side where the parking garage will be built.
  17. The Capitol Tower is not a masterpiece, but it has good height and it will look good at night. I want it built.
  18. Very nice work! Loving One Market Square!
  19. 1. Looks like it belongs in a beach city. I don't like it. I'll say this is in Tampa Bay. 2. Simple design, not overly done. Can't say if I like it, I need to see better renderings. I'll say Pittsburgh. If not, can you say what towers are these?
  20. Besides lots along the rail lines being prime locations for building in downtown, access to the tunnels/skywalks is just as important, maybe even more so. If we do get a supertall, I don't see it being built at a location that does not have access to the tunnel/skywalk system.
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