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  1. It would implicate Saudi Arabia and the United States, and don't forget that we currently are supporting ISIS with funding, high-tech arms and air support. This whole "war on terror" is one big joke! I don't need to tell you what I think about 9/11. If you want one positive, I'm glad Saudi Arabia is spending money here and building, that's one way we get our dollars back. It's all about the money. Concerning this project, I love it.
  2. The development map shown is an old one; it has not been updated.
  3. I'm starting to think that BizJournals calling the residential Hines tower at Market Square "One Market Square" was also a mistake.
  4. The original plan was to have it be a 50-floor tower. I'm hoping they go back up to 50 but with so little time before 4Q 2014, I am only skeptical about that part, not about whether it is built or not. Also, it will go back up to 925,000 sq. ft. and 37 office floors (go up 13 for parking). I think developers need to build as much Class-AA space as they can in downtown, that's what tenants want, so let's give it to them!
  5. I think it's a great idea.
  6. I want this built. Let's blow up the Houston Club already!
  7. Those big utility boxes in the median on Main, I wonder if they will be removed or hidden later on. The building will be facing these when it's finished.
  8. I love the suggested "power lines underground" requirement the most.
  9. The lot behind One Shell Plaza is ideal for a huge parking garage, in my opinion. The lots along Main in southern downtown are prime spots for a supertall but those are being taken over by residential projects; few are left or perhaps none are for all we know.
  10. What building in uptown Dallas are you referring to?
  11. Construction begins 4Q 2014, so October 1st I assume. At least it better be.
  12. Not excited about getting another one. Anyways, start date is around 4Q 2014.
  13. I wish you included a poll question as well, such as: "Thirteen years later, do you or do you not believe for the most part the official story given in the 9/11 Commission Report, including the FEMA and NIST reports explaining the collapse of the 3 towers?"
  14. We can all agree that those who vote, or as Joseph Stalin would say (paraphrasing) those who count the votes are the ones who decide the winner, good or bad. Not bashing Dallas by the way, nor saying there was voter fraud because I can't prove it.
  15. I think the likelihood of Downtown and TMC connecting is a lot better than Downtown and Uptown. If that happens, Herman Park can be like Central Park for Houston, surrounded by highrises, sure would look nice The area is also very desirable so Midtown will eventually get fully developed and connect them both.
  16. Sounds interesting. If you remember what the name is, please post it here, thanks.
  17. Looks good, I wish you made it into a supertall as well
  18. I'm pretty sure this new design was made by accident, when placing the tower in the photo. There is no new design.
  19. Beautiful work, thank you for your effort!
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