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  1. Where did the 832' height number come from? Wasn't that just an estimate based on how it looks surpassing 1600 Smith?
  2. I assume for phase 2, the other building on the south block will be identical, correct? If so, what's that building to the south?
  3. I believe at least half of the total floor space, so around 550-600 k sq. ft.
  4. The side along 610, I noticed them as I drove by like two hours ago.
  5. A crew at the former Micro Center site is doing soil testing.
  6. Please do remember to tell us about those things that delayed construction, when you can, thanks.
  7. We're already building so much, but yes, I welcome this added incentive to build a lot more. 2015 should be another good year for Houston, and I hope a supertall is in the plans.
  8. If it's Block 251, I hope it includes tunnel/skywalk access.
  9. For such a promising building, it's too bad it will only be around 20 stories. Thank you for the info.
  10. The bomb flashes were a lot more noticeable. Complete, free-fall collapse into it's footprint. Once again, great job and planning from the demo team.
  11. It has 6 Houston Center, I like that. It was the big letters on the left side, I hate that.
  12. I'm thinking the floor count was a mistake, I mean the floor space is the same.
  13. The statue is ugly, flat out garbage in my opinion, and the park space would be so much better without it. Is this temporarily on display?
  14. I don't smoke but I don't mind if you do. When the Houston Club goes down this month, it will go down exactly like the 3 WTC towers.
  15. If there are more out there with Ebola wandering around (many exposed in only a few days by this person), and we have thousands with U.S. visas from West Africa, then this thing is already out of control. This virus is extremely contagious. A lot of talk following the same script from our government, this is really a disaster. But is this really a surprise? It is to the White House, they said there was a very remote chance that this will enter the country. Well guess what, it's in. West Africa needs to be completely quarantined, flights from West Africa need to be shut down, should have been done a long time ago. All I know is that this government will not let this crisis (soon to be) go to waste. And people from Houston are going to Dallas for the dumb football game this weekend, perfect timing.
  16. Not sure if there is an official height, but I'll say 200 meters.
  17. I love this tower, but I love the 7200 Main design proposal even more
  18. Thank you sir. You know it. It's as serious as when our government said they found 2 IDs INTACT belonging to the hijackers who went up in a fireball when crashing into the tower. What were those made of? I mean none of the black boxes from the planes survived the impact
  19. Off topic, Ebola has just arrived in America, in Dallas of all places. Don't you just love it!? My advice is stay away from Dallas, and if you go, don't come back! On topic, I very much dislike this bridge. It's too much for a river that is so small. At least this one is pretty distant from downtown Dallas though. I think I saw a conceptual drawing where a similar bridge was spanning Buffalo Bayou near downtown, what a terrible idea. It's a bayou, no need for over-the-top stuff.
  20. Senator John McCain supports the "moderate" rebels in Syria (and he physically met with them) who have an allegiance with terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Congress approved the arming and training of these people a week or so ago. Rest assure that any weapons we give them will fall in the hands of terrorist. Do you remember our government arming Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in the 80's? The U.S. government has a track record of supporting terrorist groups, dictators and killers to use them as patsies (they allowed the hijackers into the country), and staging many false flags like 9/11. Saudi Arabia, our ally, helped in that effort. Anyways, I want the Saudis to spend money here, so I welcome them and their building projects! I have the same amount of concern about this as our government has for illegals coming into my country while having no idea who they are, which is none.
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