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  1. Two great places for fried chicken. Both unique.
  2. Man you guies are old. I rember the rink my older brother would take us there when i was a youngen, usualy end up at Pricnces drive main at OST, and i'm old
  3. Last movie I saw there was Pappion, with Steve McQueen & Duston Hoffman. Probably around 71. Quite a bit earlier I remeber Weldons Cafetira We would go there on Sunday after church. They had a organ grinder with a monkey who would greet you outside while you waited in line and the monkey would grab money out of yoir hand and tip his red top hat that was abput 64. The porn theater was on the same side of Main between Weldons & the Delman somewhiere on the early 70's
  4. FYI - The original vintage Liberty Hall t-shirts brand were "screen star basics". Mike C. had a few t-shirts made up a few years back, for a Friends of Liberty Hall event those were "Gildan", but oroginal artwork, by the way great get togeather about 30 liberty hall posters on display and good turnout. I was hoping to see Roberto G. but he was unable to attend. I was sad to hear he died, it must have shortly after Mikes event. I made some great memories at Liberty Hall. We loved life and good music, althoigh Mike & Robert were occationly intence. I built, owned & ran the sound system w/Mark Speck (now a dds.) The bands I remember working with were: Goose Creek Sym., David Bromderg. Michel Murphy, Lightening Hopkins, B.J. Thomas, Jerry Jeff Waller, Dr. John, Bonnie Rayet, Asleep at the Wheel. Great times, Tommy Ray
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