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  1. Thanks everyone. I am getting an attorney and let you all know how things turn out. I will try to post some photos. I may even call Marvin Zindler, TJ.
  2. I think the media would have loved the see Houston Destroyed. They are so sad that it hit poor east TX and west La. The media has noting to say and they make stories up. It
  3. Send or in vision goodness anywhere. It
  4. I am in the North West corner of 610 near TC Jester and we have power at my home.
  5. If not I am sure the media will come up with a #6 to continue to scare the general public through the idiot box.
  6. After this be patient and kind. There will be a lot of rumors spread. Lend a hand to someone else and make each day better by working to make it better. There are those that will truly need help.
  7. Ok I see...I do have a web site and I will post any that I take there. Thanks!
  8. How do you post them on here? I can put them in "my pictures". Can they be posted from there? Thanks
  9. I rode out Katrina just north of New Orleans in my home town of Franklinton with my mom and dad, very scary with 130+ mile winds. I was on the Fire Dept there when I lived there and so I helped a lot with problems that arose in Franklinton. I am still debating here near the North West corner of the loop. I don
  10. Thanks that would be great. I have a friend attorney that really has no clue. But one that I can talk to that did would be awesome!
  11. Now the owners, (well the secretary of the builder, who I always have to talk to) said they will be in the yard to shave off the inches and have to put up scaffolding this week. I told her hang on one sec. If you are going to be in my yard with all of that I want to be compensated. I don
  12. Thanks for the info. Will check back latter.
  13. Any successes comments do these type ways to buy and sell property work?
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