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  1. Way up Airline there is little St. Joseph's Cemetery...Pretty much all Sicilian with a few Poles. Because of racial strife up on the Brazos around Waco and Bryan in the early 1900s, white landowners imported Sicilians to work in their fields. Those Sicilians bought their own land as soon as they could, but most of it was crappy land that had been passed over by everybody who'd gotten there before them, so they ended up moving to Houston. Those that didn't join their cousins or friends in Galveston County or on the east side of town settled up on the north side. Canino, as in the farmer's market and the road, is an Italian name...I think some are buried in that cemetery on Airline.
  2. There was one on Bellaire just west of Strake / St Agnes until about 1987 or so.
  3. Here's my story on the bombing from earlier this year.
  4. If so, please email me: john.lomax@houstonpress.com
  5. Does anybody have a pic or pics of the mansion we could use for a Houston Press article?
  6. Looking at my 1891 map of Houston, there's a Five Points-style interesection near the foot of Chenevert and Magnolia / Ruiz.
  7. Let's say I get a bunch of sponsors to pony up some cash for what I am calling a non-profit party. And then I open a cash bar in the middle of that same party and I pocket all the money from it. Isn't that essentially what Cohen did with the art market last year and tried again to do this year?
  8. Yes, I knew that, and that distinction is made in the article. But you can't file a false tax deduction and when the IRS questions you about it, simply say "Whoops, it basically comes out the same."
  9. John Lomax here. I did talk to two out of three of those board members. Bob Domec told me what a success his area (Pink Street) had been last year and Cynthia Hill told me she thought Lori Betz had gone crazy. (And presumably, found a new treasurer and an attorney who shared identical delusions.) What Domec had to say was not interesting enough to put in the story and what Hill had to say was edited out and lumped in with something generic like "Cohen's supporters say he's great" or something similar. The current board says they were pushed, the former board says they jumped; it's all just more he-said she-said stuff. As to fraud, I laid out the facts of the case as they were given to me, and they are not really in dispute by anyone. Criminal fraud and tax fraud are two different things, however, and I think Colgin meant Cohen was committing tax fraud. "I didn't know I couldn't do that" tends to fall on deaf, unsympathetic ears at the IRS. I have no idea why your IP was banned but I will ask the person who handles that and post her answer here later today.In the past, people have been banned for abusive/racist/threatening posts and for posting under multiple screen names. As much as I might enjoy the power, I don't have the power to ban, so Red Scare, that's paranoia worthy of your handle.
  10. I just thought some people here might remember him and be saddened or alarmed at the manner of his demise.
  11. One of Byrd's sons was killed in Vietnam...
  12. Washington Avenue is not in the Heights. It is, however, where the Yankees begin.
  13. I guess my buddy wasn't lying when he told me back then that they went to Willowridge. This guy was from Quail Valley and friends with a bunch of people at the 'Ridge and Madison.
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