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    Thank you my friend. Just been a crazy 5 years or so. 2 kids...1 divorce.... 2 new homes...1 new career...4 different cities lived in...6 different cities worked in, because of my new career... and 3000 craft beers later. I am back to my hometown of H-Town. Well, Cypress, but close enough. It's good to be back.
  2. TJones


    There are lots of venues to have a fine Craft Beer here in the Houston Metro Area. Some Old buildings have been repurposed into fine drinking establishments or eateries and have found new life. Lots of new exciting people moving here everyday. What are some of your favorite wateringholes that you have found with weird or exciting architecture to behold and be in awe of as you imbibe your local or national favorites ? Feel free to list names and addresses of these places and WHY they are so awesome to you. Don't forget to tell us what your poison is as well....be it a craft cocktail they make or a specialty drink only they make or your favorite wine, but most importantly.....DON'T FORGET THE CRAFT BEER !!! P.S If you say PBR, or Bud....you will lose a testicle or breasticle, depending on gender ! I would start us off, but I don't wish to seem biased or that I am advertising for any one establishment. Just Sayin' !
  3. This man was the father of a good friend of mine. Many if not ALL of you have seen his work in Houston and didn't even know it. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/deaths/7284129.html
  4. This man was the father of a friend of mine. Absolutely love his artwork and he has some pretty prominent pieces on display around the world TODAY ! http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/deaths/7284129.html
  5. Laanba, just wanted to say how much i like your photoblog. Great pics in there.
  6. If Obama and Nancy Pelosi were in the middle of the ocean in a life raft and it started sinking............who would you save ? Ans: America !
  7. I know you like facts, and the fact is that you are in a 12% minority Attica. 88% of the world believes in some sort of religion where there is a "Creator" of all things. http://www.compassion.com/child-advocacy/find-your-voice/quick-facts/religion-quick-facts.htm . But HEY, good news, you are gaining ground because in 2000 it was 96%, so maybe some people are warming up to your idea of no God.
  8. Oooooohhhhh, the Mods know that we would have eventually steered it back on track. We are good like that.
  9. Such a buzzkill Porchman, the one thing you contributed to this thread, and you "tattle" on us.? Nice going.
  10. Retama, the club you are thinking about was called CARRZ !
  11. Attica, just because you claim to "believe in nothing" does not exempt you, your choice has made it easier for you to believe that evolution is the only logical answer for you. Sooooo, that is what you believe in. You don't have to believe in God, that's why he gave you freewill, you should thank Him for that at least. Seriously chief, you took one little statement and all the sudden you think I am a holy roller, ask some of the regulars around here, they can atest to the fact that I am no such animal. I love it when you get all bent out of shape because someone doesn't agree with your beliefs, thanks for the laugh. I would say "bless your soul", but I remembered that you don't believe you have one.
  12. All this "beer" talk just made me want to share with everything about how I was standing right next to the St.Arnold's Brewery this morning on Lyons.

  13. You just admitted that "natural selection" was a hypothesis, and not a FACT, make up your mind chief. Yes, i am familiar with both sides of the coin though, so your attempt to educate would have fallen on deaf ears. Oh wait, I see, because "natural selection" is what YOU believe, then it MUST be true? True to you anyways. Kinda like the Global Warming hypothesis ? Scientific "evidence" skewed to fit a certain agenda and all. If you'll notice, I haven't said I believe either way on the whole "How we got here." theories. Although, I DO believe Global Warming to not be "man-made".
  14. .....Ooooorrr. perhaps God really did just wave his hand around and with a bolt of lightning....."ZAP" there's your chicken. Remember boys and girls evolution is NOT the only theory out there. Just a friendly reminder from your Uncle TJ.
  15. If the little punk hadn't had fled, and he was fleeing, trying to make it to the consulate which i am sure he was informed to do in order to avoid police. Unfortunately for the cop chasing him, he didnt know what the chinese consulate looked like. Honest mistake by the officer. Betcha dollars to doughnuts you couldnt pick out the consulate either.
  16. Wanted to show the folks here in Houston what it looks like at my house in Austin !
  17. The Ragin' Cajun on Richmond.......only been there for about 40 years. http://www.ragin-cajun.com/m_appetizers.htm
  18. Hmmmmm, Democrats eating their own.........gotta love it. Wonder if they'd drop the suit if they got some facetime, minus Shami and White ?
  19. TJones

    Antique Bar

    Dude, using this forum to try and score points with your oldlady just before Valentine's Day is just................sad.
  20. TJones

    Antique Bar

    Nope, little closer to N.Shepherd. I would not step foot into Bronx Bar.
  21. Ummmmm.............Bin Lucyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............you got some 'splaining to dooooooooooooo !!! http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/6856777.html Burj Dubai is CLOSED, just one month after it opened.
  22. TJones

    Antique Bar

    Same thing happened to me at another establishment over off Washington, smurf. If it's Saturday night and you aren't dressed right, you won't get in. I was dressed down, VERY down, talkin jeans and a less than flattering pull over polo. I am sure that if I had worn an Affliction t-shirt that had been "be-dazzled" I would have gotten in with no questions. Unfortunately the douchebag doorman didn't know that I knew the owner, and after a quick phone call, he was promptly corrected of his faux-pas and my buddy and I were escorted in, post-haste, with a nice fat apology from the doorman.
  23. HW Bush can just hire some Blackwater folks and I am SURE that there will never be another incident of heckling, at least no videotaped evidence of it from the heckler themselves. Or, even a heckler to speak of.
  24. Maybe we went to the same college and courses ?
  25. Thought LSU was a lock, what a let down. And why did Mizzou fall apart like that ?
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