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  1. Where will this go? Will they tear down the historic house on the corner?
  2. wouldn't that be *West* of 59? Near Northside is technically 5th Ward now, but originally was apart of 1st Ward. They ended up slicing up some of 1st and some of 2nd Wards to create 5th. See map below. I think the Near Northside will continue to feel like a different neighborhood than 5th ward. The reason why I think Washington Corridor makes sense included in the Heights is because the neighborhoods share much history with the Heights. Age of original homes, connectivity of trails - bridges - roads, shopping, ect. I live in Old Sixth Ward which is a historic district. There are other historic districts such as Germantown, Woodland Heights, Heights E / W / S, Magnolia Grove's new historic district (South of Washington, between Shepard and Heights) , Norhill, and Freeland. I like discouraging the division freeways make if at all possible.
  3. Super Neighborhood 22. but I rather see a Near Northside forum that is everything south of 610, east of 45, west of 59, north of downtown
  4. I’m happy this is included in heights forum as opposed to another place.
  5. Well - we are both right… diner cars were only available for sleeper train ticket holders during some parts of COVID. They may have changed it back now.
  6. Food is good not great. I would not travel in this way other than the sleeper. Too much time to be sitting in one position and the dining car is only available for sleeper passengers.
  7. I do this to Alpine alot. I like that this is overnight, but I do not enjoy the 4+ hour pause in San Antonio...
  8. It looks to be a townhome farm on both sides of Dart Street!
  9. They should use the correct address in their red tag.. I think it’s 419
  10. I am 100% behind the creation of a historic district. It does way more good, and does prevent from feverish gentrification.
  11. It is a beautiful building and I think a nice addition to the area. I am 100% behind preserving our single family home communities... but this doesn't really harm anything. Some neighbors will see it in their peripheral sights, but I almost think it would improve the area overall. build baby build!
  12. It honestly doesn’t even need to have a full gut. It’s just needs a light facelift. Improved sidewalks… updating landscaping… get the fountains working! it could be super cool and kind of retro. But it’s useless right now.
  13. Seems to be a combination of metal and masonry for this Home Depot... I haven't seen that before... From the renderings, I was expecting Stucco, but perhaps this is more fitting with the area? I am very curious how this will turn out. I am one of the minority that is very excited to have a home-depot so close.
  14. This looks like a 50x100 foot lot.. and if they are using the same formula, this could replace the old apartment on S Sandman and Lexington, that runs North South.
  15. This area is technically Houston Heights proper. Interesting they are calling it 'Memorial Heights' which is a made up name... That area is technically called Buffalo Heights (development by Midway takes most of it).
  16. I walk through it a week ago and it was much better! though it will need to be consistently cleaned. Perhaps the new apartment will bring needed maintenance!
  17. BS! The yellow building is the only decent one on the site.
  18. Those for sale Signs are now out-of-date.
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