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  1. You must be in First Ward. I am in 6th Ward. There is certainly a lot of density in our area. I hope we continue to improve and preserve green-space. It IS amazing how many birds are around... Although I think these primitive/prelim renderings may show a worse aesthetic than reality, I am not especially excited about this either. Density here is OK, but I don't want these kinds of buildings to creep into the neighborhoods. I hope the homes to remain in-tact. This lot is generally horrible, so whatever goes in, was going to be a little squirrelly.
  2. Love the function, but darn... all their resi towers look the same!!!
  3. it could have been SO MUCH WORSE for them. they should be grateful
  4. MICROSOFT TO EAST RIVER !!???? That would be perfect...
  5. that head in parking on Dunlavy is not going to work, even though the existing structure has that parking existing.
  6. Sounds like an apartment building - same developers as sunrise montrose? Bump to going up?
  7. that is a great analogy. working downtown is great.
  8. kind of looks like the same, boring glass as Hines' other buildings. I hope the variety in the renderings comes through in the materials...
  9. Here is a cool link i found. They definitely applied and it was pending in late January... https://www.thc.texas.gov/public/upload/preserve/national_register/draft_nominations/Battelstein's NR - SBR Draft.pdf https://www.nps.gov/subjects/nationalregister/pending-list-20191228.htm
  10. That means they will seek historic restoration tax credits... good. How did you find this out?
  11. It has been a year and still no word. Does anyone have any information on this?
  12. I hope you are right.. the trendy stained wood thing will look dated almost immediately unless they do it right. seems to be some brick too.. happy this isn't going to just decay.
  13. they really need a 8-12 story residential building here...
  14. This is turning out way better than I expected...
  15. Jesus sell at lot value and let's get something good here... whatever it is.
  16. most wouldn’t survive being removed and the labor cost to get them out would be high. It’s a nice idea though... some things would have a better chance at surviving than others. These materials are best grounded up and used as mulch.
  17. @ekdrm2d1 This is near willow waterhole? I am planning to check out this area this weekend!
  18. so who all is a true moderator? Just curious..
  19. The connection to National Street must be pretty recent, correct? I remember riding my bike over there and noticing that it would make a lot of sense if they did connect it.
  20. I really wish they would extend dart to this project. Id even be happy if they could connect Dart to White to better the grid. I find the neighborhood benefits from the grid and there will be a lot of pedestrians and dog walkers that wont want to use Edwards since it is becoming a major street. I also wonder about access to the leftover land that doesn't seem to be accessible without some additional street work.
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