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  1. It has already been demolished... Kind of wish the building next door is also demolished. Hopefully this is an attractive building...
  2. They make them look more appealing, better sidewalks, add outdoor seating options, add better landscaping, facelift (as you mentioned)... Higher rent$
  3. I’m into it. We need to be creative. I wish gas stations were more pleasant in Houston.
  4. I’d be thrilled to see it. Of all people, I️ tend To always be the ‘wait and see’ type. Image I️ quoted Looked to be near finished facade... I’ve seen plenty that have that stucco look. I️ trust You and the others - that this is nowhere near complete. I️ am Excited to see it come together
  5. This is super disappointing ... no masonry? I️ like the shape, but the materials look extremely cheap.
  6. Yeah… but I will say the downside to that is 2 historic mansions are being demolished… HH and the one on montrose.
  7. If you’re observant, you will see that the signage puts this as a replacement of the Link Lee Mansion… (see bottom left - street on the bottom of the screen appears to be Sul Ross) I sure hope I’m wrong.
  8. I was made aware that there were last minute petitions to save the old gas station that was here. I live in the area, and I am truly disappointed. This hurts my heart.... not so much that we are getting a gas station... but we lost one of the coolest old buildings that had so much potential.
  9. So... is it still "on hold" or have they pulled the trigger? Things seem to be a bit more favorable now
  10. These are all small drops in a very very big pond... one / 2 / 20 apartments aren't going to change all of Midtown. you need hundreds of blocks to get some love in order for that to happen. What Camden project has not started leasing? the one by the park? I thought it was done and leased up?
  11. You're right on the value of land. My comment was more of an observation of the quality of existing development. I believe there is a lot of existing development that is past it's effective use in Montrose. There are multiple layers of redevelopment needed. Ex: 1880-1940 historic homes / 1950s light industrial / 1960's apartments / 1970's small offices / 1980's townhomes / 1990's-2000's strip centers - all needing repair or replacement. I would say there is still 60% of properties in Montrose still needing this kind of attention. All these things contribute to a somewhat disjointed and occasionally 'rough around the edges' community. Developers have every option possible when they choose to invest in Montrose. The Heights is a bit more consistent - historic neighborhood (homes) with light retail. As of recently, some urban apartments along main drags. Sure they have light industry and strip centers, but overall a more consistent and concise area for investors - not to mention a cheaper entry price.
  12. Here is the deal - Midtown as a market is very large. It has advantages and disadvantages... While losing some projects is disappointing, We should consider the bigger picture... Area: Located between Southern Downtown / Montrose / Museum Park / 3rd Ward None of these 4 areas is particularly affluent (yet) Museum Park is gentrifying, a process that will take awhile Montrose is still quite rough around the edges and does not have the same quality or quantity of investment that Greater Heights is seeing, for example Southern Downtown is arguably the most challenged part of the CBD Advantages: Things Midtown has going for it... Investments in Museum District / Montrose / and Downtown will slowly bleed into Midtown and help establish sustainable momentum for Midtown There are now some very nice nodes within Midtown that - if maintained - can grow and slowly link together to make Midtown more consistently nice (Innovation District / Midtown Park / HCC Campus) Disadvantages / Challenges: Problems that do not go away overnight The transient population has been an issue for quite some time. They don't disappear overnight... I have no idea how to enact real change here. "Clubs" - no one wants to live next to these. Clubs come and go at a fast pace and generally do not add to quality of life and attract traffic and people who do not respect the area Maintenance - If you drive down Main, you will see the nice new steel street signs are largely damaged. Landscaping does not look maintained. If we want to see the area improve, we cannot allow for the money and effort fall to waste. = Midtown cannot transform into a beautiful urban butterfly without going through the natural course of development. The developments we have seen could be the start of some good things. Houston is just too large for all the development to focus in on Midtown (yet). Neartown / Washington / and even Montrose are in a better position to make the shift to quality urbanism before Midtown, due to their proximity to wealth. We will have to be patient and allow Midtown to patiently wait while the other areas reach their potential before it is Midtown's time to fully blossom. My prediction: Midtown will improve at a slower pace than the other areas for the next 10-20 years. Once major tracts in Montrose / Washington / Neartown are scarce and highly valued, you will see an explosion of development as the opportunity will finally be focused on Midtown!
  13. SPECIFICALLY - buildings on the south side of the intersection of Caroline & Preston - AND - The Houston Cotton Exchange building on the corner of Caroline & Prairie !!
  14. This is silly... just let them get started so it can be over sooner.
  15. I think it is still up in the air right now...
  16. This rendering looks like 8 floors of residential over 4 floors of parking.... the write up is off or the rendering is off?
  17. Does anyone know if they have fixed the bayou trails here?
  18. So, before I get too riled up... is this the block that Chevron tore down the beautiful old building, and then did nothing with it... and perhaps they sold it after they tore it down???
  19. This looks wonderful. Area needs some classic U shaped units. I’m a fan so far.
  20. That is a very cool, Ferris Bueller type structure... technically Cameron’s house.
  21. Honestly!? F*ck Urban Genesis. They are no better than the former owners of the Lancaster downtown. F*ck! We can’t keep anything historic here. We are dead set on erasing all interesting historic evidence our city isn’t built in 1965 and 2010.
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