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  1. I am a bit disappointed that this continues to get leased up compared to the more interesting spaces around. what I really want is the tower to start construction. Someone mentioned Hines is involved - is that true? I thought this was completely unrelated to Hines.
  2. I would like them to sell all of the land with a reserve of multiple parcels for a combination of mid rise and high-rise towers that can be offered are equal cost to the residents. My thought is if this is integrated seamlessly into a multiple phased development by one or more trustworthy developers, it would produce the highest results (equity / function / beauty). The city could get involved and make this really great. I think it is possible to triple to unit offerings and make money that can be used to provide modern options at a greater quantity at the same location.
  3. These guys seem to be doing things in similar fashion to Pelican Builders (townhomes). They are activating areas previously developed by Pelican. This looks 'ok'. Hopefully this ends up with brick / siding over stucco.
  4. Just thought it was interesting how long this took (sidewalks)... I was waiting more than a year! Awesome! The quality of these developments are really nice. I hope they set the standard for the historic neighborhoods there. Perfect scale for the area.
  5. http://gulfcoastcg.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/LowerHeightsDistricts-Marketing-Package-04.26.21.pdf
  6. This is absolutely horrible. Should have torn her down instead.
  7. Pony Up! I would definitely do train or air. I flew many times from Dallas to Houston and back. Train would be great because it seems more casual and I could walk on after a day of tailgating and sleep / rest. More options the better. And less cars on the road the better.
  8. If I was an architect, I’d give my best with the assignment and budget. Every time. silly to think successful firms are not going to design the best building they can.
  9. This building is nice… really cool even… I just rather have it in any other spot if I could keep the women’s center.
  10. The Women's center is one of the most well built mid-century gems in the heart of the city... I have feared this day. I was hoping it would have lasted much longer.
  11. It has already been demolished... Kind of wish the building next door is also demolished. Hopefully this is an attractive building...
  12. They make them look more appealing, better sidewalks, add outdoor seating options, add better landscaping, facelift (as you mentioned)... Higher rent$
  13. I’m into it. We need to be creative. I wish gas stations were more pleasant in Houston.
  14. I’d be thrilled to see it. Of all people, I️ tend To always be the ‘wait and see’ type. Image I️ quoted Looked to be near finished facade... I’ve seen plenty that have that stucco look. I️ trust You and the others - that this is nowhere near complete. I️ am Excited to see it come together
  15. This is super disappointing ... no masonry? I️ like the shape, but the materials look extremely cheap.
  16. Yeah… but I will say the downside to that is 2 historic mansions are being demolished… HH and the one on montrose.
  17. If you’re observant, you will see that the signage puts this as a replacement of the Link Lee Mansion… (see bottom left - street on the bottom of the screen appears to be Sul Ross) I sure hope I’m wrong.
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