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  1. Currently not under construction, but some initial clean up work seems to be happening...They did recently move the trailer off the site that sat there for 15 years...I will check on my way home. So, per @CrockpotandGravel, this will have ground floor retail, an office component, AND apartments? Is this correct?
  2. Looks like this is fenced off and dirt is moving! I did not know it was a thing! this is next to Potin in Edwards street / Sawyer Yards
  3. 2 things - 1) that’s a beautiful oak tree. I wonder if it has any chance at staying. 2) even though the building they are going to demolish isn’t that great... I still wish new developments let the existing structures in good shape remain. I could definitely see it as a cool little office or retail one day.
  4. The courts are not fine where they are. They will move them... that’s public record. Whether they move in down Washington ave or completely downtown is still to be decided.
  5. I hope they redo their parking lot...
  6. I liked this building... I am sad to see it go.
  7. Us at HAIF who emailed Newquest have ALOT to do with the way this building is oriented. props to us.
  8. I totally see your points... but I think I think it’s kind of cool. Intentional or not, having post modern examples in the city are overall rare will be an Easter egg when discovered (my opinion).
  9. From site plan, looks like this building remains... do we know why it would be torn down? Seems odd that both Rice Andy UH could be taking down their old residential towers instead of renovating... i hope it stays and they renovate it.
  10. This is MUCH needed... Hope they do a good job.
  11. This is around 20 stories then? Whats a good comparison of height?
  12. Avossos

    1344 Yale

    we are seeing something special in the heights... the reuse of buildings, even unremarkable buildings... into thoughtful structures is making this area unique. We are re-writing history... we are refreshing it and honoring the past.
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