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  1. I am convinced it is 1MQ because of that curved side that goes into the fin in their proposal.
  2. I agree... but it’s definitely 1MS unless someone’s planning to build on market square park (not happening)
  3. #2 is One Market Square... if it ever gets built....
  4. Any issues

  5. Block 436 & 437 (Formerly Milhaus Midtown)

    Looks like masonry limestone block... Could be OK... perhaps not ideal. I am cautiously optimistic... or am I optimistically cautious?
  6. Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    the water didnt stay up long, though...
  7. Elan Memorial Park by Greystar

    Awesome news. That roundabout is very cool - needs a refresher. I do really like how the 4 neighborhoods come together there. Hopefully this building has a good presence. It needs to be able to age gracefully. I wonder if this will look anything like phase 1?
  8. The Regalia at the Park: 100 Crawford

    Just wondering if we have figured out why they would do all the effort to clean these up if they are just coming down.
  9. The Regalia at the Park: 100 Crawford

    are the buildings gone?
  10. The Kirby Mansion: 15-Story High-Rise @Brazos/Gray

    they are using the money to buy drugs to numb their conscious
  11. The Kirby Mansion: 15-Story High-Rise @Brazos/Gray

    I will chain myself to this beauty before I let this get torn down willingly... I learned my lesson with that crappy hotel by the Alley Theater... It got some of it's due justice... being flooded... Although the family who ran it and sold it may not have been affected. I don't know how they can sleep at night.
  12. Block 436 & 437 (Formerly Milhaus Midtown)

    The rendering shows brick
  13. Houston Center Redevelopment Plans

    If that’s all we saw, it would be great. But the box on top visible from most views in Houston is the kicker
  14. Houston Center Redevelopment Plans

    With Mies, I see stronger linear forms and the cross stitching affect. This to me is like dropping a couple drops of milk (Mies) into water (basic functional architecture). I can see the connection, but to me it is so dull and bland, it is not worth any sort of protection. I think a freshening will do this building good. I would love to see a crown or point of interest happen. Something that matches the style, but doesn't push it too far our of the original vibe. I think there are quiet a few interesting crowns / top accents they can do to reinforce a clean look while covering up the lazy utility box sitting on top... Imagine this with some cool lighting affects, possible linear forms stretching from crown down the top few floors.