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  1. I have been designing landscapes for 3 years and have not once used St. Augustine. There is so many better options.
  2. Who are you to say what the ideal aesthetic is? I can't decide if I think you're trolling, or serious. Either way you have the right to an opinion. For those of you who want to look at some facts, Houston is in Zone 9. This means it will hard freeze, likely at least once a year. The aesthetic that AnTonY is describing would be a waste of money, and take our natural environment in a direction that is unnatural. Houston is very much 'gulf coastal plains' meet 'pine forest'. If you want an example of our natural environment, check out what Memorial Park is doing to restore their forests. As for landscape choices... I would recommend we stay close to our natural roots, and avoid plants that freeze easily (tropical). Sub-tropical looks can be achieved in moderation with smart plant selections. If you do decide to go down the tropical route, find the hardier varieties and mix them in with some Texas natives. And yes, I am in the business.
  3. Truly is a shame, but I am glad this building will have a modern use now. Battlestien's building I am looking at you now...
  4. It could possibly fit in between the C apartments and engineering building...
  5. I thought so, but urbanizer said that wasn't true... I believe every DLI project has GFR though (new builds at least)... Either way the updated design looks good!
  6. Man I hope so because this is the one I’ve been waiting for. Why? Because I see this as such an important link to have main st developed.
  7. im hopeful their materials are brick and not all stucco...
  8. I just appreciate real masonry at this point.
  9. I have been waiting to hear if this building would have a proposal for a new hotel since it was recently purchased by a hospitality company. Any new info here?
  10. I am curious to hear a plan or proposal for this building. Anyone heard anything on this?
  11. Is this open? Has anyone been in or seen signage?
  12. Avossos

    Car Talk

    Urbanizer - good points.. I think this is a huge positive. Good for volvo. I like their designs in general. I reserve final judgement until I see it on the road.
  13. They have not maintained those bungalows and they are looking rough, inside and out... menil needs to renovate those buildings or else they should be considered a neglictful landlord, at least in my book.
  14. This looks incredible. I am not sure we could of asked for better. I hope they do the green space just like they have it here or better. I always liked 288 because of the green. They removed all the trees for the project, and I really want some plantings to replace them.
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