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  1. You should have been at the neighborhood meetings! Some people seemed like they'd give their left hand to save it. I think more good could have been done with the money, but the proposed plan seems nice too. Oh well.
  2. Love the pictures and love this hotel concept. Houston badly needs small scale boutique hotels! These are the kind of places i look for when I go to new cities... little hotels within cool neighborhoods. Are these drawings released because the project is dead or is the project moving forward?
  3. well it never went for sale. This is owned by the Houston housing authority. This will have a small % of rent controlled units for seniors. Majority (85% or so?) will be market rate.
  4. It's on the side, if you can handle that.
  5. Looks like darker glass or metal at the bottom here... Are you sure it is glass? If it is, we may have 2 colors of glass here.
  6. if they paint that front building red, it could easily be a large 'Red Lobster'
  7. I just think your critique maybe led them to keep the stones despite your protest 😘 we need a photo shoot infront of those stones.
  8. I'd like to see more direct confirmation that hardy extension is shelved... Like you said much work has been done already - millions and millions of dollars. It is aggrevating to me that *IF* this is actually on hold, there was no official announcement by HCTRA OR Houston Chronicle reporting...
  9. 😬😬 I had a feeling. It might work, aesthetically... but it also may be very strange to have a eccentric building next to the 'ritzy' galleria... Are those stones painted? I don't mind stones in architecture, but i really dislike PAINTED stones...
  10. It seems pretty dooming if Cinemark has an upcoming theater section and Lower Heights was there, and now is not. I was trying to find an excuse, but I don't think there is one other than the deal is dead. Bummer... I wonder if another theater would jump on this? It is probably tough times for theaters right now. I would love an Alamo Drafthouse / specialty theater here.
  11. Building renovation on Washington Ave (In Old Sixth Ward) from Deal Co. https://www.dealco.net/listings/detail/1d9d0b12-24e0-4040-9d8e-c633171de03c 'After' image: 'Before' image:
  12. Those columns will likely remain. VT makes a point to get funky / awkward buildings and keep some of the original features.
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