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  1. We need to truly understand the need here- 1. do we want better walkability? 2. do we want more green space? 3. do we just want less freeway? 1: there are options to decrease lanes to allow for better pedestrian walkability 2: there are many older 60’s era apartments that could be converted to green space. Also blocks in midtown could be converted to parks, much like what’s happening in downtown. 3. if this is the true reason, masked as a needed park, I would think this idea will go forward. I am in the landscape design business. I help create outdoor spaces, parks, wildlife on a regular basis. The proposal just really looks like paths with some trees. While I love green space, it doesn’t feel like a “park”. I think traffic headaches would increase. If it ends up being a full fledge park, where would visitors park / hang out. We have to be a smart about these proposals. Sticking a park at the expense of traffic ease is not the way to win over the general public.
  2. I love parks, but I think this park is a bad idea. Put a park elsewhere.
  3. this would be wonderful. I can imagine it won’t be easy getting funding for this now.
  4. this one is now owned by john deal... this will not be real estate co-working as originally planned.
  5. terrible. That old building was a beauty underneath the grit.
  6. a right turn only lane...
  7. For what its worth... a "Lower Heights" sign is up on the feeder road. I kind of dig it. Sorry i didn't grab a picture.
  8. You're missing the new Preston apartment building.
  9. I couldn't agree more. The current aquarium location has served them well, but this makes more sense on the east side / near the touristy stuff.
  10. what old building are they 'incorporating'... i know there are some they tore down... Maybe that counts? hah.
  11. the drain that most downtown roads have..
  12. Good catch there! I did not see this... I was / am hoping for a mostly masonry exterior. I do recall the mock up looking promising! We shall see the extent of the brick work soon.
  13. I have a not so great feeling this will be stucco... No ledge for brick to rest on. Means this very large beast will potentially be disappointing in materials and appearance.
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