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  1. hopefully that means they will call the new 40 story building Alexan... if they ever start on that.
  2. Avossos

    Lower Heights District

    Personally, I believe this is the best result in the realm of realistic possibilities. Those of you who look at Westcreek / RO District see the Target and parking lot as huge opportunity for future redevelopment... this is similar. This development must include a parking garage (movie theater and offices) in addition to the apartment garage. So you have a little bit of everything. As density increases, we will likely see the parking lot and box stores change. You cant go from a 2 to a 10 overnight. Don't fool yourself... convenient parking is amazing and a factor of success. I go to the target near here all the time. I doubt I would frequent it as much if parking was not easy.
  3. platypus and holler brewing are good too.
  4. Avossos

    The Boulevard Project

    These are either oaks or elms. small leaf...
  5. Avossos

    Battlesteins building purchased

    I desperately want an Ace Hotel in Houston. Those are my favorite.
  6. Avossos

    Battlesteins building purchased

    I don’t see how it is much different than the Hyatt place hotel going in on Texas Ave. that too has limited front windows and difficult or no light on the side.
  7. Avossos

    Battlesteins building purchased

    This will likely be a hotel of its own... Think a more affordable Marriott flag... There is nothing that states this will be a JW Marriott expansion. Pearl does many hotels.
  8. Avossos

    Jefe Bar Mex Grill @ 502 Main

    lights were on inside a week or so ago. Saw the inside... Not sure if that's what it looked like before or if they have done work. I think if they want to compete they will need upgrade the interior from what I saw...
  9. Avossos

    Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    I believe the plan is to keep it all park... however maybe there will be some awkward slices that make more sense to sell. I always would prefer park land.
  10. Avossos

    Lower Heights District

    I will speak for first and sixth wards. we are thrilled. I love the idea that the area will connect historic downtown to historic heights while maintaining our own historic and urban identity!
  11. Avossos

    Lower Heights District

    I heard mixed use - apartments / theater / some stores... seems like a step in the right direction but not a full on Midway mixed use center. Is that what you're hearing as well? I think their proposal will work well here. I think this area will boom and we will see many more cool projects in the not too distant future.
  12. Avossos

    Vacant lot south of Robbins Bros.

    It wont go anywhere. I am sure a nice new painted name will go on it instead. Maybe I am wrong though...
  13. Avossos

    1818 Washington Ave.

    These buildings are in the Old Sixth Ward
  14. Avossos

    1818 Washington Ave.

    technically it will be parallel parking. Just not head in parking anymore.