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  1. no excuse to use artificial turf here. I hope logic prevails and normal park Bermuda is used.
  2. if this picture is correct, they have about 7 more floors to go until they reach the start of the crown.
  3. lets kick this off... I want to see another tower rise!
  4. same - I don’t want a reminder of an old freeway with a dead space underneath it
  5. im confused by this. It seems like a very large piece.... does it drain water? Those skylights could double as drains into the basement... yikes
  6. Here is what I️ think I️ know... the large green space is divided in half (near half?) and there will be an office off sawyer and a multi family next to buff brew
  7. I️ think everyone who is critical of the location needs to take a deep breath of Houston air. For those who aren’t paying attention, this span of Houston from Lawndale to Hobby is becoming considerably more attractive. Some big investments are happening. this area in 15 years won’t feel so ‘odd’. There were many factors in this and I️ think this will be good in the long term.
  8. I think this is my point. Kind of surprised they are highlighting this difference even more. Maybe it will be better in person, but it feels a little overwhelming to have both stone materials in this building. While I think i prefer the gray, i would have chosen 1 stone, over 2 - for the whole building, whichever stone that was.
  9. so.... the “original part” has brown granite, and the “new” part has rough gray granite? I think that feels a little too forced... I’d of preferred the brown all the way around. Just an opinion.
  10. This makes me sick. That bridge was such an important connector.
  11. Curious - Does this mean I can build a garage off the alley that is right on the alley if there is no neighboring garage behind it? That would be cool.
  12. I don't feel bad for him. He didn't have to do it.
  13. If you've been by here lately, I have to tell you. It is other-worldly... SO MUCH activity! I lived in the allen house 7 years ago and know that land sat there for years just idle... So many boots on the ground / cranes / traffic guards / construction crews / noises. This area will be unrecognizable. I always new this area was going to be special.. but to see multiple companies all committed to ongoing projects at the same time is amazing, especially considering how this land was treating not that long ago.
  14. Avossos

    Where Am I?

    Did you have pink socks on? I saw someone taking pics and was on a bike and i thought it may be you.
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