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  1. So they will tear down the old church for a parking lot?
  2. They should have demolished this house. Why bother keeping it? I am in the middle on zoning, but if you want to be a proponent, Lovett St is the perfect example of why zoning is a good thing... just one block south is the protected single family street of Courtland Place. That street is full of significant mansions on beautiful lots near the city center. Lovett was the same... Now its a mixture of few remaining mansions, townhome farms, commercial shops, and parking lots. It could have been 'Embassy Row' and had the mansions converted into businesses that aren't destroying the original beauty. Last thought - This could be considered a form of 'gentrification'; the bad kind that slowly destroys the original fabric of the area. This hasn't been a wealthy area in a long time but managed to keep its character. I am still bitter about the townhome farm on the corner of Taft and Lovett that took down the Carrier Mansion.
  3. That’s exciting! For some reason I doubt it’s another el tiempo, but I wouldn’t be mad. lorenzos is also close, but maybe if lil lorenzos is different enough? i am hopeful they do a nice job with the property!
  4. blight removal doesn't necessarily mean demolition... I would wait to hear "demo" before grieving. I do hope it is saved.
  5. If you are looking for her, she might be at Melrose' Place
  6. Wow, this is awesome for them. Wish our streets got the same love.
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