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  1. testing to see what I am... factory?? hmmm
  2. whatever happened to the second tower behind the Sovereign? @SMU1213 I imagine if this is phase 2, Phase 3 and 4 are the blocks bound by W. Dallas / Dunlavy / Allen Parkway / Tirrell and the block by the remaining Allen House... Not sure what phase the 2nd Rochow St tower fits in?..
  3. Could their be subsections within these? I really like having a 'Heights' section and a 'Downtown' section...
  4. If you look around Center Street, and just to the left of 1201 Oliver, there are numerous cool warehouses. The one west of this Oliver property maybe the coolest / oldest. It is brick inside with awesome soffits and wood work. That one MUST be saved. The ones between Center Street and the railroad are also very cool masonry buildings that I believe should find modern use with some refurbishment... Really excited about the potential of this area. Old warehouses are my fave.
  5. I saw this too... Its just a grass field though... if anything, it was nice green space. For what it’s worth, Chevron announced they are building a new building in Australia. This signals they are willing to invest in real estate again. Any insiders heard of any rumblings?
  6. Does this transit center service the HOV lands of i69 or the BRT on Post Oak or both..?
  7. I assume you had to document and prove your reasons. I have done it in person... Is it the same process, just have to upload all this information?
  8. what is iProtest? That seems like an online or app?
  9. are they taking away my Carter and Cooleys? nvm... the other spaces are for lease.
  10. Shouldn't the April meeting minutes be available now? That meeting was a week ago. These are March minutes.
  11. whoa... voodoo replacing the antique shop..
  12. B-O-B was good, but the spot was a bit random and I didnt think it had the best execution, space wise... Seems like the space is more ice-house like than a burger place. Still... sad to see it go.
  13. Thank you for all the hard work! One thing I see that happened a few weeks back is it says 'next unread topic' or 'go to topic listing' when it used to say the actual project title or the topic title. were those removed on purpose or an unexpected consequence of some changes? If those could return, I always found them helpful.
  14. I have been designing landscapes for 3 years and have not once used St. Augustine. There is so many better options.
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