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  1. Currently being used as storage for many of the materials needed for 1808 Washington (bricks, stone, tile, etc..) Lovett moves at a slower pace as we all know. I imagine once their other Oliver property starts opening tenants, this one will commence. I wouldn't expect completion till 4Q 2020 or 1Q 2021
  2. No surprise. Their proposals never really gained traction. I believe they had some half-baked concepts that may have the right intent, but failed to meet the market's demand. I think Gulf Coast's lower Heights proposal shows that this is a difficult spot. Is it high density or low? Takes time for the higher density stuff to seem reasonable. Hopefully someone grabs this land with a good vision and strong financial backing to take the risk for something good / forward thinking. Props to nearby Gulf Coast Commercial for getting Lower Heights off the ground. I continue to hope for a thoughtful mixture of walk-able commercial developments here.
  3. The plans for the court complex land have not been finalized. There is a good chance the court will not be here when the land is redeveloped. If it does stay, the thought is that it will be re-positioned to face Washington Ave where the current police garage is. With that, and the positioning of the LR station, it makes most sense to go due North up Reisner... I believe the city wants to recreate a street grid here for mix-use.
  4. is this building... brutalist? 😲
  5. This is a great building. The simple lines and modern feel will compliment the AIG campus buildings (not their tallest tower) just across the way. Spotts Park needs a major upgrade... hopefully it will get one. The low rise nature of this will allow for towers in the back off Washington Ave to have sweeping views. One day, we will truly have the 'valley effect' in the bayou and it will be glorious.
  6. Avossos

    Skyline update

    Still the old in Google Earth though....
  7. I call myself a preservationist. There is no one flavor of preservation... I often empathize with people who look at things differently in an attempt to preserve at least some of our history... However, this house was so severely stripped and reconstructed with non-historic materials, I am not sure why they bothered at all. Are the columns even the historic columns? The windows are new and different in design than the originals. The siding is not real wood. The interior is all new. And to add insult to the entire process, they decided to add this partially covered stair case in a bad 90's style attached to the "original" house! What even is this tumor on the backside of this home? At best an addition to a historic house does not distract from the original home. This addition looks like a 1990's garden apartment staircase in the suburbs!? Why did they even want this house if they were going to do all this to it? Why did our historic preservation office not work with them on best practices? So many questions...
  8. Why are these being moved to other neighborhoods? These rightfully live in the Heights forum UNTIL there is potentially a Washington Corridor Forum, which there currently is not, and may never be..... Can we PLEASE leave these in Heights. This is 140 HEIGHTS BLVD for God sakes....
  9. We are in a parallel universe if this is actually started. feels like we could be in the twilight zone...
  10. buttt.......... wouldn't it be awesome if they did make it a cool little spot? I know flooding yada yada but I just can't stop thinking about how cool it would be if we had that along the bayou
  11. I guess the challenges are: 1- how to incorporate this with the bayou 2- how to construct around the corner of the bayou 3- street level activity yet built to withstand certain flooding in extreme floods 4- making the structure sound with flooding and eroding banks
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