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  1. my humble opinion - zero chance. Something has to be done because those integrity of the pierce elevated is terminal. Rebuilding it in its place wont do much good. Too much time and effort in this to abandon it now.
  2. Promising!! I agree with @skooljunkie that this area needs parking. I tried to go to Aladin's the other day... I can't tell what lot is for what business and there are some former residential lots that now have parking on the dirt... Last thing I want is to see historic structures demolished for a dirt parking lot. It is about time this section of Montrose gets some love..The intersection of Montrose and Westhiemer is extremely disappointing.
  3. Bring on the MF high rises in the city core. I think my excitement level is the highest when I see our core becoming dense, especially with quality high rises.
  4. Old Sixth Ward here. Historic districts are the best... especially when they have old trees.
  5. I wonder how much of 609 is leased... 90% yet?
  6. I hope this fits in nicely with the historic district.
  7. Dumb question probably... I know where the new apartments are. Are townhomes going in on the West side of the current apartment? Is the Co-Op going in to the East of the current apartment? Are both going in West? Thanks in advance...
  8. I was just thinking how ironic it was that it was discussed that the Museum district was a little slow compared to the other hot spots... I think the crowd / vibe feels a little old in the museum district. These new projects might bring some life and make the area feel a bit more welcoming to all.
  9. I wonder if Common Bond goes there, to the right?
  10. Here are my observations: 1. There is SOME connection to trail. You may not SEE physcial paths, etc... But there is a restaurant there, facing the trail. There will be interaction with the trail there. This would be a great ice house / bar / casual restaurant. 2. My suspicion is that the structure against the freeway is a placeholder. I believe this will be residential units... It says 'Lobby / Leasing' for apartments... A garage doesn't need a lobby or leasing. Since the apartment on the south end is u/c and plans are fully developed, they can show that in detail. Don't fret folks... it will be residential 3. Looks like the North side target parking will be connected to the development. That would be huge for connectivity from Sawyer Street. 4. Looks like there was a land swap with the station on the corner of Studemont and i10. They are getting more space just south of their station and the development will get a straight shot access from the feeder. that is also good news. All and all I am happy with this, if it develops as planned. I would use this trail often, and having a restaurant right there next to the path would be awesome. Would love another theater option as well. This seems like a good compromise for urban-density and Houston's car loving citizens.
  11. What is your take on the building? I think I am landing pretty neutral. just the exterior, it is pretty flat. I much prefer the Melrose / Le Meridian for this time period / style.
  12. The awning seems about done now. I am super curious with all the scaffolding gone, will this look light / airy / modern? Its not my favorite building, but I am trying to respect it
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