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  1. They have one on Yale infront of Walmart. CapitalOne also closed on Studemont infront of Kroger - very confused about that one since it’s fairly new. this corner could be something cool. hoping a developer does something nicer than a stucco wrap.
  2. Brookfield should just build a condo building or 2 on their empty lot (parking now) across from Heritage / Allen Center
  3. Yes - linking Neartown (which is what I call the highrise cluster South of Buffalo Bayou) to museum district / TMC. I think as long as the residential neighborhood remain just off Montrose, that will be the best destiny. I go to church at the Greek Church off Montrose. I have noticed that the amount of transient people and homeless has really increased - or seems to be worsening in terms of impact. More graffiti, more trash, more grit... Perhaps I thought that quality development here would lessen this... but it seems it has intensified it. Is that how this area will always be? Is it just too central that people of all tracks of life merge into the montrose scene? I am disappointed that we see graffiti and trash / pollution so often in this neighborhood.
  4. Their map is a bit incorrect…. Their pinpoint is a good 11-13 blocks East of where this is actually going.
  5. they will close access to memorial drive from Silver / Old Sixth Ward all together. No more through traffic.
  6. Could you show us on a map? I thought across the street was the 'East Dock' development by Lovett... NVM - although it does say the 1505 Oliver property is to be 6,900 sq feet apartments? seems small...
  7. Wait - aren't Prose Oliver and Fairfield Oliver the same? You forgot to include 'The Oliver' U/C by Greystar in Heights
  8. Why is this a “trophy” building? I like the building and I like what it means for the area. I even like the campus vibe of the master plan… just not sure why everyone is so giddy about the architecture.
  9. I agree - @editor no rush or pressure. Just an FYI
  10. Ha! I had the same thought. Totally pointless and screams FAKE. if the cheap rock veneer wasn't bad enough, lets highlight how fake it is by putting it somewhere that a real rock would absolutely never (and could never) exist..
  11. This topic and others in near north side, north side, Lindale Park ect should be in a “Near Northside” forum. Points North feels like it should be N of 610 at a minimum. My opinion
  12. This seems totally unneeded. And the road noise and visual pollution of more raised highways is A huge negative. the only positive would be potentially fixing the houston ave bridge that constantly gets hit. if they do this, we should demand the quiet road treatment they have put on 290 and i10 near memorial to reduce noise pollution.
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