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  1. Personally, I’m thrilled about the idea of Home Depot coming here. It will be so much more convenient than the ones along 610. That being said... it BETTER be a better design than a large suburban parking lot wasteland...
  2. I am horrified they are tearing everything down? What am I looking at in the renderings? I thought it clearly shows that little brick building in the SE side? Are the renderings dated? Are they rebuilding it?
  3. Looks like the garage is done finally and they can start working on floors!
  4. I wouldn't presume that. I too, wish they do keep these old homes - now restaurants. I think it could look really cool to have a Montrose Collective type thing here or a Heights Mercentile... however, I think the safe bet is they are likely torn down. I hope I am wrong and the buyer only develops the parking lot area (plenty big).
  5. could this be the new municipal courts? It doesn't look residential because no balconies... also it has skybridges to both buildings next to it. hmmm
  6. demolition. Everyone say their goodbyes.
  7. Agree 100%... but I was stewing on this thought. Perhaps the potential tenants low-key prefer this “campus” feel.. I’ve seen it so many times (Dallas / Omaha / Bay Area). I’m down if it gets the right tenants, but hopefully they can make this feel fresh and dynamic too.
  8. All of this development - I can confidently say this is 'neartown'. Before that was vague... now I feel like it has meaning.
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