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  1. This would definitely be an improvement, though not very Heights-like. Gives me an uptown Dallas vibe for some reason. I am curious if the Heights would be better off diversifying architectural styles or if it should try to strictly adhere to an older / more mature architectural style. I think this building would be fine and activate a bit more street life starting down at Yale. It would be nice to see a pedestrian friendly mini 'downtown' between Yale and Shepard.
  2. wish we had some pictures of the front / inside post renovation.
  3. I wish Kaldis would really invest in their landscaping... I worked with them before and it didn't seem like a priority...
  4. I can't figure out where this would go...
  5. I am curious how they will end up developing the land around the Embassy Suites... Seems challenging and expensive...
  6. I wonder what would happen to the retail at the bottom of this if the tower does start. My hope is they guise the garage better than it is now... Its rough looking, especially in such a desired area.
  7. every little bit counts... @CREguy13 If you were to guess, what is the most likely downtown office to start construction - Houston Center 6, or 1 Market Square / International Tower...
  8. I have tried that one too! those fries are awful. I did try one closer to SMU and the burgers were a bit better. Moral of the story... don't go to the Irving one. hah!
  9. laydown / construction office?
  10. Avossos

    Where Am I?

    Park for Humans and Dogs, old sixth ward!
  11. Avossos

    Reve At Montrose

    That is silly, it is almost fully leased. Only space open is top floor... which will likely be some sort of service retail. huge apartment nearby means ton of foot traffic. Will be fine.
  12. Visit this website. Its an awesome walk through of the project! http://www.innovationtowertmc.com/
  13. in heights subforum. 2010 summer i think. Nothing is happening. just remediation / prep for sale.
  14. Impressive pre-leasing numbers. How much of that has to do with the location, and how much has to do with the design? I think @bobruss said this in another thread. Montrose blvd desperately needs to be redone (like Kirby) so this can be a grand street.
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