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  1. Well, This shouldnt be compared to Calhoun Lofts. It is clear that was built with better materials. I worry how these will age based on materials (mostly stucco) and design (pieces of the building's architecture that stick out) that will naturally deteriorate faster, and the color (dated).
  2. all these mid-rises going up near UH are going to look like absolute trash in 10 years. Is all this development actually helping the area or is it hurting it because this construction is so cheap?
  3. I’m sad to see this previously untouched land messed with... for this development? Not feeling it’s worth it.
  4. the outdoor terrace removed was for the offices above. still an outdoor patio on 1st floor.
  5. Very interesting... if this is the only block that sold, might be just another warehouse use... or maybe a townhome farm? I cant imagine this being much more than that unless other parcels are added.
  6. Do you have more color on this? Was it office oriented? Why delay an announcement - its a very long lead item.
  7. I think we have a thread for memorial park... You are correct, the memorial park picnic loop needs some attention. It isn't really attractive, nor is it modern in its functionality. I think there can be some major improvements.
  8. i counted 27 floors... to imagine this 12 - 13 floors more means this thing is going to be HUGE
  9. I'm getting about the same. 19 more floors to go? I forget if this tower is 47 flors or 48. I always round up and call it 50 to my peeps. Ok - just opened my eyes I guess. Thread says 47... 😵
  10. I grew up in missouri city too... The determining factor to me is.. does the - apartment / townhome / single family / ranch / etc - owner take pride in their space? if you have a tiny home with a micro yard, but you're outside making sure all is right, then you are a part of community. If you're in an apartment and you couldn't care less how your balcony looks and dont bother with a welcome mat or pot, you're probably not contributing to community. The way development is designed can really contribute to this. See townhome development 3 on a lot v 2... huge difference in how people live.
  11. 8 lots, 37 feet wide... they will be deep, and at about 4,650 sq feet, almost a normal sized city lot... however with garages, we may have front loading. Here is hoping the builder is creative and smart with the design.
  12. buffalo bayou Park is the jewel of our city.
  13. Maybe we need to confirm if this is an active parking situation... meaning... are the signs indicating this is parking gone? Are there places to pay? access is available? groundbreaking tends to get delayed on most projects.
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