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  1. Saw big trucks, rebar, and cones blocking off a lane on silver at Washington yesterday. love Catalina…
  2. Let's get some residential here for goodness sakes.
  3. Where is this and what is “courthouse district” I hope that name is slang, because I feel like that sound’s unappetizing .
  4. Where and when is this picture from? This is amazing and says A LOT about plans!!
  5. I am a resident of 6th Ward and I think combining rail lines into the center street line and removing winter street line would be absolutely the best thing for the area. Winter Street could be a very nice Street / trail combo like Nicholson is in Greater Heights.
  6. I wish they would just build here. We could use some office here instead of more restaurants and apartments.
  7. This has little to do with i45 rebuild and much more to do with their current facilities are completely dated, prone to flooding, and sitting on valuable land earmarked for mix-use facilities. They own the warehouses off washington ave and it makes total sense for them to renovate them. Lets count all that is happened on this 17 acre site once discussed as a potential Justice-Complex: 1. City prison moved to city/county facility off San Jacinto in 2018 (not 100% sure of that date) 2. Large police parking garage demolished in 2022 3. Central Dispatch to be moved to Morin Pl renovated facility- ETA 2025 4. Municipal Courts moved to TBA location. (either on a sliver of the land they own off Washington Ave - near where the garage once sat - or downtown Houston)
  8. wouldn't it be just wild if they did all this work to essentially gut the historic charm out of this house and their restaurant never opened.
  9. I like that it will face the street instead of a parking lot.
  10. So why the bump? Something else happening to the property? shell shack sucks
  11. Would be nice if they could just put a concrete curb here…
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