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  1. Agree 100%... but I was stewing on this thought. Perhaps the potential tenants low-key prefer this “campus” feel.. I’ve seen it so many times (Dallas / Omaha / Bay Area). I’m down if it gets the right tenants, but hopefully they can make this feel fresh and dynamic too.
  2. All of this development - I can confidently say this is 'neartown'. Before that was vague... now I feel like it has meaning.
  3. Are they going to tear the old buildings down!?
  4. It looks like they are working on the ceiling of yet another floor... this is at least 4 more floors that I guessed... I wonder if this is the last or there will be more usable floors!
  5. They could have built a great building on the 2 lots and not had to tear anything down. I cannot stand demolition for the sake of vanity.
  6. Cool but I don’t want them to tear down the 3 really nice homes. Seems like they could have just left them.
  7. Have y’all seen the music video - somebody that i used to know..? This garage is that video.
  8. Btw - from my view, the floor they are working on has a much taller ceiling. I wonder if this is the last inhabitable floor or if they are still going up...
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