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  1. Just what all of the bums at the library need.
  2. Yes, the former Wok Bo building was originally a Chi Chi. I ate there many times.
  3. Ok - Constructive Criticism is what you want. Well here goes. There is too much wasted, open space on the new home page. I like how things move when the cursor goes over the active areas. The font is hard to read on "Recent Updates", "List of Buildings by Neighborhood", etc. It is not at all clear as to how to get to the Forums page. You have to move the cursor over each of the options and say to yourself "well, lets try 'many more posts' and see what happens" I could go on, but I am tired. As I said earlier. Keep working on it.
  4. Actually I think that the new format sucks, but keep working on it. It can only get better.
  5. While this website may exist on a higher level, politics in this country is mostly played out in the sewer.
  6. I don't know about those guys but I do know that it is time to flush the Obama turd down the drain.
  7. Wow, a Steam Cracker. Just what in the hell is that? Back in Ireland we have still have steam TV's, but a cracker. I think that we have moved on to Nuclear Crackers.
  8. For me this whole argument is Bullcrap. Barrier islands move. That is a simple fact that cannot be changed. Anyone that buys properties on something that is continually moveing, eroding, changing shape should take all risk for losing their property to a storm. I say park your beach blanket on any sandy area you like and bring on the cops.
  9. Only $17,458 round trip in First Class. That is $13.86 for each minute. I'll take two, Please.
  10. Edward F. Simms of Kentucky came to Houston about 1901 and made his fortune at Spindletop. In 1912 he decided to build a Mansion on his newly purchased 210 acre estate, which he called Wayside. His estate was located between Polk on the north, the original Houston Country Club Golf Course site (1908 – 1956) on the east, Yates Gulley on the west and Lawndale on the south.
  11. Go to Google Earth and you can see the area in various images from 1945-2012. In 1945 it looks like the stadium area was railroad yards.
  12. Atlanta has a similar population as Houston? They only have about 450,000 living there. Orlando has a similar population as Houston? Thye only have about 250,000 living there. Houston has 2-3 Million, by the way.
  13. Spirit has to be the absolute worst airline. I will never fly with them.
  14. What ever happened to the Urban Animals? Are they bankers and stock traders now? Did they work at Enron?
  15. Is United following through on their threat to cut back on the construction because they did not get their way with the Hobby International expansion issue? Or was that just a bunch of hot air and sour grapes?
  16. The last time I was at the downtown McCormick & Schmick's, it SUCKED. Now it will only suck more.
  17. Obama is doing his best to destroy the American middle class. He wants to change this country from one of achievement to one of the hand-out. He needs to be stopped.
  18. Overly zealous cops are at it again. Was that guy a danger to anyone? Not until the cops got involved. How many folks on a typical Houston street are carrying guns? Quite a few. We will all be in the most danger when the cops are the only ones with the guns. Also, think about it. When you are riding the dog, it only makes sense to be packing a shooter or two. Look at what parts of town those stations tend to be in.
  19. Has anyone asked where was Trump born? Actually, I don't think he was born, he was shat.
  20. I say tell Google to pound sand where the sun don't shine, and I don't mean London. The HAIF banners are nothing like the Google Doodles, so I say keep them coming. Giving in to an implied threat only encourages the bastards. Bring on the Money-Guns-and Lawyers. Or is it Sex-Drugs-and Rock & Roll?
  21. Bigotry? So Be it. I also find people with bad breath and BO offensive. Is that bigotry? I also dislike folks who do not hesitate to kill others in the name of their religion. Is that bigotry? I also find bleeding heart liberals and screaming maniac conservatives offensive. Is that bigotry? Folks who are so insecure in their self image that they are offended by how others view them need to grow a pair, buck up and get with the program. Or stay out of my way, cause I am coming thru the rye.
  22. Who is being offensive? Both transgendered and transvestites are offensive to normal human beings. Sick-o.
  23. Cats should only be in a restaurant if they are on the menu.
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