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  1. Nah - just more saber rattling by the opposition.
  2. mollusk

    Queer Us Folk

    It's all been going to Hell in a faaaaaabulous candy apple red handcart ever since the demise of the giant disco ball over Montrose & Westheimer during Pride. 🥷
  3. Not to mention the need for blackout curtains nearly a half mile away... and now they want to elevate Katy inside the loop.
  4. "We're downtown." Really???? That response is even worse than the busted door.
  5. Perhaps drinking was part of the event planner's creative process... or not... 🍄🍄🍄
  6. Fred's Italian Corner in the strip center at Greenbrier and Holcombe closed around the same time as Buon Appetito. 🥲 Let's also pour one out for Patronella's (Marvin Zindler's fave). Not quite the entire full on deal, but Spaghetti Western on Shepherd between Washington and the Katy is still around - haven't been there in a while, though.
  7. Some of us are old enough to remember when welcoming refugees (regardless of the reason for displacement) and helping them resettle was considered a very American thing to do.
  8. Also, it'll keep you from getting blinded by the jacked up brodozers' headlights.
  9. You can buy from dealer stock or you can order - the proportion of stock vs order varies from make to make.
  10. Can't help but wonder how much Weingarten Realty's recent merger with the current property owner had to do with this...
  11. Your calculations are OK, it's your example that's off. Apples to apples, at 28 feet, four inches in diameter the San Antonio pipeline has significantly more capacity than the 48 inch Alaska pipeline: https://www.ksat.com/news/2018/10/18/how-a-giant-water-tunnel-saved-downtown-san-antonio-during-the-flood-of-98/
  12. Rebuilding the Southwest Freeway interchange just might have a little teensy bit to do with congestion on the West Loop, as well.
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