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  1. Feh... who needs a main library anyway?
  2. Funny - they're substituting in white and grey just as brown is starting to return (as breathlessly revealed by the fishwrap the Chron yesterday).
  3. I just got a push email that Moku Bar is now open at 2914 White Oak, which you get to via the alley between Pho Binh and Tacos A Go Go.
  4. The old school parking meters had a message to that effect inside the little window that showed how much time was left. The new meters just won't accept payment.
  5. 77001 is only used for PO boxes; downtown street addresses are 77002 (or 77010 for the Houston Center / DG / GRB area). Given NASA's mission it's difficult to imagine letting its mail get outside of secure channels, so direct pickup from the post office or perhaps dedicated delivery makes sense.
  6. More like 30s deco with the plants someone stole from a Chotchkie's - but it does have flair.
  7. mollusk

    Where Am I?

    Houston Museum of Natural Science?
  8. Cotija works pretty well - it's a crumbly hard white cheese. Try the mole enchiladas at La Mexicana - they come with cotija.
  9. All four cars are '65s - Catalina, Catalina, Tempest, and the grille of a Ford (most likely Galaxie). That was in my prime car spotting days - I could even tell what year a given VW Beetle was. 🤷‍♂️
  10. "Do you have it in chartreuse and pumpkin?" Seriously, that was my stock response to any salesman insisting that the whatzit could be configured anyway one wanted.
  11. If you're asking about the one to the left of the Humble (Exxon) Building, in front of the old downtown Y, it's the Humble Building's garage. It's still there.
  12. Houston is built on layers of sand and clay. How far down the transition is between a sand layer and a clay layer varies, even within a block, and different soils have different bearing capacities. Ground water also enters into the calculations if it's there.
  13. In which case you should also know that Critical Mess no longer starts at Market Square.
  14. Short term memory... it's the second thing to go.
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