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  1. Pictures or it didn't happen Edit: It's now set for midday tomorrow (Sunday). nola.com will have a live feed.
  2. There are people walking around on the roof inspecting things this afternoon, and Main and Walker are still blocked off.
  3. It's very difficult to generalize, since each flood event is different. For example, at my house in Woodland Heights we got water all the way up to the front steps during Allison (how it didn't get into the garage remains a mystery); during Harvey it only came halfway up the front yard, but it came up and went down twice. According to very old neighbors Allison had more flooding in our neighborhood than during the mega floods of the 1930s.
  4. Was anyone else getting this stuck in their head:
  5. I get where you're coming from, but the fire is in the building housing a different bodega, the Main Street Market, a few blocks north. It, too was slipcovered.
  6. Thanks for digging that back up, Avossos. Comparing them side by side, it looks like the slip cover may not have destroyed everything since it's roughly the same height as the original roof decoration. Now let's just hope that the fire doesn't.
  7. Dang, missed the kolaches. And "TC Energy Center" sounds like a basketball arena somewhere or another. they just need to get off my lawn... grumble...
  8. And just yesterday we were linked to its former deco glory... it's going to be interesting seeing what the next act is for this one.
  9. H-Town, fair point. However, turning the bottom few floors into something that doesn't even try to coordinate with the rest of the building is right up there with the aluminum skins that were a "modernization" fad in the 60s. Changing the usage (and even the massing) doesn't have to mean ditching the basic design concept.
  10. Incidentally, this is what's wrong with the idea of changing the bottom two floors of Two Shell, Houston Center, etc., to meet our current tastes. There will come a time when 80s style will be considered chic again. (***shudder...***)
  11. If they really wanted to be ambitious, they'd include some wildlife in the renders...
  12. And to think we whinge about a project that only takes two or three times longer than it should...
  13. They rebuilt the iPhone version a couple months ago. It's a noticeable improvement - then again, I learned on steam powered computers so YMMV.* *(a more polite way of saying "get off my lawn")
  14. NoDoz - the neighborhood that never sleeps. Catchy.
  15. The Mia Bella building has really difficult sewer issues. That's why they moved.
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