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  1. I looked at them, too - more out of curiosity than anything else. In a way it was the perfect car - in the sense that it was perfectly awful. I don't recall any stand alone dealerships; perhaps they were sold at the place on the Gulf Freeway that also carried various other oddball European cars (like TVR), and maybe Motorsports (if that was their name) on the Southwest Freeway.
  2. It's the Heights. Of course everyone has a mask on. Contrary to popular belief, we don't wear them to bed, though...
  3. Full Member 47370 6836 posts Location:Montrose Posted 21 hours ago This is not correct, the fencing up so far is only near the train tracks, no fencing over IH 10. Which doesn't make any sense to me. How is anyone going to hurt the train? But someone could get killed if someone threw something off over the highway. Key words: so far. Fencing overpasses over freeways is very common, but not universal. As far as trains a
  4. The Ashby folks might claim copyright infringement for the angry toothy building image...
  5. Well, it does make it easier to give directions...
  6. It's intended to keep hooligans from dropping stuff onto the tracks and trains. The same logic applies to street overpasses over freeways.
  7. Quite some time ago... 10 years plus IIRC. It used to have small red glazed tiles all along the first floor exterior. The main entrance doors were also reworked.
  8. This. I really fail to understand the logic behind the current fad for "let's reclad the bottom few floors in something that doesn't look anything like the rest of the building," of which Two Shell is the most glaring example. It looks like it was intentionally phoned in.
  9. Security guards are rarely specialists in intellectual property law. 🧐
  10. They may be able to drive there, but I wouldn't want to try to thread a ladder or a water cannon through the wires that power the trains.
  11. Not necessarily. I used to fly to Dallas very regularly when you could just go to Hobby, buy a ticket from a kiosk, pass through a metal detector with your shoes, jacket, and belt on, and get on a less than full airplane with a half hour wait at the very most. Now you must make a reservation, security is a bunch of kabuki, etc., etc. - all of which eats up much of the time advantage of flying - plus it's all but certain that the plane will be packed to the gills even though the seats are closer together because there's no longer a flight every half hour. So I take a lot fewer trips, and dri
  12. Not to be confused with the Oar House across T. C. Jester, which appeared to offer interpretive dance as entertainment.
  13. I stand corrected regarding the location. I'm not so great at reading street signs when I know where I'm going.
  14. Nope, always a Kroger. Its partially exposed aggregate tilt wall and cube street sign are dead giveaways - check out the resemblance to the Fiesta on Cavalcade for instance. OTOH, Cougar Kroger on West Gray was a Safegarten's.
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