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  1. Walked by at lunch time today (blissfully ignoring the BoA sign in the lobby on my way out the door - prolly mentally registered as likely having to do with home loans or some such)... they're setting the sidewalk trees, and the ground floor lobby suddenly looks a whole lot more finished than it did even last week.
  2. 👺 Dang authoritarian freedom hating building codes.
  3. Last time I looked, the sign on the easels on the tunnel level in Pennzoil and Esperson said 2Q this year - which certainly looks doable, if a bit tight.
  4. Key word: inefficient. As in, single pane glass, old school 1 or 2 zones a floor HVAC, dark roofs, etc., etc. - like an office I had a few years ago in an early 80s building in which we alternately baked or froze, depending on the season. We were on the top floor (21); you could see the uninsulated underside of the concrete roof deck above the ceiling tiles.
  5. Looking at that link, it's amazing how much that building improves when the facade color is adjusted to something that wouldn't belong better on a 1962 Thunderbird.
  6. I couldn't get a decent picture, but the rebar is now above the street level.
  7. Best picture of the Pink Pussycat that I've seen since it was actually there (***sigh...***).
  8. Dated, perhaps, but it really uses the space efficiently. It's also the same granite as the tower, even though it's several blocks away, and curvy rather than angular. BTW, that was really the amount of traffic that was around at the time. We had perhaps half the population we do now.
  9. Funny thing is, the Katy was both the first and last freeway they were on.
  10. Keep in mind - some areas are going to have more pedestrian activity than others, and time of day enters into the mix, too.
  11. Sounds like a situation where the best thing to do is smile and nod, thinking (but not saying) "bless your heart."
  12. They are the same road in the same sense that FM 1093 and Westheimer are. Actually 90A departs from Houston's South Main when it turns onto OST, and ultimately Wayside, before joining US 90 / Interstate 10.
  13. IDK whether it was so much to leave room for expansion as it was that the town of Harrisburg was already there, around where the Loop crosses the ship channel (which was itself a massive expansion of the bayou and the San Jacinto River after their confluence).
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