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  1. FWIW, the ponding issue is something that whoever paid for the parking lot should drum on the contractor about. Whether it's a permeable surface or not doesn't make much of a difference - poor drainage is poor drainage.
  2. mollusk


    fruit juice beer, peanut butter beer...
  3. Essentially it was a panic reaction to the erosion of a more or less apartheid society. It was a time when people who supported integration were often referred to as "(slur) lovers," sometimes with spray paint (or worse) - and that was here. Other places in the deep South were even worse; some still are. To be sure, there was also an element of not wanting to go from comfortable majority status to being in the minority for fear of being on the receiving end of what had been dished out. My last comment, too, to get back on topic.
  4. It's wonderful that the pervasive racism and bigotry I grew up with is inconceivable to people who grew up afterwards. Still, it was most assuredly "a thing." From the late 50s until 1967 or 68 my grandparents lived a couple blocks from the intersection of Calhoun and Griggs. It was a neighborhood that looked exactly like Oak Forest and postwar Bellaire used to - smallish one story 3/2 ranches, most with attached one car garages, as white as a box of rice and solidly middle class. You didn't get into the wards until north and west of TSU. The first shopping mall in Houston was Gulfgate, and Palms Center (anchored by JC Penney) was built about the same time. And until 1964, racist deed restrictions were common and enforced. They had a "This is my home. It is not for sale!" sign in their yard (follow the link in Crock's post above). Nevertheless, they got stampeded out of there over to a very similar house in Sharpstown, and took a beating on the sale price, when the neighborhood went from solid white to almost entirely black over the course of just a couple years. So yeah, it really was "that important to people... back at that time."
  5. Personally I would have voted for stone of some sort on the spandrels, as well as having the base facade forward of the upper curtain wall rather than lined up with the indentations.
  6. Based on the brochure link Urb posted, not much.
  7. And specifically, Rs who represented parts of the Houston area.
  8. Houston food is so good that we really don't care what's out the window.
  9. For those who might be confused by the reference to a movie reference, it's part of Bluto's somewhat rousing speech in Animal House.
  10. I mentioned the issues with Esperson's floor plates a day or two ago. However, a lot of the lease space in Pennzoil is cleared out glass to glass, so one can build out however one wishes. The elevator cabs are recently redone, and there is a gym in the building - about all that's really lacking is some sort of bicycle facility (if there isn't one already - I don't spend much time lurking in parking garages).
  11. Are we getting aspersions or aspirations from the Second City?
  12. IIRC Pennzoil took a giant tenancy hit when Shell and/or some of its affiliates moved out.
  13. The suckage will be strong with this one.
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