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  1. mollusk

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Cars, buses, BRT, light rail, and heavy (commuter) rail are all resources. No single one of them can take care of all the transportation needs. Personally, I think the most heavily used park and ride routes would make good candidates for heavy rail. IAH would make a good stop on a heavy rail route, too. Hobby's in a dense enough area that extending it down Griggs/Long Drive and Telephone Road to get there would likely add ridership to the entire route, which wouldn't prevent it from also being a heavy rail stop on the way to points south.
  2. mollusk

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    All of these use ancient technology - even maglev when starting and stopping. Another visual aid:
  3. mollusk

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    A visual aid: edit: You can tell they're in Texas because of the dominos.
  4. As a proud mole person... I'm on the street level when it makes sense (like taking a more direct route), and in the tunnels when that makes sense (like avoiding 97 degree heat or torrential rain). They're both routes to get from A to B.
  5. Only if they really, really want to stay on a freeway. Even then, it's going to make getting onto 45 from Walker even more interesting than it already is. 🙈
  6. mollusk

    1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    Two things have the permitting office a bit hamstrung: We're still dealing with Harvey reconstruction, and budgetary concerns brought on by people who believe in The Money Fairy. Going from one office location to four (or however many) won't really make any difference unless it results in an increase in staffing - which could just as easily work with a central location.
  7. Other than the subdivision glitch others have noted, it works OK for me (Mac environment). Getting the county clerk's site and functionality was in the works until Stanart took over, then, weirdness began to reign (as in, we are the only county in Texas where you have to show photo ID if you're filing something in person - guess who pushed for that). With any amount of luck we can return to the days when the county clerk's office just quietly worked well.
  8. And they're right purty pictures, too. Also, way more emojis. 👍🤠
  9. Some are, some aren't. Today's set is among the aren't.
  10. mollusk

    Battlesteins building purchased

    There are windows on the back, with a glorious view of the air shaft. Perhaps they could market those rooms as having an "authentic urban vibe."
  11. mollusk

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I did not find the prices to be out of line when I went there for lunch. I enjoyed my food.
  12. mollusk

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I made a lunch excursion there today, and got an oyster poboy from Low Tide. For its first day being open and the place being totally slammed it's pretty OK - the oysters were a bit hammered, but I mark that up to being a lower volume item on opening day. Sit Low's plates looked awesome; Nice Pie was the only place not serving yet.
  13. mollusk

    Broadstone Shepherd: N Shepherd Dr at W 15th

    Pappas Warehouse District has a nice ring to it. Now, how do we go about memorializing the orange juice warehouse?
  14. mollusk

    Automated Parking Garage In Development @ 2912 White Oak Drive

    It may be tall, but in area it's just a footprint in the sand.
  15. I need that insulation. Prolly wouldn't hurt with the 'lectric bill, either.