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  1. I always thought of it more of a live action Jetsons motif. If we could only have gotten the Mole People to move through in costume, or at least the tenants' employees...
  2. And who could forget the Texaco/Havoline Grand Prix of Houston... (from Wikipedia) Sounded like a bunch of angry bees during practice the week or so before.
  3. We haven't heard anything... then again, Houston First isn't exactly the best at communicating. Best guess is that it's going to stay as is, though. I think they may have finally finished repairing Harvey damage.
  4. The renderings show garage entrances in their current locations; besides, The Catacombs fill up pretty well when all the venues are up and running. Also, I'd have to find new parking for the mighty molluskmobile.
  5. "New venue" would be a replacement for Bayou Music Center, the venue formerly known as Revention - it's easy to forget, since its offerings weren't exactly on par with Cynthia Woods or Toyota. Its first show this year will apparently be Ween on June 17. edit: I now have Voodoo Lady as this afternoon's earworm...
  6. Isn't that part of the point? Surely they aren't under some delusion that freight service should be able to accompany it... (***epic eye roll***)
  7. Adding a train station component would bring things full circle - this was the site of the Southern Pacific station (Houston's dominant passenger railroad at the time) before being torn down for the post office.
  8. I looked at them, too - more out of curiosity than anything else. In a way it was the perfect car - in the sense that it was perfectly awful. I don't recall any stand alone dealerships; perhaps they were sold at the place on the Gulf Freeway that also carried various other oddball European cars (like TVR), and maybe Motorsports (if that was their name) on the Southwest Freeway.
  9. It's the Heights. Of course everyone has a mask on. Contrary to popular belief, we don't wear them to bed, though...
  10. Full Member 47370 6836 posts Location:Montrose Posted 21 hours ago This is not correct, the fencing up so far is only near the train tracks, no fencing over IH 10. Which doesn't make any sense to me. How is anyone going to hurt the train? But someone could get killed if someone threw something off over the highway. Key words: so far. Fencing overpasses over freeways is very common, but not universal. As far as trains a
  11. The Ashby folks might claim copyright infringement for the angry toothy building image...
  12. Well, it does make it easier to give directions...
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