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  1. About the only high rise building that I can think of that manages to successfully blend in with a historic area's aesthetics is Aris at Market Square - but this ain't a Hines project, or apparently even a high end one. Whether this building is attractive or not is a matter of taste (I don't much care for it personally). Regardless, we're stuck with it, and it's not a chicken farm or a trash transfer station or some such so I'm not going to go all Abe Simpson and yell at the clouds. Frankly, as a long time Heights homeowner, I'm more concerned by the sudden onset of fully fenced McTexasModernFarmhouses on slab, with crummy build quality and drainage issues out the wazoo for the immediate neighbors. That, and I kinda liked the po' folks (as in, not a 7 figure housing budget) better.
  2. Somehow I have an image of PacMan, except saying "nomnomnomnom" instead of "wockawockawocka"
  3. Dog whistles. I guess it's progress when even bigots realize that saying (insert your favorite slur here) is wrong.
  4. Nothing like seeing this while closing in from the north with a passenger who is among the I Never Drive Downtown It Scares Me people (who calmly navigates Woodway just outside the Loop daily), who then suddenly points at exits two lanes directly abeam and hollers "get off here - everybody's stopped" when it's just the usual Dallas Dip slowdown. 🤠
  5. I have worked downtown for essentially my entire adult life, and I've been out and about a couple of times a week in the evening for pretty much that entire time. Yes, there are a number of mentally ill people and those with substance problems who don't have anywhere else to go - I'll defer to whoever is doing some actual counting about whether it's more or less than some other point in time. However, unlike during the 80s and early 90s, I generally feel safe walking at pretty much any time. Redoing the Texaco building took out the last of the public pissoirs (the Rice was even worse when it was vacant). In my experience, a dose of situation awareness coupled with following Miss Manners' advice and responding to panhandlers with a shake of the head and a quiet "sorry" without breaking stride generally works pretty well.
  6. The problem with Center Street is that it's very narrow, and has a lot of things built right up to it. This is where a monorail would come in handy, since they don't take up much in the way of real estate.
  7. Can someone with sharper eyes pick out where the ground level access to the underground parking is?
  8. 609 Main's crown lighting looks unfinished, and it's usually so dim that it also looks a bit borked. The white vertical stripe does OK, though.
  9. I've seen more persuasive letters. The lawsuit does a much better job of laying out the issues that matter.
  10. The Hawthorne isn't in Tanglewood - it's in a reserve of Briarcroft according to HCAD.
  11. Don't know what species these trees are, but different trees have differing light requirements. One would expect that the landscape company took this into consideration - it's not your next door neighbor trying to figure out why the roses aren't growing in deep shade while the baby understory tree (Japanese red maple IIRC) is being burned to a crisp beside the driveway (true story). It's really striking coming in on 45 from the north.
  12. Henke & Pillot is in the building next door to the Henry Henke building.
  13. OK, challenge accepted - I've now read the petition at the link Urb posted earlier today in this thread. I haven't dug up the restrictions themselves, nor do I intend to; however, it's a Really Bad Idea to misrepresent the contents of recorded documents in a lawsuit filing so I'm going to accept the quotes and representations about them in the petition at face value. I think the suit has merit. IDK about being able to exclude all "commercial use" since the lot in question has been used as a business office (albeit for the developer) for decades, but the architectural control and lot division provisions (with which the Tanglewood office appears to comply) probably still govern; hence, no 20 story building or condo. Edit: Two other reasons to have a lawsuit such as this one. First, deed restrictions are a "use it or lose it" tool, so the HOA kinda has to file suit to maintain its pattern of enforcement (which is substantially more than just posturing). Second, if the restrictions are ambiguous, this type of suit ought to clear up the ambiguity (which is one of the things this suit asks for).
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