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  1. My Kenmore washer was even older - my parents bought it some time in the 70s or 80s - and working perfectly well until the nimrods doing my studs out, wall and plumbing moving kitchen / laundry room remodel bounced (yes, bounced!) it down the back steps and cracked the outer tub, one of the first nylon ones made of it's-too-danged-old-to-findium. Diagnosing and replacing the circuit board and water valve on the replacement Samsung weren't too hard or costly (since I did them myself, and they're both right under the top cover), but digging out and replacing the $100 pot metal drum spider probably cost me a few years in Purgatory. So did replacing the rollers and belt on the accompanying dryer. I'll join you in lighting a black candle for Fast Eddie (and those of his ilk). By all rights Sears should have been in a great position to address Amazon. Good grief, it started as a catalog company, and remained one until the interwebz took hold.
  2. Yep, and catty corner, AC uses Rusk. JW Marriott also uses the 801 Travis garage and is directly connected to at least a one or two floors of building space there - they could cope.
  3. Once upon a time my fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, and one of the window units all had Kenmore labels, and all of my tools were marked "Craftsman." I can still get Craftsman tools, but they no longer have "forged in USA" embossed on them (that said, the new ratchets' smoother design sure feels sexy). The way Sears got hollowed out by asset strippers just really galls me.
  4. There are no garages, driveways, or alleys that use Main for access, and at most it takes out two blocks' worth of driving to get to the 801 Travis and Congress Plaza garages (I can't think of any others that have their single point of access in the 900 or 1000 blocks of the cross streets, but stand to be corrected). Offhand, it seems like it would be ideal for dedicated high comfort bike lanes - cyclists use it a lot already. It would cost no more than adding some bollards, and would make access to the rail platforms safer. Besides, before we had the rail running down Main it was two traffic lanes and two bus lanes with no turns allowed through most of downtown... and we lived. FWIW, the Travis northbound ramp to 45 is two lanes.
  5. Awww... that little jog through the railroad underpass was a nice bit of time travel.
  6. Finn Hall was just starting a turnover when all this started. As of now, Sit Lo is gone, as is Low Tide. Oddball took over Low Tide's space and is open, as are the pizza place, Lit Chicken, and Craft Burger. The Mexican place taking over Goode's space, Dish Society, and Yong are all apparently closed but still have their equipment in place; best guess is that they plan to reopen once enough people come back to work. In Understory Seaside Poke, Boomtown Coffee, Flippin Patties, Mona Italian, and the new farro bowl place are up and running. Of course the bar appears closed because bar, and East Hampton Sandwich and Mama Ninfa's haven't reopened. In both cases there aren't many customers, as is the case with downtown in general. Parking hasn't been this easy in decades.
  7. The Henry J was Kaiser - Frazer's entry into the small car market, a decade or so early. It got its name from Henry J. Kaiser, a very successful West Coast industrialist who decided to get into the car business after building a ton of Liberty ships during the war. There were a number of independent startups right after WWII, but the Big 3 got into a price war in the early 50s that wiped out the smallest, newest players pretty much immediately. It took Packard and then Studebaker a bit longer, and caused the Hudson / Nash shotgun wedding that gave us American Motors.
  8. Best guess is that will be related to the return of the Mole People. They do mostly a lunch business, and downtown is still pretty much left to those who live there (and the few of us for whom it's easier to be distant here than at home. Don't tell anyone. )
  9. It looks like the ground floor is primarily glass, so it's not going to be like some giant forbidding bluff a la 700 Louisiana.
  10. $30B, a "conservative, 'all in' estimate," is a bit more than four times what the upcoming Houston freeway rebuild is projected to cost.
  11. Mouseprint disclaimers!! 😻😻😻
  12. Agreed that the Radio Special is a '32, but it's more likely a Model 18 since Ford sold way more of the new V8s than they did the 4 cylinder Bs. The one on the far left end looks more like a '35 or '36 Fordor... probably '35 since they moved to next to the Tower Theater around 1936.
  13. I'd wait a few more months. Summer here is really hard on newly planted trees and shrubs. Once things have started to cool off reliably, you'll probably be OK as long as you get most if not all of the root ball.
  14. mollusk

    Skyline Update

    All due respect to Transtar (not really), but that picture's from around 1974 - 75. Pennzoil's south tower is almost topped out, the central library building isn't quite open yet, and the Hyatt Regency, One and Two Shell, 2 Houston, and One Allen are all up and running. Which really makes it all the more amazing, since that chops about 20% off of the timeline for getting to now.
  15. The Whataburger cups are great for showing the scale.
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