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  1. Not to be confused with the Oar House across T. C. Jester, which appeared to offer interpretive dance as entertainment.
  2. I stand corrected regarding the location. I'm not so great at reading street signs when I know where I'm going.
  3. Nope, always a Kroger. Its partially exposed aggregate tilt wall and cube street sign are dead giveaways - check out the resemblance to the Fiesta on Cavalcade for instance. OTOH, Cougar Kroger on West Gray was a Safegarten's.
  4. Between how dim it is and only going part way across for no apparent reason, it looks like the controller is broken or something - kinda like the way 700 Louisiana looks when the roof lights are burnt out or pointing the wrong way (both of which occur). 🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️
  5. They're young, and need to get off our lawns.
  6. Looks like someone pointed out to Channel 13 that Disco Kroger had been there for a lot longer than the 17 years mentioned in the original quote... they updated their story. I feel sorry for whoever came up with that original time line - they missed out on so much of the discolicious fabulosity that preceded the remodeling.
  7. However, the 15 - 30 pound bike with a 150 pound person on it doing 10 to 20 mph down a sidewalk can sure ruin a pedestrian's day. (Incidentally, this is the issue I have with bikeshares and group rides downtown - they disproportionately use the sideWALK without the least attention to people who are using the sideWALK for the purpose it's named after) Edit: For the record, I have a Trek road bike and a motorcycle. I ride neither on the sidewalk (OK, I did sometimes run the motorcycle on the sidewalk when going to Valhalla way back when I was in grad school, but only at night). I
  8. Those who've been around the Heights long enough to remember the old 11th St. Cafe's ummm... "natural fauna" issues wouldn't use that name on a newly built out space.
  9. Having a grocery store within walking distance is dandy, but not necessarily something to be "enjoyed" on a daily basis as a park like environment would be.
  10. But the view... Seriously, it never ceases to amaze me how owners will often agressively cheese out on things during the design and VE stages (like the fabulous views from the parking garage here) but not give a flying flip at a rolling doughnut about long term maintenance costs.
  11. Our fair city doesn't really build sidewalks or even maintain them; instead, that job gets handed to the developers and property owners to accomplish. Yes, it's public right of way, but even when the city did it way back when they would come back and impose a paving lien on the adjacent property owners. Also, construction on this scale would really trash the sidewalks.
  12. (***cue Sarah McLaughlin***) And what will become of those poor surface parking lots? No one seems to want them...
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