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  1. Not to mention no more skinny dippin' in the "oh hell naw" pool...
  2. I guess they figured out how to sanitize the little ziggurats enough to keep in a food establishment. Historical note: The original Carrabba's building on Kirby was previously an adult bookstore in all the glory came with being adjacent to Montrose in the late 70s. It was years before I could bring myself to eat there.
  3. Glad I read the linked story, since my initial reaction was to envision massive goat carnage on Memorial Drive. Guess I'm just too accustomed to things being poorly thought out (if thought out at all). And Rent-A-Ruminant is a great name.
  4. Perhaps we really do have commies under the bed
  5. Today's vocabulary word: Defenestration.
  6. Other than different signs and different cars in the lot it looked pretty much the same 25 years later.
  7. I haven't found any pictures either. This could be explained by it being a totally undistinguished building that I came to know all too well by having to take my first new car - a real POS - in for warranty work quite frequently. Ahh, 1978 GM design, material, and build quality... haven't bought a GM product since.
  8. Before this it was a Chevy dealership.
  9. They're also less conducive to tagging.
  10. As with many of the State of Texas responses to the pandemic, the actual effects of the orders and proclamations are less than clear, less helpful than they sound, and contain a bit of a Catch-22. While the registration requirement is abated for the time being, it does not appear that the inspection requirement was likewise abated. Registration stations have been open throughout this whole ordeal. Once your vehicle is inspected, you can renew registration online. With the paranoia ingrained from growing up adjacent to the Villages (and the VoPos) followed by the Ps moving to Jersey Village, and coming of driving age as a long haired hippie type freak during the Herman Short / Harry Caldwell / prisoners in the bayou / throw down guns era, and knowing that the status of your registration, insurance, and inspection are all now tidily stored in a DPS database that any beat cop can access at any time the mood strikes them, IMHO the prudent thing is to go ahead with the renewals if you're going anywhere that the cops are often looking for a reason to pull people over. Same thing applies if you have personal characteristics and / or a vehicle that make you more vulnerable to being stopped for "investigation" of the possibility of suspicion of suspicious activity (i.e., a pretext stop).
  11. Sainted MayorBob (Lanier), suburban developer and previously a highway department commissioner, successfully used the "toy" argument when running for his first term. The claim was that monorail is Disneyland technology. Somehow, the counter argument that Disney's business model includes efficiently moving large numbers of people around in order to make a buck was never really raised.
  12. Part of the problem with expanding Metro to new areas is that it relies in part on a 1% sales tax. The maximum sales tax in Texas is 8.25%, 6.25% of which is collected by the State of Texas. Places like Sugar Land charge 2% sales tax (Pearland is 1.5% because Brazoria County charges .5%), while the cities in the Metro service can only charge 1%. The 2% cities can't or aren't going to take that big a hit to their tax base, and they can't make it up from property taxes because of ceilings on increases that the Lege has imposed.
  13. Rather than crossing myself, kissing St. Chris, taking a deep breath, and diving into the Studewood Death Race, my recommendation is to continue down White Oak and pick up the trail to downtown either from Michaux or directly off of White Oak a couple more blocks further on down.
  14. Particularly considering that half the drivers around here have absolutely no clue about what to do on a roundabout, and the other half consider the idjits to be good targets to play chicken with.
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