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  1. IAOKIYAR (It's all OK if you're a Republican) 🥷
  2. The restaurant plan will likely change - no kitchen, no server areas, no restrooms, no elevator probably won't fly with permitting.
  3. Needing a certificate of occupancy (or CO for short) for commercial use isn't linked to whether you need to replat AFAIK. The point of the CO is to make sure that the facility buildout meets all the requirements for the proposed use - parking, fire suppression, ventilation, etc., etc. What a restaurant needs to have in place is different from what a boutique would need, which in turn would be different from office. I'd get a design professional involved before dropping any serious bucks into anything beyond planning.
  4. I'll wager that they feel the need for additional secure on site parking.
  5. or the Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen... 🥷
  6. Judging from my own experience with the joint, the interior shots were taken during a mealtime - including the absence of wait and bar staff. Once we finally managed to get our food it was immediately apparent why it was so quiet. We didn't even ask for a doggie bag for our actual dogs.
  7. Clearly the HOA wasn't ready to start enforcing tidiness restrictions just yet. 🥷
  8. Tunnels make sense in some places, like inside the loop Westheimer (and maybe the Washington corridor, too) where ROW acquisition would be really painful.
  9. but they're artisan pickle balls... 🥷
  10. Gotta protect those toddlers who are out late at night - tricycles are soooooo hard to see in the dark. 🥷
  11. They have to have the pickiest punch list in creation - this place has been in stasis for months now.
  12. "seamless flow between rooms and the great outdoors and creating an mold inviting allergenic atmosphere." FIFY.
  13. Well, at least it's good cheese 🥷
  14. Saw one this morning on my way in to work. It went all the way from the far right lane of Katy Freeway to try to merge with the far left lane ramp to 45 South starting from just before the Crockett bridge - as if it were in "oh... the exit's on the other side of the freeway" mode. Definitely a learning curve.
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