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  1. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I did not find the prices to be out of line when I went there for lunch. I enjoyed my food.
  2. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I made a lunch excursion there today, and got an oyster poboy from Low Tide. For its first day being open and the place being totally slammed it's pretty OK - the oysters were a bit hammered, but I mark that up to being a lower volume item on opening day. Sit Low's plates looked awesome; Nice Pie was the only place not serving yet.
  3. Broadstone Shepherd: N Shepherd Dr at W 15th

    Pappas Warehouse District has a nice ring to it. Now, how do we go about memorializing the orange juice warehouse?
  4. Automated Parking Garage In Development @ 2912 White Oak Drive

    It may be tall, but in area it's just a footprint in the sand.
  5. I need that insulation. Prolly wouldn't hurt with the 'lectric bill, either.
  6. Wood frame construction adjacent to UP's east - west mainline. What's not to love?
  7. Knives of all sorts

    The problem with nice knives is that when you travel for holidays with family, and you know you're going to be asked to cook, or even carve, you MUST bring your own equipment. Apparently, some people are afraid of properly sharp cutlery. Bless their hearts.
  8. Southside Commons 4191 Bellaire Blvd

    So, hipster dude doesn't know to wash his hands after going potty (judging by his apparent path - or perhaps he's just weaving)? Gross.
  9. The loss of Ed Emmett

    We have a way to limit terms. It's called the ballot box. Funny thing is, the City of Houston term limits were approved by the voters in a referendum as a reaction to how long Kathy Whitmire had remained in office - during the same election that she was voted out of office.
  10. The loss of Ed Emmett

    This. Sooner or later, the supposed adult Republicans are going to have to take back over. Right now, they own the crazy by enabling the tiki torch brigade, p***** grabbers, and their ilk. Either that or go the way of the Whigs - who ironically were replaced by the Rs. Until then, there are more and more people who will not vote for any R, myself among them. There are some Rs that I haven't voted against, but I will not do anything to endorse or enable what's going on under the sign of the elephant.
  11. Modern Houses

    Unfortunately, expensive land does not automatically equate to the builders being high quality. Even worse, some of the McModern designs are actually pretty complex to design and build, often requiring skills that aren't needed with a McCraftsman.
  12. Downtown vs Galleria Area

    One thing that's always amused me is that the people who break out into hives and fall to the floor in spasms at the idea of driving downtown, also calmly do their holiday shopping at the Galleria and thereabouts. At least downtown they remembered to keep the nice tidy grid pattern of streets in place.
  13. Marlowe: 20-floors, Downtown Condo Tower

    Yes - an insult to rococo. That mural is just creepy.
  14. Cap Parks Over I-69

    We do not.