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  1. Take the train to Austria. Plan to spend several days in Vienna.
  2. Did anyone on this forum attend the meeting on August 5th? I wasn't able to be there.
  3. Although the previous renovation job on Meyerland Plaza is outmoded, I don't think many of the stores there are suffering for lack of customers. Even people who live in million dollar mansions shop at places like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, SteinMart, etc. Anyone who wants upper-end merchandise will find plenty of options just a short drive away in the Galleria, Highland Village and adjacent shopping districts.
  4. It will be interesting to hear responses from people who actually live in neighborhoods adjacent to the proposed quiet zone. Apparently you do not. Greater Eastwood's first quiet zone was implemented a couple of years ago and, according to residents, seems to work pretty well. There were a few protests about streets being closed, but access for emergency vehicles hasn't been a problem.
  5. Sears has been there more than 50 years. When was the lease renewed?
  6. True, but one still has interesting experiences at Disco Kroger, among other places in the area.
  7. I shop there weekly, usually during the day. The clientele varies -- sometimes ordinary in appearance and behavior, sometimes not. These are incidents I observed during recent months: A middle-aged woman stopped in the cookie aisle, opened a package and stuffed her mouth full of sandwich cookies until her cheeks bulged out. She then carefully rolled up the package with the remaining cookies and hid it behind other items on the shelf. She looked at me and continued her shopping. A couple of 20-something men felt compelled to stop their cart and kiss lovingly in the middle of every aisle. They happened to be ahead of me at checkout and entered the debit card pin number with their hands clasped It took three tries with all those fingers getting in the way. While waiting in line at checkout, the guy ahead of me complained to the cashier (also male) that his feet still hurt from the heels he wore for a performance two days prior. The cashier agreed that heels were torture but necessary. I chimed in and suggested several things to make their shoes more comfortable. The guys hadn't thought of them and appreciated the information. Yogurt is in two places at Disco Kroger. Premium Greek and organic yogurt is on the wall in the produce department; all other yogurt is in the dairy case between fruit juice and eggs..
  8. Or if not Downtown, Eado. Mr. Scott McClelland, if you build it, we WILL come...from miles around! My East End neighbors and I don't like selection or quality at the Gulfgate store or the one on OST@Scott and are tired of the long trek to the one on W. Alabama.
  9. Dare we hope that a grocery store (HEB or Kroger) is included in the retail mix?
  10. I'm delighted to see a conservation center is part of the plan. MFAH once owned a handsome Carl Milles fountain that suffered internal damage due to corrosion and was no longer on view. According to a former museum staffer, "no one could be found to repair it. so they got rid of it". I've always wondered if this is true, or if it still languishes in a dusty storeroom corner somewhere.
  11. The OP has posted the same questions on the Houston city data forum. If she has an aunt here, she and her child might plan on visiting Houston for a week or so to see what the city has to offer.
  12. When I was teaching in HISD, a colleague told me that she once attended a social event event in a Riverside home and was astounded to see that it had an actual escalator installed between the first and second stories. She said wasn't the add-on chair type, but a moving stairway similar to those in commercial buildings. It sounds fanciful, but perhaps others have heard of this.
  13. He visited our National Night Out gathering and mentioned that his wife had retired.
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