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  1. New brochure is snazzy! Also glad to see that they are keeping the movie theater... I wonder how it will be to have a work space right above a movie theater.... I suppose at the theater in River Oaks (iPIC) i cant heat the movie through the walls so maybe sound proof technology has gotten better since the old Dollar Cinema days.
  2. This is doable walking distance from Dynamo and Astros
  3. That was at PEAK hurricane Harvey. If you still had 5 feet to work with you were good. It would take much more than harvey to flood this area. I doubt that they will build up
  4. If they demo Home Plate, they need to do a though rough cleaning of the area before building something else in that area. That place smells like urine and sad dreams. We go to eado to pre-game instead.
  5. There is a new canopy they are installing over there. I didnt know if they would convert it into something for the school or what
  6. Its not a matter of common sense... Its a matter of political environment. This is a multi-billion dollar development in 5th Ward... That is going to require some amount of political capital to pull off and the only way you will do that is with some % of work force housing.
  7. They will definitely do some workforce housing to get a tax credit.
  8. I would think that the apartments on the North West side would be partially workforce housing based on the density and look of them.
  9. Yes, there will be some future legalization. My guess for Texas is 2020 or 2021. The republicans have already come out and supported in. Just have to move the Lt. Governor out of the way first. Once it is set, all of these CBD shops popping up like weeds will convert over to distributors and I guarantee that the processes will be in place at this factory to start mass production.
  10. They are just prepping for legalization. Then they will be the best positioned manufacturer for the city of houston.
  11. They have a TON of dirt out there now. Looks like site prep and foundation work may start soon.
  12. What does this mean when this is released? Construction about to start? Just more plans?
  13. They seem to still be hosting new potential clients for the area too. Their building is lit up with "Khalid" this week. Probably for the upcoming concert: https://www.toyotacenter.com/events/detail/khalid
  14. Someone is improving their SEO word search.
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