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  1. What does this mean when this is released? Construction about to start? Just more plans?
  2. They seem to still be hosting new potential clients for the area too. Their building is lit up with "Khalid" this week. Probably for the upcoming concert: https://www.toyotacenter.com/events/detail/khalid
  3. Someone is improving their SEO word search.
  4. There has been some steady refurbishing going on in this area around Voodoo Queen. The Firestation is a good example of it.
  5. There is a park with a splash pad across the street. Unfortunately it is ALWAYS filled with homeless due to the soup kitchen being around the corner. East End had to shut off the fountain because people were bathing in it and using it as a restroom.
  6. The link below takes you back to the original release. I cant imagine putting a tall office tower in phase 1 or 2 and potentially blocking view in the latter phases. Plus this section with the tall tower is on the lowest point of the site and the only area below the 500 year flood plane https://imgur.com/pUsudtZ Also, interesting stats on this Andrew guys page: Architecture Firm: Page Size: 600,00 square feet Location: Houston, TX Completion: 2021
  7. The bayou is wide enough in this location to fit this ship. That would be a huge pull for the new museum and a great view of downtown.
  8. This view kind of interests me because they didnt simulate the new 45 reroute. They also showed development on the Pinto Realty lots that will be taken over by the 45 re-route. https://imgur.com/eIoYjh4
  9. Probably a combination of private funds, opportunity zone, affordable housing, TIRZ 23, TIRZ 18, and other city funds. I think that there was an estimate waaay back after the property was purchased from KBR that it would take $1.2 to $1.5 billion to revamp the site
  10. Anyone know if they have plans to keep the dog park from flooding again?
  11. Gondola is cheaper and probably faster than light rail considering the logistics of going around the Bayou from the East River sight. Metro should love this. It connects more people to their main light rail lines. I could imagine living at the East River and working in Downtown, taking your bike to the gondola, riding that to UHD, and then biking to work.
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