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  1. I believe it is going to replace it... but who knows.
  2. Maybe just the design of the building leads to it being called that. Also, the area is covered in UP rail lines.
  3. The New Potato, community watering hole
  4. New proposed buildout of the land that has The New Potato (TNP) on it: https://imgur.com/gallery/LhrwhTR
  5. Across the street from the East River project and current site of TNP: https://imgur.com/gallery/LhrwhTR
  6. So... legal question. For those that have been to Louisiana and gambled on the riverboat there... Is there some legal workaround that a boat on this bayou could operate outside of texas law...? https://memegenerator.net/Simpsons-Monkey-Fight
  7. Wow, wild idea, but I wonder if they could somehow bring a batteship or something into this portion of the bayou to dock up against the banks. It is definitely wide enough. They would have to dis-assemble portions to fit under bridgest but it would definitely be a cool addition.
  8. South of the bayou, you have real potential to get to Broadway. You already have Lawndale and Eastwood as miniture pockets of REALLY cool homes. Depending on Gus Wortham and Glenbrook, you can find some good value in the area. North of the bayou, you are already seeing the area around East River start to price people out. 5th Ward north of I-10 is going through a a dramatic change and has A LOT of open lots for redevelopment. Its going to take 20+ years for all of this to develop into something but I like the fact that people have planned ahead for it. The east side will hopefully develop better than what we saw out west.
  9. Alex Jones told me that 5G is used for Mind Control. s/
  10. Another way to look at this regarding Skyscrapers is that this project is moving from west to east. They done want to block potential view by building tall buildings first. I have a feeling that Midway has a good strategy in place to maximize the downtown view and waterfront.
  11. The banks are high/steep enough in this area to keep out the crocs (20-30ft above water level). I wouldnt see them having more trouble than a Balmoral on keeping snakes out once fully developed. That is going to be a problem with any pool.
  12. https://www.thepacker.com/article/expectations-vary-how-new-amazon-format-will-affect-grocery Amazon's new grocery store might be a good fit, they require about 35k feet and rely on more automation technology.
  13. I dont think you could do a full grocery store below this... Maybe something like a phonecia? They seem to have a space marked for a brewery here. Would be nice to have a winery in there too. More entertainment focused.
  14. My guess is that they are waiting for East End Management District to pay for some things.... I somehow doubt that 5th Ward CRC or TIRZ 18 is going to take the money from this property and re-invest it in this area. Look for that money to be invested in the north side of 5th ward.
  15. I like the idea of a bridge here to the public park Silos across the water. It would connect some of the Ninfas traffic and expensive townhomes across the water to this location.
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