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  1. This view kind of interests me because they didnt simulate the new 45 reroute. They also showed development on the Pinto Realty lots that will be taken over by the 45 re-route. https://imgur.com/eIoYjh4
  2. Probably a combination of private funds, opportunity zone, affordable housing, TIRZ 23, TIRZ 18, and other city funds. I think that there was an estimate waaay back after the property was purchased from KBR that it would take $1.2 to $1.5 billion to revamp the site
  3. Anyone know if they have plans to keep the dog park from flooding again?
  4. Gondola is cheaper and probably faster than light rail considering the logistics of going around the Bayou from the East River sight. Metro should love this. It connects more people to their main light rail lines. I could imagine living at the East River and working in Downtown, taking your bike to the gondola, riding that to UHD, and then biking to work.
  5. @Luminare you missed a good opportunity to say, "we have gone so far off the rails..."
  6. Im just trying to define a course
  7. I had waaay too much time on my hands to think about this, but here is my suggestion for 2 Gondola routes: https://imgur.com/a/ArazkT7 Keep in mind I have ZERO technical background on how these work other than ski trips and the rodeo. The goal here was to connect East River to the Light Rail systems at BBVA and UHD. I tried to pick land that is currently open and would be easily developed on after the I-45 Re-Route. Both routes would give amazing views of the Bayou and Downtown.
  8. I think this is the 3rd time in this string where it was brought up. The bayous banks are too steep on the east side to allow gators to climb up.
  9. City could get that land where the Antenna is just south of East River and do a connector there. I have no idea what the regulation is on gondolas above residential or commercial properties. Some ski resorts have lifts right in the middle of the city that you can take up to the resorts. There are also rail cars that can convert to roadway vehicles and connect back to the rail. But by 2029, we better have driverless ubers in the area.
  10. Could you imagine a Gondola from here to the Dynamo Stadium? That would be so cool!
  11. There have been plans for a trolly system that connects to the rail line downtown. I'm more in favor of a gondola system though
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