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  1. Nonsense. I think you exaggerate the percentage of land it takes. Does EADO have a shortage of developable lots? The buried freeways and deck park will convert far more real estate into true prime real estate than any of the long-vacant lots taken by the project. The construction should not really have that much of an impact on the neighborhood. It's not as if any significant access points to the area will be eliminated and those that are temporarily blocked for construction will not be blocked for ten years or anything close to it. This project is a total win for EADO. The investors and business who continue to pour money into and build businesses in the area have access to the internet too; if the future of the area was so bleak because of the impending project, they would probably be looking elsewhere. You cannot build on top of the freeway. TXDOT already said that this area will not have the necessary supports to build on. Also the park is FAR from a guarantee at this point. If they put the freeway underground, it will resemble the 59 underground freeway with bridges above it. No private group will support a park and without getting the funding secured now, there is no potential for a park in the future due the support structures needed.
  2. They keep saying Midway will break ground 1st Qtr next year but they are already installing new drainage in the area... I'm guessing that they will start building foundations early next year.
  3. Also, found the swimming hole on page 12 https://buffalobayou.org/bbpwordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Buffalo-Bayou-East_Summar1.pdf
  4. This could be a liability but I love the concept of incorporating workout areas like a large hill with an industrial look to this... The adult jungle gym is a bit much but properly done, this would be great for workouts and the like.
  5. At least at this point it would be hard for the developer to make it worst. Waiting for things to be fixed and then starting could be a disaster. If they are serious and Kingwood really wants the flood protection, they should push for the county and TIRZ to incorporate flood protection for a wide area into the funding and design.
  6. I'll be the one swimming against the flow on this one. This would have been fun to have in the area.
  7. I never saw clarity on how many jobs that IKEA factory would produce
  8. https://www.facebook.com/events/2362009653924691/ Town hall planned for the developer
  9. This worries me a lot: http://www.saveeastend.com/docs/SCHOOLS.pdf Both of these schools are rated as Fs. Bruce Elementary has 94% economically disadvantage and Wheatly has 70% low income. https://www.greatschools.org/texas/houston/3364-Bruce-Elementary-School/ https://www.greatschools.org/texas/houston/3542-Wheatley-High-School/ There was also a law that is going through to allow additional low income housing in areas with failing schools: "There is a proposal to change the rules at the Texas Department of Housing Affairs to relax the rule requiring that low income tax credit projects have access to adequate schools. See below which was sent to the neighborhood for everyone to comment on that is not in favor of it. Important! There are proposals for the Texas Department of Housing Affairs to relax the rules requiring proposed low income tax credit deals to be zoned to schools that do not have F ratings. The comment period for this was 1 day last week.
  10. Rolling crane. Tower crane wouldnt make sense for the area they are working with or the spread out construction.
  11. Crane onsite now. They look to be installing drainage on the west side and prepping for roads
  12. Not sure if this belongs here but somewhat tied to Generation Park.... Fall Creek's new website has a lot of sales info regarding this area and location: https://fallcreekhouston.com/
  13. New brochure is snazzy! Also glad to see that they are keeping the movie theater... I wonder how it will be to have a work space right above a movie theater.... I suppose at the theater in River Oaks (iPIC) i cant heat the movie through the walls so maybe sound proof technology has gotten better since the old Dollar Cinema days.
  14. This is doable walking distance from Dynamo and Astros
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