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  1. Midway was arguing the removal of the Jensen Entrance ramp to the North West of the project. TXDOT kept coming back and saying it was not geometrically feasible. TXDOT really screwed over the east side on this project by limiting entrances and exits to the freeways and downtown. Midways investment tot he east end will hopefully spur things like a Canal Underpass and better freeway entrances and exits.
  2. https://www.chron.com/business/bizfeed/article/Midway-CEO-begins-term-as-Central-Houston-board-14993408.php This is good news for East River. Midway was disappointed with TXDOT's willingness to incorporate new entrances and exits to their plan to help the East Side of downtown. Hopefully this provides additional leverage to this. "One of Central Houston's biggest projects is improving transportation options relating to TxDOT’s North Houston Highway Improvement Project, which would change the freeway boundaries associated with downtown and open up opportunities for more park space."
  3. Sorry for spamming... Things are happening quickly.... @Urbannizer you may want to move this. The release from the Save East End folks fighting the affordable Housing mentioned earlier in this post just released this update from last nights HHA board meeting: We have been advised that the president and CEO of the Houston Housing Authority, Tory Gunsolley, was fired yesterday. Stay tuned as more information and details come out. This is most likely due to the CoH accepting $70MM from TXDOT for the I-45 re-route project and building tax-free apartments next on 25+acres next to east river. This was to replace Clayton Homes. http://www.saveeastend.com/
  4. Im not going to give all the credit to Midway for this, but I will say that they have changed the perception about Gentrification in 5th Ward. Midway is strongly promoting 5th Ward and the Lyons Avenue corridor in their project. If you watch this video, you will see the inclusive nature that the 5th ward neighborhood is accepting of this project and the new neighborhoods coming from it. It's refreshing to see a neighborhood embrace re-development in this way... Guide the train rather than stand on the tracks and get run over.
  5. We proposed this to USGC Rail District and Union Pacific. Union Pacific told us that they dont have money in their budget to help communities.... Since 2010, their stock has gone from $35 per share to $183/share
  6. Virtual overlay and tour of the site! Gets into some good details.
  7. They are doing demo today. Rode by yesterday and saw that they had started.
  8. Project could be on hold until East River makes announcements later this year. This company is strongly committed to building in this area... near that place called Ninfas
  9. There have been several developments in the area stalled by politicians.
  10. Does anyone on the East End use that park with the fountain and splash pad off Jensen and Navigation anymore? They had to turn off the fountain becuase homeless people we bathing and using it as a restroom. They never turn on the splash pad unless it is a big event. What was supposed to be a beautiful park used for residents to gather has turned into homeless central.
  11. They have plans for a gym, daycare and other things in that area just to the right side of the apartments that went up. Hopefully they will get something going soon with the Marriott hotel going up.
  12. Got sucked down the youtube rabbit hole on the Tesla truck announcement and found this video. This is the explination I have been looking for in regards to EV (Electric Vehicles) and Driverless technology. Economics will win the argument at the end of the day and the transition will happen fast. So what does that mean if we have fleets of driverless vehicles.. In 10 years will we need as many parking spots. This guy Tony states that over 40% of Houston's real estate is parking spots. That leaves the potential for a lot of infill... or outfill. Interesting concepts for the community to think of. Skip to 27:00 to see how EV technology and driver less cars will impact real estate.
  13. This guy really had me on the sales pitch until he couldnt figure out how to say Ninfas. What a douche.
  14. Nonsense. I think you exaggerate the percentage of land it takes. Does EADO have a shortage of developable lots? The buried freeways and deck park will convert far more real estate into true prime real estate than any of the long-vacant lots taken by the project. The construction should not really have that much of an impact on the neighborhood. It's not as if any significant access points to the area will be eliminated and those that are temporarily blocked for construction will not be blocked for ten years or anything close to it. This project is a total win for EADO. The investors and business who continue to pour money into and build businesses in the area have access to the internet too; if the future of the area was so bleak because of the impending project, they would probably be looking elsewhere. You cannot build on top of the freeway. TXDOT already said that this area will not have the necessary supports to build on. Also the park is FAR from a guarantee at this point. If they put the freeway underground, it will resemble the 59 underground freeway with bridges above it. No private group will support a park and without getting the funding secured now, there is no potential for a park in the future due the support structures needed.
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