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  1. Two things: 1) its residential, that's good in itself. And 2), is that giant 1920s via 1960s tower haunting the corners of that model supposed to be a thing they're going to build? Also, no joke, I like the the little monopoly houses.
  2. Yeah I was thinking about the BRC--as Specwriter pointed out--because something like that is the obvious answer to the question. But if the question is will TMC as an entity displace Rice U--I mean, I don't think so, how would that work? They've got two downtowns of Denver in parking lots to the south.
  3. I'm not sure if I just like the black painted international style buildings (which I do) or because the first few renderings of the garage were so so ominous, but I'm okay with the building.
  4. Ojala que también construyen un edificio.
  5. I guess I'll just hope is while the city envelops the complex, the complex works toward the city from its center outward, slowly erasing the sea of parking.
  6. Oh I need to defend that pedestrian bridge edit: there i did it
  7. Looking at it from above it looks like an interesting piece of work, but from the street it's extremely forbidding. I had no idea you could get "into it." I thought you had to pay to go in.
  8. ah I've always said my '99 F-150 with a big dent in it from a too narrow ingress of a taqueria drive through really needs the protection of a big vault.
  9. I think this Structure/Gardens has some synergy (pardon the term) with the Houston Endowment's new building and refurbished Spotts Park.
  10. Folks are all excited and I think we should be. Right down the street there's two massive towers. This spot is destined for a big development.
  11. I remember when 10 was a skyscraper! 16 seems to necessitate solid construction.
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