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  1. Train cars move more people than buses and buses more people than individual cars. And if the train or bus has an exclusive road or trackway, well then it moves faster. It is the consistency and the number that is important. To say self-driving cars will help seems to misdiagnose the problem. The problem isn't just that people don't want to psychically drive. It's that we have too many cars on the road.
  2. Is Kingwood that dense? It reminds me of an only slightly smaller version of those Chinese ghost cities within a city.
  3. I'll tell y'all something. I'm genuinely unsure what in the world is likely to be here. Is the Pierce Skypark the most likely event?
  4. I love this alligator conversation. Alligators aren't supposed to care for larger prey or prey foreign to their habits--humans are both. We all associate all crocodilia with saltwater or nile crocs which WILL KILL YOU.
  5. I keep clicking on this and saying to myself "feast your eyes on...oh...damn"
  6. They got Golden Bagels & Coffee on White Oak.
  7. Dunkin Donuts is like frozen yogurt to other donut joints ice cream. I'm sorry I had to say that.
  8. I know I'm late, but Queen Donut Kolache on 18th is the place for donuts.
  9. They're moving dirt all over the place. Dirt-moving is ubiquitous.
  10. This is gonna be great once my Washington-Hempstead train gets put in.
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