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  1. As someone who has a habit of musing that parking lots should be turned into arbors or gardens or local parks, I wouldn't undersell the green roof as "buzzy"; mainly because that's a huge roof.
  2. To my knowledge the chase building is still there. The part of the block where they're drilling had a small pavilion but was mostly just paved over. No large building was on it.
  3. They haven't done anything to the old Chase Building yet, I don't think. But I think all but the southeastern quadrant (where they have the new chase building) is Greystar. I put it on the Greystar forum where people were recently arguing longwindedly.
  4. A few pictures from a garage over 19th. Some of the shots are of the Greystar/Chase blocks. I always assumed the northeast quadrant of the block (the one closest to the garage and my phone camera) was where they were building. There's a lot of work going on there. If so, it's right across from Alliance. But I can't tell at all from the Greystar rendering.
  5. My vision is a twenty story glass mixed-use tower thereabout Thai Spice fronting a metrotrain that goes to the Northwest Train Station.
  6. I hang out around here a lot. I lived in Timbergrove for a while and then on the other side of the Heights. The area has a lot of tall buildings. The new apartment complex is there of course, but there's a dark-glassed office building, a hospital, an old-folk's apartment tower and another similar tower at the end of 19th. The tallest might be (I don't have the numbers in front of me) the office building right now. In front of the huge hospital is a massive parking lot (which fronts 19th.) And a bunch of stucco buildings with parking lots in front of them. Yeah, the old shops that front 19th at the end are cool, but they aren't the whole way. While I might prefer the boilerplate bunker design of the Chase building to the boilerplate modern design of this apartment, I think it's pretty fitting in that nothing really fits. Except density, which is what makes this area cool.
  7. This is fascinating. I'm glad I clicked on it. This is the first thing that pops up when you start googling it, so it's no help--https://blog.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/2012/04/dome-of-the-month-bullfighting-under-the-roof/.
  8. I wouldn't be so naive as to not think there'll be bad dudes buying the condos
  9. Reminds me of the fire in the parking garage at UH a few months back.
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