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  1. I guess it also depends on how you define midrise. Above about 8 tend to be built to last. Below 4 look like tinderboxes.
  2. I'm here to say if in all of midtown there is one big grocery than that's three two few.
  3. I'm just gonna echo @CREguy13 and say something like this in midtown is really going to change the look of midtown. Houston is so spread out, a really tall building doesn't make much sense here. In some sense this sort of thing is necessary before we can begin to get very tall buildings. And I for one still remember when, except for two peculiar buildings, all the buildings in midtown were two to four stories tall.
  4. Yeah the original has an avenue while the new one seems to have a Woodlands-esque pond.
  5. So...about those rendering at the top of this thread...... Edit: It is still large
  6. That future 18th street monorail gonna be sweet
  7. I know on other threads people are talking about this as a sort of central station/centerpiece whatever you want to call it. But what does it abut to the north. I really don't know. Is it gonna be a long fence along a train embankment to and from which no one can move?
  8. As a person who only ever gets excited for whispers about trains (and buses too) this place thrills me. Might I have some critiques, sure. But frankly the thing is worthy of critique. It's cool in a whole lotta ways. It's possessed of a rather more severe grandeur than in the renderings.
  9. I'm really of two minds on this one. I like a lot about it but it also makes me hope for additional phases.
  10. I am picking up what most of y'all are laying down. (However I might like the Houston House as an observer and non-habitue.) But I guess I feel like I'm less enchanted with the facade than I am un-enchanted with the garage. Is that more (much more) garage than is necessary to conform with regs? Or are they just doing all that garage for the hell of it?
  11. My only problem is that it doesn't say "been leasing" after a while
  12. Okay, since people are still arguing over this and no one seems to have posted this yet. I will.
  13. I'm actually a big fan of the Kevin Daly. My question is (and I have a hard time puzzling it out from the renderings/schematics) is there any plan to expand the park if indeed the clover interchange is removed? Is the clover interchange removal likely to be soon? Sorry if this is a little tangential to the matter at hand.
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