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  1. Looking at it from above it looks like an interesting piece of work, but from the street it's extremely forbidding. I had no idea you could get "into it." I thought you had to pay to go in.
  2. ah I've always said my '99 F-150 with a big dent in it from a too narrow ingress of a taqueria drive through really needs the protection of a big vault.
  3. I think this Structure/Gardens has some synergy (pardon the term) with the Houston Endowment's new building and refurbished Spotts Park.
  4. Folks are all excited and I think we should be. Right down the street there's two massive towers. This spot is destined for a big development.
  5. I remember when 10 was a skyscraper! 16 seems to necessitate solid construction.
  6. Wouldn't the SA river walk portion of Houston be our future island north of downtown?
  7. I'm laughing uncontrollably at this thread
  8. I think it's safe. Something is offputting. And yet, I must admit I like it. I'm a sucker for the international style. I like particularly black glass. Two Houston Center for me is still a relatively unsung building. Even with the construction. (I'll admit, I personally have my fingers crossed that this begin soon.) I'm actually interested in the trees? I've heard there are problems with trees on buildings beyond their unsubtle voguishness and ubiquity. Not only that they need so and so much steel and concrete to keep hoisted up there, but that they begin to die immediately. How tru
  9. Thank you @Tritonfor this. But...does anyone else find the perspective here extremely strange?
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