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  1. I think the building is cool as hell and also that the treatment of adjuncts in the modern U is unjust.
  2. To me, if this is an open series of gardens and a cultural center that is mostly open to the public then this is the best thing for the land.
  3. Yes--and I've seen the argument (and parroted on here) that it was the fullest flowering of Frank Lloyd Wright's idea of a single huge tower dominating a deserted plain. Now I don't mind a large tower going beside it--but if it gains something, it also will lose something.
  4. Get in a time machine and give your outcry to the demolition of the super cool First State Bank Building in Pasadena
  5. I guess it also depends on how you define midrise. Above about 8 tend to be built to last. Below 4 look like tinderboxes.
  6. I'm here to say if in all of midtown there is one big grocery than that's three two few.
  7. I'm just gonna echo @CREguy13 and say something like this in midtown is really going to change the look of midtown. Houston is so spread out, a really tall building doesn't make much sense here. In some sense this sort of thing is necessary before we can begin to get very tall buildings. And I for one still remember when, except for two peculiar buildings, all the buildings in midtown were two to four stories tall.
  8. Yeah the original has an avenue while the new one seems to have a Woodlands-esque pond.
  9. So...about those rendering at the top of this thread...... Edit: It is still large
  10. That future 18th street monorail gonna be sweet
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