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  1. Honestly I'm still dead because of the use of metonymically
  2. I think the Soviet stuff is more attractive. As y'all know I don't like to be a downer but I am not a fan of suitcase handles on buildings.
  3. imo IF it were limestone/granite it would be good, and if it were in the city (say midtown) it would be doubly good.
  4. So...on the subject of that base? What type of material would be of high quality to give it the appearance it has in the rendering? What would be low quality?
  5. Really should be not only a metrorail from downtown up Washington to this but also a metrorail to a growing downtown Heights send tweet
  6. Seems like the rendering above doesn't have the clover while the map does.
  7. I thought Spotts was going to get expanded because of the removal of the clover interchange.
  8. This is good This is actually ethical vis-a-vis the park. It has a very good relationship with the park.
  9. As I recall this rendering has become legend, legend has become myth
  10. People talking like this is real. I came to believe that actually this was gonna be a three story warehouse.
  11. Jesus doesn't save old buildings in Houston.
  12. You're stealing my idea for Houston side raised (magical) bridle path lanes.
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