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  1. Right when I move out of the Camden at Oxford they make a perfectly walkable movie theater. Actually, I moved to Kalamazoo to get a PhD in literature. Kalamazoo is a cool town but it's sure not Houston. Because of course Houston is a giant city and also because I was born and raised there and thereabouts. I actually wanted to say this, too: that I appreciate this forum and the good work it does, as well as the conversations and of course the pictures. I've lived in Texas all my life an am a little sentimental right now, and so I'm going to need all y'all's updates.
  2. So, I'm youngish and there's some places I've been going to for my twenties that shut down recently and I'm sad about it and want to share here. One would be Happy Fatz on White Oak, they did a fancy hot dog and baked goods (cakes and cake balls and interesting pies), Italian sodas, fancy coffees and the like, and surprisingly good salads. I miss it. I also miss Pop & Pan the well reviewed and liked panini and popcorn place that shut down mysteriously a month or two ago.
  3. I remember paying for a seat to see Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse at the new River Oaks District. I opted for the cheaper seat and was sent through a different door into a caged area at the lowest line of seats while above me rich people lounged on settees and ate grapes that hung pendently above their mouths
  4. I went to College Station, and the location is a sucking void. There's buildings about this height in CS and approaching this in Bryan.
  5. To my eye, they look really big. I concur.
  6. I find the Sabine-Memorial expansion to be really interesting.
  7. They're mixing the uses of parking and driving around
  8. Like Hadrian's Wall, it's pretty impressive in part because it's above the sunken freeway.
  9. Ask the building. Maybe it wants to be in Midtown.
  10. lol thicc indeed. I love it. It's like something out of Brazil. It's like the Chinese consulate on stilts.
  11. We have like 1/6 the density of Uruk circa 3000 BC. There's a lot of space.
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