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  1. I'm laughing uncontrollably at this thread
  2. I think it's safe. Something is offputting. And yet, I must admit I like it. I'm a sucker for the international style. I like particularly black glass. Two Houston Center for me is still a relatively unsung building. Even with the construction. (I'll admit, I personally have my fingers crossed that this begin soon.) I'm actually interested in the trees? I've heard there are problems with trees on buildings beyond their unsubtle voguishness and ubiquity. Not only that they need so and so much steel and concrete to keep hoisted up there, but that they begin to die immediately. How tru
  3. Thank you @Tritonfor this. But...does anyone else find the perspective here extremely strange?
  4. I personally think it'll be nice when it's finally built out along 99 in Spring, Tx.
  5. Damn I thought it looked like that, I shoulda said so and made my post look prescient.
  6. It's funny. I like it. Is it a showy tower that'll change the perspective--no. Was the tower that interesting in itself other than being very tall--*squints*. Oddly, the massing in this case without the tower portion will make it quite idiosyncratic in that lot.
  7. Gotta say if there isn't a more "Dallas" thoroughfare in Houston than this street. Sorry.
  8. I think the building is cool as hell and also that the treatment of adjuncts in the modern U is unjust.
  9. To me, if this is an open series of gardens and a cultural center that is mostly open to the public then this is the best thing for the land.
  10. Yes--and I've seen the argument (and parroted on here) that it was the fullest flowering of Frank Lloyd Wright's idea of a single huge tower dominating a deserted plain. Now I don't mind a large tower going beside it--but if it gains something, it also will lose something.
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