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  1. The Regalia at the Park: 100 Crawford

    Maybe it'll be a simple brick building with the tiniest bit of massing and oak trees where the palm trees are. We don't know. It ain't built yet.
  2. 1419 Robin Street: 4-Story Condo Building

    I live there. I'm actually an old famous mystery novelist summoning my younger wife's lover to play a deadly game of cat and mouse.
  3. UH-D 2024 Master Plan

    Saw the tree.
  4. Every time I go by 1825 I think an upper floor apartment facing west would have a great view of bell tower of the Cathedral.
  5. Hines Block 42 Residential High-Rise: 46-stories

    And a large but elegant Australian invasive species cat it is.
  6. Yeah, it's a sea. I'd like to point out what doesn't come through in the pictures (though it's there). A quarter of the chase lot has a two story steel construction. You can see it in on the right in the second and sixth pictures.
  7. 319 (?) 19th

    So I know the people that own the shop. I don't eat out much because I'm a poor adjunct professor, but I love it there. What y'all mind find interesting, is that the people who run Maryam's have been planning to build this for a while. They've mentioned the multi-floor building. A bigger kitchen space. They also, at one point, mentioned having underground parking, but this seemed like enumerating things that would be nice to have. Boy I hope they get the off with the streetfront parking. They have a bunch of spots about two hundred feet west down the street.

    So, they're moving around dirt on the property. They have a few excavators and bulldozers.
  9. Tanglewood Medical: N Wynden Dr @ South Post Oak Ln

    I kinda sorta like this building. I'd like in a street grid certainly. Pity they had to show me the great keeling ship building they had planned
  10. Hanover River Oaks - 39 Stories

    The like button seems not to be working but thank you ekdrm2d1 for the pictures.
  11. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Sometimes a berm is close to a river bend. I don't know about here. But the "Crescent" in New Orleans, the part of the city they built on originally is on the bank of the Mississippi. The land next to White Oak on 19th wasn't flooding, but a block south it was, and at 11th it was in houses many blocks deep. So it's not so much about how close land is as how elevated land is.
  12. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    https://archpaper.com/2018/06/texas-15-billion-bullet-train-roll-out/ Not sure if this is news, but it it is, wonderful. What get's me is when people write "additional stops between the two cities, such as in the city of Byran/College Station, have already been confirmed," when they must be talking about Roans Prairie. I went to A&M and Sam Houston State, and neither of them is within walking distance.
  13. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    Love to get a live mic for the feds in my apartment living
  14. Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    Maybe phase 75 is a metrorail station