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  1. If that bike lane is real, I'll take whatever else is given.
  2. Going to be so awesome for the area. May need to visit Maple Leaf soon to check up on it!
  3. Crazy thing is, it's my main go-to to get to midtown. As crappy as it is, it's the best option out there at the moment.
  4. Castle Court isn't terrible as a street to drive on, but the same issue exists that you are still spilling onto the backed-up part of Richmond. And it also has cars parked up and down it throughout the day. Perhaps ultimately it will push traffic across the bridge to Montrose or Bissonnet? Agreed on the rail part, I wish Culberson weren't so rooted into his seat. Maybe we could live in the 21st centry...
  5. Project is plugging along. They did a pour this Saturday with 3-4 cement trucks, and the side facing Graustark is up to the 2nd/3rd level already.
  6. Superblock thread suggests 7k of retail. So this project will put the total to 21k. Not terrible, but still you'd think more is possible. Need that HCC parking lot to be replaced, and a few of the other lots to be filled as well.
  7. I wonder why there is so little GFR? Keep in mind, I am NOT complaining that it isn't enough. Just observing that with the park right there and many assumed pedestrians, a few restaurants/cafes/shops could probably survive in this area.
  8. I don't disagree with the improvement to the local area, the google map view is still a wasteland. A bayou path would be awesome, and other developments would surely help deaden the noise. But parking in that area (as mentioned) is a huge issue and any other development will for sure change the feel of the neighborhood from what it currently is - my opinion of "gentrification" is neutral. At the end of the day, I think i would still feel pretty mad as a resident that a business with connections is able to operate a concert venue with legal impunity simply because of who they know. Thankfully, I don't live there and my area DID manage to get a local restaurant/Miami beach club setup to tone it down after dark.
  9. Having ridden past this venue several times in the past few months, it still blows my mind this was ever allowed to happen. I look at the bands coming through and think, if I owned a house in that area I'd burn that f***ing stage to the ground. In The Woodlands you can hear concerts all the way in the back on some nights. I can't imagine how noisy this venue is in the heart of a neighborhood.
  10. Pretty much. Some people simply don't want mass transit upgrades of any form, especially in front of their business. So myopic, it hurts the brain.
  11. No, just stuck in development/legislation hell. Richmond has yet to have major work done on it because the city doesn't want to have to destroy it all over again for the rail. They also re-designed the University line to skip over 59 and thus out of Culberson's district. The Uptown line is being developed for buses at the moment, but there is outcry that the structure of the new bus lanes is more substantial than a bus would need - the true intention being a rail line that goes where the bus line is being built.
  12. At this point, I believe neither wants it: Culberson doesn't want rail going down Richmond, and Uptown management doesn't want rail down post oak. I believe the reason for the latter is that businesses would "be hurt by the construction", and the fear of the bus lane is that its a precursor to rail. The controversy being: why do they want to pour rail-ready concrete for the bus lane if it's just a bus lane?
  13. I think the timing of the first Pearl to this project suggests they'll shift all the workers and equipment over to that site next. Hopefully we'll see that happen soon!
  14. It's this project, different developer now. The Dunlavy one is still Regent Square as far as anyone knows.
  15. My fantasy, along the lines of this project, is something happening to the site at Montrose & Allen Parkway. If the Khan Foundation ever gives it up, I'd love to see a multi-purpose mall/residence/office space there. Tiers of restaurants facing the Bayou, sidewalk access, etc. At least this prime plot is getting the project it deserves!
  16. Sometimes the old-ass commentators do try and imitate some of the plays, yes. It's quite sad. I'd imagine the screens will show the game to an exclusive pass crowd, and imagine those are just banners for the TV background. The blue square is the glass of the walkway from the conference hall to the Hilton. EDIT: hahaha, confused right and left
  17. What the hell does "long line of sight and safety" have to do with where parking spots are? Just another suburban development.
  18. MUCH better than the previous renderings, wow. I've been curious what the deal with this lot is for a while. I like it.
  19. I didn't mean to derail it this bad! But thank you for the correction. I guess I connected a lot of the inner loop with that rule (correctly or otherwise).
  20. I'd imagine BeerNut means that sidewalks are for walking, and it's illegal for bikes to be on them within 300 feet of a business.
  21. What is the green square supposed to be? I don't recall it being mentioned before...
  22. I live down the street and pass by on Saturday mornings most of the time. Its moving along, just not very quickly. Will try and get a picture this coming Saturady morning.
  23. PDF indicates closer to 45, but that address is by the stadium. I've heard rumors for a while that Frenchy's isn't long for this world. Maybe there is a separate project?
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