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  1. A stare-down from a fat rat Ron Guidry wants the park cleared of rats and the homeless. They Walk Among Us A closer look at a spiffy downtown park reveals it's crawling with rats By Todd Spivak Published: Thursday, August 4, 2005 Guidry has a grab bag of horror stories regarding the park. He tells one particularly bizarre tale that involves a penis, a groundskeeper and a shovel. It's midday a couple of weeks ago, the story goes. Guidry steps outside his building for a break. He watches as a groundskeeper pushes a lawn mower past a homeless man who's asleep on a bench. Apparently angered by the intrusion, the homeless man "all of a sudden pulls out his penis and chases the groundskeeper over the hill." The groundskeeper's supervisor fast approaches holding a shovel over his head and cussing out the homeless man, who yells right back. "Here it is," Guidry says, "three in the afternoon, and this guy is standing in the middle of the park, for like two minutes, shouting and holding out his penis and shaking it." Read More...
  2. July 29, 2005, 11:54PM Metro stands to receive $1 billion over a decade Agency praises Congress' cooperation on transit bill By RAD SALLEE Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle Metro says it got all it wanted and then some in a transportation bill Congress passed Friday, including authorization for at least $245 million toward its revised transit plan featuring rail and guided busways. Houston Chronicle Article
  3. 12:23AM NAME DROPPING Galleria facing space challenge An old Houston name, Foley's, is leaving the famed landmark By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle Houston Chronicle Article
  4. My friend from Fetosoap.com posted the message below on her blog. Hopefully this new promotion will be successful. Market Square Market Call for Vendors My Dear Vendors, This Saturday June 30 there is a special event happening in Market Square Park. The event is an urban adventure race with an expected attendance of 300 to 400 participants and spectators in the park during the day, and is sponsored by Chipotle and Red Bull. I encourage every one of you to take advantage of this opportunity and come out to the Market and display your wares to an enhanced audience. The weather is cooling off a bit and there is no rain expected. Remember, there is no booth fee - you only pay 10% of gross sales at the end of the day. Please call or email if you are interested. Thank you. David Kozowski Market Square Market Saturdays 9-5 Monday through Friday 10-2 Friday & Saturday 6-midnight 713-817-7181
  5. Richard Pisani owns one of the remaining Futuros, designed by Matti Suuronen, a Finnish architect, in 1968. He uses it as a home theater. Futuro Flashback: The Prefab From Another Planet July 28, 2005 Futuro Flashback: The Prefab From Another Planet By PHIL PATTON N.Y. Times Article
  6. At 1,667 feet, Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan is the world's tallest building. At about 2,000 feet tall, the Fordham Spire would be the tallest building in the United States when all building elements are counted. The Desire for Tallest Building Persists July 27, 2005 The Desire for Tallest Building Persists By ROBIN POGREBIN N.Y. Times Article Merged - existing topic
  7. Most of the people I see on the train are a mixture of both higher and lower-income people. I would guess most are middle to low-income people. If you recall, the routes along Main And Fannin were integrated into the rail line. Many of the people who used the busses that traveled down both those streets were students and low-income people. They are the same people that now ride the train. The exception is the people who work in the Medical center (between Dryden & Medical Center Transit Center) that ride the train. I live within walking distance of the Ensemble/HCC station. I sometimes catch the 65 (to Brazos Bookstore), 25 (to the Galleria), and Bellaire (to Chinatown) at Wheeler. Most of the people who ride on those buses transfer from the train to the bus, and vice versa. BTW, does anyone think a line down Bellaire would be a good idea? Also, I believe having the University line go down Westheimer through Highland Village would be awesome! Alabama Street is just too small and compact.
  8. Birthday Surprise Preservationists get help in the oddest way As told to Richard Connelly Published: Thursday, July 21, 2005 Houston Press Article
  9. The people who live in Afton Oaks seem to have more political muscle than the folks who live in the East End-go figure! The people who live along Harrisburg (and other streets in poorer neighborhoods) have been screaming at the top of their lungs for the past several weeks about how they would rather have light rail than buses. Doesn't Metro realize that the poorer folks keep the bus and rail systems afloat? Why does Metro continue to cater to the small groups of wealthy people who rarely ride the bus or train? The one thing both groups have in common is they both were lied to by Metro. Also, I hope we do not have to wait until 2012! I don't know about everyone else but, I can't wait that long! Maybe the best solution would be for Metro to open the East and West routes in different years. I am sure you could have one part of the line open before the second part is finished, as long as it is connected to Wheeler Station.
  10. The O Factor Was Owen Wilson the key to the Wes Anderson phenomenon? By Field Maloney Posted Tuesday, July 26, 2005, at 3:15 AM PT Once upon a time, a young filmmaker from Houston, Texas, put together a yellow submarine of sorts
  11. A computer image shows the 115-story Fordham Spire to be built in Chicago. Plans for nation's tallest building trump Trump The Donald describes tower as 'a total charade' Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle News Services Houston Chronicle Article
  12. July 27, 2005, 4:09AM A major bequest for the Menil David Whitney's collection includes a few masterpieces By PATRICIA C. JOHNSON Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle The Menil Collection will receive a trove of modern art
  13. July 27, 2005, 12:11AM Rail may spare homes Splitting the route along Richmond would bypass Afton Oaks By RAD SALLEE Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle Houston Chronicle Article
  14. I personally believe that something more ambitious should be built in the space where the Houston Pavilions is planned. Though, I guess it is a start in the right direction. The project seems too cheesy to me, something you would find in the suburbs. Btw, I would rather visit Downtown Houston than the Woodlands any day. I believe an urban shopping and residential district stretching from Main Street Square to the Downtown Transit Center would be very successful. There are more than enough people already living in surrounding neighborhoods (Montrose, Midtown, etc..) to support additional retail. I believe people living along the rail line in the Museum District and Medical Center would shop in Midtown or Downtown if they had the choice. The area that surrounds Bell Station is currently a huge embarrassment! I can't imagine what people from out of town think when they see those vacant lots that surround the station. There are several existing residential high-rises located in the area that could be tied into the project.
  15. I saw the article below in the N.Y. Times this morning. It made me think how a project like the one in Pittsburgh would be great for Downtown Houston. South Side Works, which is named for the former mill on the site owned by the steel maker LTV, is a $300 million mixed-use project with 675,000 square feet of Class A office space, housing, retailers and a 10-screen cinema. Two buildings are fully leased, with three more to open. July 20, 2005 Arts and Science Remake the Steel City By CHRISTINE H. O'TOOLE PITTSBURGH, July 19 - Though the steel mills here started to cool off more than 20 years ago, the city seemed slow to shed its rusty old skin. The opportunity to recast its polluted industrial waterfront as a high-tech hub and recreation destination took nearly two decades to emerge. Read More...
  16. The Yoda fountain at the new Lucasfilm headquarters. "We spent a lot of years hidden away," said Micheline Chau, Lucasfilm's president. The new Lucasfilm complex on the grounds of the Presidio, a former Army based turned national park on the edge of San Francisco. In the distance at left is the Golden Gate Bridge. A view of the Lucasfilm facility showing the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. July 20, 2005 Lucas's New Headquarters Give Bay Area Film a Lift By SHARON WAXMAN SAN FRANCISCO, July 15 - Daylight streams through the windows of George Lucas's gleaming new $350 million headquarters, situated conveniently - and to some degree, surprisingly - in the middle of the Presidio, a former Army post on the edge of this city, where the public can mingle beside the Yoda fountain with company employees. Read More...
  17. July 18, 2005, 1:18AM DALLAS VS. HOUSTON Where safety, design collide DART system's track location helps it log fewer accidents than Metro's Main Street line By RAD SALLEE Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle Read More...
  18. July 17, 2005, 10:25PM MOVE IT! Name game continues for light rail route By RAD SALLEE Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle Read More...
  19. FOLLOW THE TREND: The Hotel Valencia Riverwalk's Vbar was named "Best Place to be Seen" for 2005 by San Antonio's Downtown Alliance. Night owls congregate at the large bar or in intimate sitting areas nearby. PESCA ON THE RIVER: Wash down seared rare tuna or a blackened rib-eye with a dose of "Tequila Madness." Just beware those oyster shooters. CITRUS AND
  20. A RAZE AND A PROMOTION: This is an artist's rendering of the seven-story, $22 million project at 1515 Elgin, which will include retail space and 62 residential units, as well as 8,500 square feet for exhibition space and offices. July 15, 2005, 11:28AM The Collective imagination In Midtown, an art nonprofit dreams big, 100,000-square-foot big By PATRICIA C. JOHNSON Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle Houston Chronicle Article
  21. July 15, 2005, 12:41AM KEEPING BUSES AND RAIL SAFE Metro uncloaks its security team They may look like soldiers, but they're officers who have special training By RAD SALLEE Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle TO PROTECT AND SERVE Metro police officers patrol light rail stations and bus transit centers.
  22. One of Mexico City's new buses sailing by cars in its own lane. The bus line runs up and down Insurgentes, an important north-south artery. Mexico City Journal Rumblings at a Bus Stop: The Revolution Is Running Late By ELISABETH MALKIN Published: July 15, 2005 MEXICO CITY, July 14 - It is 9 a.m., deep into the rush hour, and commuters on the city's brand-new bus line are seething. The buses are inflicting their special torture: they arrive three at a time after a long wait, too jammed to accept more passengers. N.Y. Times Article
  23. Bill Olive / Special to the Chronicle PIECES OF THE PAST: Lynn Edmundson at Historic Houston's salvage warehouse. LOW, LOW WAREHOUSE PRICES: Dan Darilek, an intern from Tulane University, evaluates items for sale. July 8, 2005, 11:47AM The noble salvage Preservationist Lynn Edmundson struggles to save Houston's history -- piece by piece By LISA GRAY Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle Read More...
  24. The American Apparel store at 712 Broadway, with the trademark photographs. July 10, 2005 His Way Meets a Highway Called Court By MIREYA NAVARRO LOS ANGELES THERE is no question that Dov Charney is an unconventional chief executive. As the founder of American Apparel, the T-shirt and casual wear chain sometimes called an alternative Gap, Mr. Charney decorates stores with covers of Penthouse and Oui magazines from the 70's, admits in interviews to engaging in sexual relationships with women who work for him, and once exposed himself for an ad in a gay magazine, all in the name of personal freedom. Read More...
  25. June 16, 2005, 11:27PM MLS team in Houston on front burner Club Am
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