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  1. There is ground work happening at the corner of Spring Cypress and Skinner Roads in Cy-Fair Town Center. Any know what's going in? NewQuest sold the development to Inland American (http://inlandamerican.propertycapsule.com/properties/40040102/#overview) a few years ago. Neither company lists this activity. Inland plans show the area as part of the parking lot but it's still grass.
  2. Oops! It is on the NewQuest site just not in the standard list. I sent the agent an email - let's see if I hear back from him.
  3. Thanks for the clue. I checked Newquest's site and this property is no longer listed. Can we assume this means it's been sold? 62 acres is a major chunk of land.
  4. Several years ago there was a big sign on the now cleared area saying a hospital was going in there. I think it was HCA so I looked on tthier website and did a bunch of Google searches looking for a new hospital coming to Cypress. Nothing. I agree with the trees - it looks pretty sad now.
  5. There has been a very large lot cleared just west of 290 and 1960. At one time a sign indicated a new hospital was to be built there. That sign, however, has been missing for a few years. Anybody know what is going up there?
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