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  1. I'm looking for someone to screen in my back patio. It has a concrete floor and composition roof supported by 4x4 steel posts but there are challenges. Probably need to pour a few more sq ft of concrete, plus there is a small window in the way. Anyway, I've had two contractors over recently who both do only aluminum framed screening and gotten widely varying assessments (and thus estimates). The house is an old 1920s bungalow and I'd greatly prefer a wood framed screening with a knee wall that matches the wood siding. So, I'm looking for a carpenter who understands both this architectural necessity and how to properly build screen walls so they don't rot right away. Any suggestions?
  2. I've been reading up on hempcrete for use in residential construction and was wondering if there is any interest in Houston among architects, engineers, and builders for building a modest sized hempcrete house within the city. My goal is to build a maximum 2000 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a workshop (or "maker room") in the most ecologically sound way possible while still keeping it affordable to a middle class family. Is there a better building method that would produce a normal looking house, that meets that goal better than using hempcrete? I understand the choice of finishes will have a big effect on the overall enviro-impact and construction cost, but I don't see any of those items being as unfamiliar as hempcrete, thus the focus of my inquiry. Is there any interest? If I had an empty 6000 sq ft lot today, how soon could a design be completed and construction started? I imagine permitting will be an issue, as well as insurance, but I don't know how big of an issue. Any other stumbling blocks? For reference, there was one hempcrete house built in a similar climate in Florida in 2012: http://hempcretehouse.coffeecup.com
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