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  1. I haven't recieved any word but would be interesting in participating. Like you, I find the information useful and interesting but would like to have the ability to track it in real time. Right now I use a programable thermestat. I have it set to come on at 5p each day which is nice for when I got home between 5:30-6. But on days when I either work late or go out for a happy hour or something I'd like to be able to long on to it on my smartphone and shut it off rather than wasting engergy and $$.
  2. When "speak out" about every little thing and blow them all out of proportion then yes you do come across as an "extremist." Charging a measely $3.24/mo is not tyranny or socialism. Its not the end of Democracy as we know it. Like I said, using these new tools have saved me on average $30.00/mo. Less the $3.24 I'm still ahead by $26.76. So thus, it seems to me that the loser here is the electric companies because now we will be able to better manage how much electricity we use and save money. Like I said, its a matter of "proportion." Complaining and questioning every little thing and you wind up sounding like this fellow: http://www.storyarts.org/library/aesops/stories/boy.html
  3. Dude, these are what comes with living part of community and a society. If you don't like that then again, here are a couple of options: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Unabomber-cabin.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Carmel_Center It's not some big "conspiracy", its an upgrade to the grid and there is a cost associated with that. I for one have used this easier to use data to lower my average bill year over year by $30/month. So even with the "fee" I'm still coming out ahead. And Reliant isn't the "guvment" its a private company. Electric deregulation occured last decade. Of course, Ted Kaczynski raised alot your similar points in his writings: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Industrial_Society_and_Its_Future
  4. What is obvious to one may not be obvious to another. Different people need to see info in different ways. Some folks are visual, others want to see the raw data. Making it easier to spot trends allows more people to act on those trends. As a PM I deal with behaverial change management issues all the time and its very hard to get folks to do whats in their best interest (i.e using less energy and saving $$) unless they see a "direct connection" between behavior/result and the path to change is the path of least resistence. Yes, this info has always been available but making it easier to access and digest will reap greater rewards. Many people do things against their own self interest if they've got to take extra steps. Its one of the reasons why mail-in rebates are so popular with retail stores. They know that a large % of the population is going neglect to jump through all the hoops of mailing all that crap to them.
  5. Some of us don't have easy access to our meters. My own is down in our condo garage, in the dark, with cars parked in front of it. I'm not going down there several times a month and try to do the convaluted "calculations" along little microscopic clocks. Also, to continue the practice of having a meter reader go from house to house with a clipboard in 2011 is insanity. Time marches on and don't hear anyone bemoning the fact that we don't have milkmen or ice delverymen anymore.
  6. Yup, there is always one idiot that has to turn EVERYTHING political rather see the value in technological progress. Save your political comments for Sarah Palin's Facebook page will you. These new smart meters and digital tools put current information in my hands that I can easier use to take charge of my energy usage and thus LOWER MY BILLS. It doesn’t make sense to put EVERYTHING up for a vote. Systems like this only work if the whole grid moves to digital. Having every numbnut decide whether they want one are not doesn’t make any sense and is inefficient. For those that don't want to continue on with Societies' progress, may I suggest a couple of options: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Unabomber-cabin.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Carmel_Center
  7. Just noticed one of the major benefits to the new smartmeters is that now I can get a better view my usage and have the ablity to project what my bill will be each month on reliant.com Pretty sweet. Now the only thing that is missing is having a device that I can use to track "real time" usage.
  8. I signed up for the weekly email option and it it great. I get a nice grahical comparison of last week vs this week as well as an estimate of what my end of the month bill will be! That helps me to budget better than before. I can't wait until we have access to those home energy monitors that report live up-to-the minute electricty usage. I've read quite a few news reports about them being used to locate the power "hogs" in your home.
  9. http://www.photographybay.com/2010/07/02/photographers-banned-for-life-for-taking-photos-in-public-parking-lot/
  10. I need to remember to print those rules out. We need to educate law enforcement.
  11. Here's how to read your smart meter: http://www.centerpointenergy.com/staticfiles/CNP/Common/SiteAssets/doc/How%20to%20Read%20Your%20Smart%20Meter%20020410.pdf Time marches on. Analog is for the past. Digital is the future. I loved my typewriter in back in the day but now I use a computer.
  12. I'm not much of a tripod user anyway. If I shoot any pictures of folks at the Waterwall I'm doing it with my hands. Lately I've moved on to Discovery Green....lots of green vistas.
  13. I have my AC flip on about half an hour before I get up and then turn off shortly after I leave for work. I like to have a cool house when I'm showering/getting ready for work.
  14. I certainly have. I've used it to monitor my peak usage and change my habits acordinly. Having access to to what my upcoming bill is going to be allows me to plan my budget better and cut back on my usage if I'm close to going over. I see this as akin to being able to check how many cell mins I've used. I've attached one of the recent emails from Reliant.
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