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  1. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    The trees in Rechlin's pic make this area look more aged and beautiful. Love it. But can we have one street downtown lined with beautiful flowering non natives. I vote for Jatropha trees. Mine survived last winters harsh cold. And it's covered in red flowers almost every day. Thryallis are always covered in flowers too.
  2. JPMorgan Chase Tower

    They need to stop with those numbered names. So many buildings downtown are now referred to by numbers and now I'm completely lost
  3. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Lots and lots of dye
  4. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    The Red line is going to be even more popular. It's a shame TMC is not on the same axis as the Blue line. That intersection (red and blue if it crossed in TMC) would be something. I still think McGowan is going to need done transportation upgrades very soon
  5. American Cancer Society Hope Lodge

    Kinda reminds me of the crime stoppers building in midtown. Maybe it's the color? I dunno
  6. Central Bank on Milam in Midtown

    Randalls is cheaper than whole Foods and A bit closer to all the new downtown residents than whole foods. When I worked downtown I went to Randalls a few times a week because it was a convenient walk. I doubt I would have bothered to go to WF if the Randalls was not there. Whole Foods is a start; I welcome the addition, but it's just not my thing and I doubt Randalls will lose much if any business due to whole foods. I doubt fiesta would either. Now a full service HEB would be a different story. Whole foods, Central Market would put a nearby Phoenicia out of business but not a Randalls.
  7. Houston Press

    Ross you have to admit That comments such as the building can be replaced with empty lot adds little (more like nothing) to an Architecture forum. The "it's up to the owner" argument is also rather lacking. It's not like we are in court trying to decide what to do with the lot and you bring up it's up to the owner. We know that. But I'm discussing architecture in an Architecture site saying it is up to the owner adds nothing. Please don't use it anymore. It adds nothing that we don't already know. Avossos stated that he likes this building and ti him it can't be replaced. I like the building also and would be sad to see it torn down. My opinion had no bearing on whether it goes out stays, but it does add to the discussion of styles of architecture that people like. At least you could say that you absolutely detest the building. That would further the discussion more than simply stating it's not our land. Architecture students are often given projects where they are assigned plots in various cities and asked to come up with a design. Would your best argument to the professor be that since it is not your land you cannot comment on what would look nice there?
  8. Occidental Petroleum Headquarters

    This ^^^ My Dad for example. He lives in Sugarland. Absolutely hates driving to downtown. But would work downtown in a heartbeat if the other option was to commute or move to or near The Woodlands. Moving from another city to a suburban location in Houston is ok I guess. There are always good affordable housing stock that workers would move to. But like the poster said, moving established workers from a central area to a more polarized location of the metro is extremely lame. How would you like an extra 45 minutes added to your commute?
  9. Pearl on Helena by The Morgan Group

    I always envisioned Midtown to be a more midrise area than hirises. Looks like there will be corridors but mainly envisioned a sea of 10 to 25 floor buildings
  10. U-Haul Moving & Storage Expansion at 1617 San Jacinto

    That would actually be awesome. You find cool stuff in abandoned lockers.i would be there every weekend
  11. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    I'm not concerned about skylines merging. Midtown is a pretty large area and merging might take decades. Especially if developers keep building midrises and low rises along major corridors in prime areas Such as the Mega block. What interest me is the Tale of Two cities that is East and West of Main in midtown. East of Caroline has quite a few single family and lower density residences. I highly doubt that that area will change much in the next 30 years or so. That is quite fine as the neighborhood feel in that area appeals to me. So that leaves the area west of Caroline. I think Caroline to Bagby is going to be the area to watch out for the higher density hirises that we will be talking about for the next couple of decades. Major thoroughfares run through this area ( Main, Fannin, Travis, Louisiana, Smith, Bagby, San Jacinto, etc) yet this is the are that seems more derelict with more empty lots or unused buildings. I'm just hoping that this development will kick start more projects or revitalize developments along Fannin, San Jacinto and Caroline in Midtown. For a community college that large, HCC to me is rather sleepy. I think it can be an asset that makes that area more lively. I remember how the Main Campus of UH was pretty much the same but that is changing so I have hopes for HCC. Especially if they work closely with the proposed Tech District.
  12. Mt. Vernon Montrose Lofts

    Lol. It does look like my old dorms in San Antonio
  13. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    I think more often than not developers would still build with excessively large parking areas; but it's nice to have the option not to.
  14. Downtown Apartment Market

    They could always dig an over flow channel that runs southerly and flood Sugarland instead of Houston Would the berms have to be that high of your holding the water in the ground instead of above? Wouldn't it be better to mitigate flooding by having the detention basin deeper in the ground anyway than having high berms? Wouldn't letting the water slowing steep into the Ground help? Unless we have back to back extreme rain events before the level in the lakes decrease, a temp lake may help. I dunno the current set up is no longer working. Extreme rain events send to be a yearly occurrence so I dunno maybe it's fine to get creative. Aerial views of this thing during Harvey is crazy: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wired.com/story/houston-dams-probable-maximum-flood-vs-500-year-flood/amp What would they do with all the excavated dirt? Houston Hills? I'm thinking that for most of the year the water levels in the lake would be a lot lower than we are all imagining. How deep would it go before it gets too cost prohibitive? How much volume would it increase by if it was dug. Talks of a 3rd reservoir have been carrying a $500M price tag. $2.5B was just approved for flood mitigation projects
  15. Hines Block 42 Residential High-Rise: 46-stories

    It's this your going to block the view from the pool on top of Market Sq tower?