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  1. I heard at one time a lot of the lots in that south east side was own by a foreign company. Is that true/still true?
  2. It's not that I'm not in favor of if. It's more like it's not high on my wishlist. I like the density in terms of pooling resources closer together. I feel that at a certain point the walkable dynamic will fall in line naturally. I think that once a critical density benchmark is reached the market will demand better sidewalks, more ground floor -pedestrian engagement, slower traffic etc. My point is I prefer to develop a descent stable of horse before I start buying carts. I know some are going ask why can't we get both? If we can great, but If we can get the density now and the walkable realms later then I'm fine with that too. With the summer we just had walking has been the last thing I want to do.
  3. IDK, competition usually results in better products. I think the 2 other projects may help this one work a little harder. Not a bad thing. They may slow this one a bit, but I think this one definitely has the upper hand in terms of attracting clients. IDK, competition usually results in better products. I think the 2 other projects may help this one work a little harder. Not a bad thing. They may slow this one a bit, but I think this one definitely has the upper hand in terms of attracting clients. IDK, competition usually results in better products. I think the 2 other projects may help this one work a little harder. Not a bad thing. They may slow this one a bit, but I think this one definitely has the upper hand in terms of attracting clients. IDK, competition usually results in better products. I think the 2 other projects may help this one work a little harder. Not a bad thing. They may slow this one a bit, but I think this one definitely has the upper hand in terms of attracting clients.
  4. Why all the negativity? That area is like a ten minute drive from the Aldi and Walmart on Almeda Genoa, there's a Fiesta 5 mins away on Cullen and Reed and the area is close to all the grocery options in Pearland. As you mentioned, developments are coming up MLK, Scott and Cullen from Pearland. All three streets around the beltway area has been redone in the last few years. The schools are not great, but lots of Houston area schools are not great. Should we just stop building and let the city die? That area is slowly changing for the better. So many delapidated houses have need renovated. I see quite a few townhomes popping up in that area. Parks are being upgraded. The upgrades are slowly changing the look of the area, and theses apartments will further add to the density which may attract groceries even closer to the area. But traffic is so light in that area that it doesn't really take long to get to a lot of options already
  5. I don't care too much about walkability, but I do love the increasing density. Appreciate shorter commutes and generally just bringing everything closer.
  6. Love the height perspective you captured in this photo. I love the skyline shot and the other buildings captured from this height. Great job focusing on the overall picture while still giving us awesome shots of the building. You have a good eye for balance.
  7. Looks like they went through all sorts of gymnastics to get up to that height. Looks like two separate towers, on stilts, on top of a massive podium, which itself is on stilts. Chase tower rises from street level all the way to its tippy top. Chase should just add a crown after that Austin tower is completed and say nice try, but sorry. But then again, Chase was originally planned to be taller, but FAA restrictions resulted in a shorter building. I wonder if the FAA would block a 25 ft crown.
  8. True, but from the pics it looks like the building barely occupied 50% of the land. Much better street presence
  9. I used to walk through that building and the insides look pretty much the same (apart from the furnishings, flooring and paneling). Looks like it's a very light renovation on the public areas. I would imagine most of the work is on floors being converted to units. I engender there was a fire about a decade ago that burnt out an entire floor. It was an electric fire that started while workers were at work. Someone's desk just started smoking, .. I'm sure the wiring in the entire building would have to be updated in addition to water upgrades to services each unit.
  10. If Randall’s doesn't make it then oh well it didn't make it. I wouldn't care either. And I think the residents in the McGowan area would still use a supermarket near 800 Bell. The closest rail stations to Whole Foods is Ensemble station or McGowan Station. Both are about 9 blocks away from Whole Foods. If they build a Store on the ground level on one of the two empty blocks next to 800 Bell you know how many blocks away it would be? ZERO!!! There is 2 blocks right @ the rail stop and a 3rd one block away. Idk about you but I would rather going two stops to Bell and have zero walk than to go one stop to ensemble and then walk 9 freaking blocks or tabs no rail at all and walk 9 freaking blocks. Don't under-estimate how convenient those blocks around 800 mail are to a pedestrian life. But knowing us we will build a parking garage right on the rail, and the other 2 lots will be a drive up CVS and McDonalds drive thru
  11. I get what you are saying, but you are looking at your baby and saying she is the right size for these onesies and the 1T dress is just too big. Are you planning on your baby being onesie sized for ever? But With: 1. 1801 Smith, 2. 800 Bell, 3. the new 1801 Main apartments 4&5. the 2 Skyhouses, 6. Houston House, 7. 2016 Main 8. Eighteen25 Downtown 9. Hamilton Downtown 10. 2111 Austin Apartments 11. 1711 Caroline Apartments 12. Camden Downtown Apartments 13. Block 334 Apartments 14. Camden City Center 15. Skyline @ Midtown 16. The Edge Condominiums 17. Post Midtown 18. 2222 Smith 19. Camden Midtown 20. Camden Travis 21. Camden McGowan Station 22. Drewery Place 23. The Travis 24. Mid Main Lofts 25. Midtown on the rail 26. Temenos Apartments ro 27. New Temenos Apartments.... There's probably a dozen others that I'm forgetting but the point is the baby isn't going to be onesie sized for ever don't you think a forward thinking plan for that area shouldn't include a grocery store? People can work, play and go out to eat Downtown, but the live part is verrrry difficult without a car because Phoenicias is too specialized and Randall’s is OK but doesn't fit the bill. I mean I can live on what's there but I don't want to and I think with all the options further west most people wouldn't want to either unless they have a car and that brings us back to the monster parking podiums or standalone garages. New Orleans downtown and it's CBD doesn't have any more people than Houston's downtown and midtown and yet they have close to a dozen to our 3. And out midtown and down town is about 4 miles compared to theirs at under 2 miles. I think if we keep the it wouldn't work mentality we won't ever develop anything vibrant. 800 bell at 45 floors can host a ton of people, 1801 Smith are going to host hundreds more, there's 3 empty blocks next to 800 bell that can host thousands. If they get rid of Pierce that would free up a dozen more blocks that could potentially hold thousands more. The Greyhound and McDonalds site is ripe for development, so it's that fenced field across from Greyhound, then there's those 3 Cadillac blocks, there's sooooo much potential in that area but if Randall’s is the only option then forget about it. There would have to be at least an HEB AND at least a target for it to be worth it. Otherwise give me the Heights, Montrose, Rice Millitary any day. If i have to drive over there to shop why not just live there? It is the missing piece in the puzzle. Heck even the CVSs in New Orleans stock more options than the ones in downtown/midtown Houston. Corner stores like Brothers sell everything from booze to cooked food. Downtown and midtown (eado and 3rd ward too) has the bones for a real walkable environment but if you can't walk to get every day items then what's the point on it being walkable. Your grocery allotment would definitely have to be bumped up if you are relying on Phoenicia or Randall’s for your everyday needs.
  12. Ha ha, when the rail was first built it didn't take much to improve that area. No one got off at Bell. That stop was just... potential .. Spilling a can of paint would have been an improvement. It has slooooowly changed in the last few years. I agree this can develop into a nice urban village, but why don't you think a full sized grocer would not work? It's the Randall’s considered a full sized grocer? I don't mean something like a Super Walmart. I was thinking more along the lines of Rouses in the CBD in Orleans (there's also a smaller version in their downtown but the CBD version is the one I'm thinking of). 900 Girod St https://maps.app.goo.gl/HvcsHDaJdt3H7N528 That area used to be dead dead. Day or night. But since the grocery came in, there's been tons of activity day and night and a supporting cast of additional retail and restaurants have been popping up. Phoenicias is great and all but it's just one store. New Orleans downtown and it's CBD has probably 8 of the little grocers in addition to Rouses, the little corner stores like Brothers and the regular Walgreens and CVSs. Sorry for going on and on, but why do you think another Randall’s-like supermarket won't work in that area? An urban Kroger or even better, an Aldi would probably work. Heck even a Phoenicia2.0 There used to be another grocery store on the north end of Downtown. It started with a 'G' was it Georginas? It was cool but waaaay too pricey to do any regular shopping. Wasn't surprised that it didn't last long.
  13. I passed by this a few weeks ago and the ground level of this area is starting to look different but still feels rather cold. That new apartment building on Main makes the area look unrecognizable but none of these buildings look welcoming. I welcome all these conversations, they make these areas feel new, but man, they sure do make for a boring walk.
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