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  1. I love it. Perfect size building for Midtown. We need 50 more this size. Keep the taller ones on main
  2. I thought residency requirements were set by the state, and not individual schools. Also, I established residency in Texas for a year and paid instate tuition the following year. If Foreign students go home for summers they will pay out of state tuition the entire time. If they own property for the first year of school, the remaining years they will pay instate tuition. It is only relevant to be claimed as a dependent if and only if they are claiming residency through their parents. In schools with huge differences between instate and out of state tuition it is well worth it to buy as the money that would have gone to tuition would be generating equity instead.
  3. That thing is a roller coaster of emotions. A monster of a thing compared to the aerial shots higher up I get the Ashby hirise monster feeling. But I know how cheap builders go here when it comes to parking and I convince myself that it could be worse 🙃 The old Houston way would be: Knock down all the surrounding homes for parking Or Knock down less homes and build a fully exposed garage. I make myself content by the thought of more height along Richmond.
  4. Omg. The change in that area over the last 20 years is amazing. Can't wait to see what goes on those empty blocks
  5. Darn that's a lot of concrete along the highway. Wish it was more natural looking
  6. I'm just happy for the infill. Houston has so much ground to cover in just happy for the density. I am more disappointed when crap goes in more prime areas. Like when I'm expecting a trophy tower to go up next to Market Square and I get a parking garage. But those rubber stamped affordable housing that are popping up all over the place??? Bring them on. We don't have enough of them
  7. I mean, for Houston its nice compared to what we usually get, but there are lots left to be desired. Happy for it I am. Love it... I wouldn't go that far.
  8. Looks awesome. Houston seems to be getting saturated in medical schools. I think Houston has 5 of Texas's 15
  9. UHD used to own the jail building. It was vacant for a while because it needed a lot of repairs. UHD figured it would be cheaper to build a new building than repair that one, so they sold it and built the Academic building. The 701 San Jacinto Jail building was also owned by a company called the Houston Terminal Warehouse and cold Storage company. Also, there was talk of changing the name of the University for over 20 years now. Allen University and City University were major contenders. One of the higher ups said that although they wanted a new name, most of the push for the name changed was from the main campus and board of regents. Seems UHD was in their opinion a detractor from what they saw the UH brand as.
  10. Squeeze a 1400 footer behind Esperson in that shot and the symmetry will be perfect
  11. It would look great with 5 more abs and then the crown. That way we would still still see a good bit of Chase from the north but it wouldn't look so much like A middle finger sticking up at us This building looks really classy. No extreme curves or over the top shapes. This one looks like something that would age well.
  12. I hope not. I know of all the convenience of the tunnels (weather and all that) but I am hoping for less of a reliance on all that. Would be nice if they were used only for times of bad weather but people use those things all time making downtown seem like it has 20 employees instead of hundreds of thousands. And we demand street level retail when three tunnels make it so that 95% of the people never have to walk at street level. Houston employee base is huge. Having that many people walking around would definitely improve the street level retail. Especially if tenants had to cross the street or exit the building to get to their cars. Again I understand the reluctance to EVER leave our climate controlled bubbles, or God forbid, run into a homeless person
  13. Any chance that it gets scaled down? Austin has been pretty hot the last few decades but that's a ton of huge buildings going up or in the works
  14. It's awesome that this areas is getting more facelifts than just the Ion/ Rice developments Rice should donate some big art installment/ improvement to Peggy Point Plaza Park
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