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  1. Would be nice if they remove the bridge and extend the greenspace to Westheimer. But I think they will go the cheap route and leave the bridge as is. The skate park idea is cool but I already know how the story goes; due to budgetary constraints...
  2. Looking at these angles, a 10 floor + building would create another mini skyline. But the infill is good. Skyhouse improved the street presence around Bell Station so I'm sure this project will improve the DTTC rail stop too. Especially with the work across the street in front of Amegy. Would be nice if the Amegy Garage lot gets improved. And of course everyone's favorite eyesore on the other side just keeping on keeping on
  3. Been saying the same thing. This area of downtown is screaming for new life and always thought a new aquarium or other major attraction would be nice in that area. Theirs in a ton of shops and bright flasy nightlife and those hotels in the area will be constantly busy
  4. Can't stop saying it, but that garage that used to be in this site was so horrible looking and right at the entrance Of downtown that I would have taken a regular box as a replacement. But to get this beauty is so much more than I expected.
  5. @j_cuevas713 I agree with you but I think the center of the Houston population is closer to this than downtown. It's for that reason I think we need more projects like this near downtown. Especially live, work and play projects. The west is an employment gold mine and adding more is just fueling the spread of the city further and further. We need to balance the polarization and a job focus on the loop would aid in that. Traffic is horrible will over the city but the infrastructure for public and personal transportation is least horrible in the core. The west is already due for another highway, instead of more of these things wouldn't be wiser to spend that money improving the highways, public transportation, bike Lanes in the core? A bigger and bigger land area just means bigger and bigger budgets to maintain it all. I don't think the city should be encouraging this. What's next? City Center La Grange?
  6. I have never had in n out in Texas but the ones I have had in California is not very impressed with. And the overhype doesn't help. I don't think Whataburger is anything to shout about either but I do think it is a step above in n out. I think if you grow up with these there might be some nostalgia around them but neither are things I would que up for any extended period of time for. The best Burger I have had was at a place called City Diner near a Laquinta in Metaire off the Causeway. Absolutely delicious. Idk. These types of developments don't excite me much. Doesn't add much to the city like an awesome tower filling in a gap in our skyline or increasing the street pedestrian realm of an up and coming area or adding critical mass to one of our urban pockets.
  7. Correction, it was not offered up to Amazon, but it was in consideration by the Mayor's Office and it was the Mayor's Chief of Staff that called it a wasteland: Newly released emails show that City Hall staffers largely panned Slotboom’s article when it came out. “This article misses the mark by a lot,” wrote the mayor’s chief of staff, Andy Icken. “They haven’t even touched on the urban site we are considering [the old Sears] and the fantasy of the Astrodome is beyond absurd. The area around NRG is essentially a wasteland and about as far away from the urban environment Amazon has fostered in Seattle.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.texasmonthly.com/the-culture/houston-lost-amazons-hq2/amp/ That area is up and coming, it's on the trail like and close to the highway and has lots of room to grow so it is even more shocking that the Mayor's COS would refer to that area like that. I'm with him in that I like the Sears/Ion location more, but the NRG area is not a wasteland.... anymore.
  8. I'm kinda hoping that there areas east ( Almeda area) gets revitalized. Not with towers, but an artsy, quirky neighborhood kinda like Montrose 20 years ago. Repurpose those old structures into stores and restaurants. @BeerNut I'm taking about as originally planned. Lightrail instead of BRT
  9. @phillip_white didn't the Amazon crew called the NRG area a wasteland and too far from urban centers? I would think the Ion would be the spot if there is anything to the rumors. I wouldn't call the NRG area far from urban centers but the ion has downtown to the north, Eado to the North East, TSU/UH to the East, TMC/Rice to the South, and UK, Montrose, River Oaks, to the West and Washington Ave area to the North West. If true it would be nice if they pressured the city into building the blue line as PT was another weak link in Houston's bid.
  10. I believe everyone should have a choice. Developers should have a choice in how many parking spots they offer and tenants have the choice whether they rent in said building or not. Some developers may choose to offer parking anyway. Some tenants may want to pay extra for the convenience of designated parking. Let the people/market decide. Parking minimums should be for schools, hospitals, municipal offices....
  11. Nice interiors but I am not liking the color of the exteriors. It fits in so well with the salvation army but that says something that it blends in well with a decades old building. Would be nice if it had taken elements of the Peacock or even the little building that was on this site before. But infill is infill and at least it blends in with somethings. And I hope this project draws bars and restaurants to that area. I remember this area being dark and dead most nights. That was years ago. Hopefully this helps
  12. They should build out patios. That scaffolding makes the building look more interesting
  13. It has its problems. Getting parking, exiting parking at the end of the day rush hour, some streets are stinky, getting accosted by the homeless... But the amenities in an organically grown business district for me far out-weight any perks of suburban office parks. @Texasota by wholesome I mean being safe and isolated in one's own little car, not having to interact with homeless (or pigeons), cleaner (sterile) less hustle and bustle, safely surrounded by huge lots tucked in to an office parks. In other words, wholesome in the minds of people who appreciate limited city interaction
  14. I would too. I miss the charm of downtown. The plethora of dining options. The ease of transit. The parks. The souless suburban blandness is really depressing. It's like a daily dose of plain oatmeal- wholesome but so unexciting.
  15. Don't think it's bad. Just as long as you don't get too close and don't stare too long it looks fine
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