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  1. It's awesome that this areas is getting more facelifts than just the Ion/ Rice developments Rice should donate some big art installment/ improvement to Peggy Point Plaza Park
  2. This building is so interesting. Then I look at Market Square Tower and my first thought is its still a decent building building because its not on a podium and from this angle of blocks that huge garage.
  3. I totally agree. I mean what does eyesore mean? I really don't like that word, it's overuse, and the theory that if some people don't like looking at things it must be torn down. I do agree that safety is another issue
  4. You mean the old YMCA lot? If so then I can do without that grass field. That old yellow and red brick building was cute.
  5. Idk. An active construction site puts more of a smile on my face than a vacant lot covered in grass. That Chevron lot still hurts my heart. Depending on what's going up, I would prefer an active construction site over the plaza and park too. Construction sites are fun to follow
  6. Not only the intersection, but that particular block is the best one on one of the best intersections. Lincoln Street bisects the block immediately across Westheimer. The Aladdin block is irregularly shaped and about half the size. The smoothie King block across Montrose it's bigger and would probably be better suited to the open renderings we saw a few pages back. But the south West corner of that intersection is a perfect parcel on one of the more popular intersections in town. I just think archiphiles would expect greatness here. It's not going to be hard to di
  7. These pics are everything. Hines should have a holiday in Houston.
  8. I love these mid rise buildings. They are not as costly as a hirise They usually are cheaper to rent because of this. They can be filled up quicker They look a lot better than a surface lot They contribute more to building up the critical density than a surface lot. To be honest my eyes are usually between ground level and 6 levels or so. Anything higher than that for me is just icing. Filling up vacant or surface lots is more exciting than the number of floors just as long as I'm not looking at blank walls or exposed parking levels.
  9. Midtown still has sooooo much empty. This is soooooo much better than the waste of space across the street. Signature towers will come one the area improves. The original would have been nice but even the new design is still a plus going off of how empty and crappy the area is. The homeless engage in Drugs and Prostitution a block in every direction from this development so still getting a neat tower in a not so neat area that may cause the area to improve is still a win for me
  10. The French quarter streets were built by the French. That's why it was called the French Quarter. The buildings however are mainly Spanish. The quarter was under Spanish control when a fire broke out so the buildings that were rebuilt were rebuilt in the Spanish style. Anyway, esplanade and Elysian are out of downtown so it doesn't matter. Canal, Polydras, Rampart etc are better examples as they are downtown/Uptown and have great transit options. Anyway, like I keep saying all the strawman arguments are not selling. Someone suggested taking rail and the excuse is that the rai
  11. I agree with you mollusk. But doing nothing isn't going change anything. Improving the urban environment means less cars on the streets downtown so that bike ride it's less intimidating. It means better connections to the nearby neighborhoods so it doesn't take 30 mins to come in from 10 mins away. There's no reason why there isn't a good street car connection to the heights and Montrose.
  12. Aww that's the problem. We are lazy and entitled. Progress will never come if we continue thinking on an individual level instead of the collective. I mean do you really have to drive from your door step to the ballpark? I mean a short walk from a nearbye garage wouldn't hurt. Or as @dbigtex56 suggested take the rail. I did not ignore the fact that downtown has tons of commuters. I stated that that alternatives can be looked into that doesn't involve driving right into the building that we work. You think Houston is the only city with 100,000 workers driving into work? Cities hand
  13. Renovations revealed for Houston's 600 Travis, the tallest tower in Texas, along with major deal https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/texas-inc/amp/Renovations-for-tallest-tower-in-Texas-revealed-15407411.php
  14. I 110% agree. Downtown is a neighborhood and should be treated as such. The needs of residents is front and center in all neighborhood development. Assessments are done to calculate the effect of traffic in the area. Furthermore, the goal of downtown should not be how fast we can get people through the core. It should be the other way around. Slow down, look around. In fact, don't even leave. It's the past through nature of downtown that makes it less lively. The French Quarter/ Downtown in New Orleans is already not that car friendly with far narrower stre
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