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  1. Looking almost complete. Sidewalk really isn't too narrow.
  2. The annoying thing is a subset of people saying we should vote no on this because they want more money spent on rail, unhappy that this puts a bigger focus on BRT. But I'm pretty sure that if this fails, Metro will take this as the people just rejecting mass transit in general, so those people would be shooting themselves in the foot.
  3. I'm not really understanding the point of moving this transit center. If it's moving to Gulfton at Chimney Rock, the only buses there are 9 and 49, which combined together only see about 5000 riders a day, and neither is a high-frequency route. The current location serves two of the most popular high-frequency routes (2/402 and 65, each of which see 6000-8000 riders a day), plus the aforementioned 49, plus the high-frequency (but admittedly low-ridership) 33. The whole point of a transit center is a nicer place for people to wait for connections, plus a place for bus drivers to u
  4. Maybe people are less likely to wear clothes that require dry cleaning than they used to.
  5. To be fair, to meet the parking requirements they had to tear down an older (historic?) home a few doors west, to build another parking lot. But I can't blame them for the City's parking minimums.
  6. And it passed: And an article about it: https://kinder.rice.edu/urbanedge/2019/07/17/houston-extends-minimum-parking-exemptions-east-end-midtown
  7. Incredible how much of that building is going to parking. About a third of the first floor, half of the second floor, most of the third through fifth floors, and all of the sixth and seventh floors. Only the eighth and ninth floors don't have parking. Still, looks like it should be a good use of that lot.
  8. Awnings completely gone from the Wheeler-facing side:
  9. Figured I'd take some photos of the carnage inside, too, because everything so far has been from street level.
  10. Crazy how they leave what I assume to be a perfectly good fire extinguisher and trash can in the building, soon to be rubble. I'd have salvaged some of that stuff...
  11. Wow, what a total transformation. I'm not sure how I feel about the clashing architectural styles between old and new, but this should be great for downtown. I like how they are taking away parts of the 4HC parking garage to improve street presence with GFR, and the addition of extra outdoor patios will be great. So many times I want to eat outside, only to find that all the tables on the existing 2HC rooftop deck are taken. I'm really liking how vast areas of useless concrete in the existing site plan are being replaced with greenery, buildings, or dining areas. Mobility appea
  12. Actually that is used by all the buses that stop at the Wheeler Transit Center (5, 25 Westbound, 65, 152, 153) to get back onto Main to continue their routes. Without Blodgett they would have to drive all the way down to Arbor Place, adding additional lights and delays to all those routes (though 5 and 65 would be less affected). Most of those are heavily used routes; Metro would not be happy about that. With Blodgett being removed here, I wonder what Metro will do. From the renderings it seems the Wheeler Transit Center will be reconfigured, so maybe they will have the bus depo
  13. Honestly, with just a good pressure washing it would probably look better than an unfortunate number of the hotels/apartments being built nowadays will look after the same 45 years.
  14. If that's the "value-engineered" version of The Allen, I'm happy. Still looks unique and fairly interesting. While a partially cantilevered building would be even cooler, we all know Houston can't support anything too architecturally daunting, so I'm pleased if this is what we can get. Still wish they could have added the pedestrian bridge over Allen Parkway, though.
  15. No, not wrong. The Days Inn was originally a Holiday Inn.
  16. Yes, and I'd guess it was probably from October given that the Caydon tower still has the cranes up and isn't quite topped out yet.
  17. I've been very happy with the Amcrest 4 megapixel (halfway between full HD and 4K resolution) camera. I use it with Blue Iris software which supports YouTube live streaming; I haven't checked to see whether you can do live streaming with cheaper/free software. Best thing is they are designed in Houston (but built in China by Dahua); Amcrest is based out of the Energy Corridor. This is the model I've used but they have both cheaper and more expensive models too. It's currently $92.54 shipped including tax, after the 10% new customer discount: https://amcrest.com/amcre
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