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  1. The building with Conservatory and Prohibition is now on the market. Wonder if the owner is wanting to get out now that it lost two of its biggest tenants? https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1004-Prairie-St-Houston-TX/13441245/
  2. They took the exact same approach when renovating Buffalo Bayou west of downtown several years ago. They hammered them all the way into the ground so you can't see them anymore. I'm sure the same will be done here.
  3. Yes, I definitely see some very minor changes in Segment 3, but not much (I didn't look at the other segments). The ROW for IH-69 under Montrose is now narrower so they won't have to rebuilt the already-new Montrose bridge. Slightly less of the 527 spur will be rebuilt. The ramp from Hamilton to 288 southbound is reconfigured. The ramp from IH-45 southbound to IH-10 westbound is slightly shifted. The Sabine Street bridge is no longer being shown as being rebuilt. Also, the bridges over the freeways now all show wide sidewalks that weren't indicated before, which mos
  4. The new plan still shows the train tracks by the jail and UHD. I wonder if the plan to move those is dead?
  5. The Starbucks was open for special guests today and will be open to the public tomorrow, December 14.
  6. LEDs are good but not that good. With equal brightness on lights that you'd typically see for lighting (the equivalent of 15 to 150 watt incandescent bulbs), you normally see about 1/6 to 1/7 the electricity usage for LEDs. Not "almost nothing", but still a large savings. That's because incandescent bulbs are typically around 15 lumens per watt, whereas LEDs are typically closer to 100 lumens per watt. Now, I realize you are talking about lower wattage decorative lights, which can be a bit more efficient in LED form, but in my experience, bulbs like the 0.1 watt C9 ones you link
  7. No, construction hasn't started yet on Buffalo Speedway. This is Greenbriar.
  8. Pre-construction contract signed with Kiewit. Price has now jumped up to $20 billion. https://www.constructiondive.com/news/texas-central-signs-preconstruction-contract-with-kiewit-firm-for-20b-bull/568072/
  9. Looks almost done. All the shelves are in there, too, but nothing is on them yet:
  10. I think the concern is the cost of collecting the fares. As the article said, fares only cover 11% of the operating costs of Metro (and an even lower percentage, as I recall in the 7%-9% range, of total costs). And spending $100m on a fare collection system (probably with a lifespan of no more than 20 years given past experience) seems like a lot if they are only collecting $70m per year. That said, I acknowledge the need to prevent homeless from camping out on the buses and trains, which would be much harder if fares were eliminated. Surely there is a solution, but I can't thin
  11. I'm pretty sure that's just a rough approximation; that whole line on that map seems to be shifted from reality along the whole route. I'm almost certain the BRT lane would follow existing ROW on/along existing roads and not go straight through the middle of all those lots. For example, there is no way it will follow a path one block north of IH-10; it surely will be right along the freeway, either at grade or elevated.
  12. The Chronicle's link to the agenda is broken, because the username and password were dropped from the URL, but the full link is ftp://PlatViewer:Viewer4DRC@edrc.houstontx.gov//2019/2019-23_DraftAgenda.pdf Note that the username is PlatViewer and the password is Viewer4DRC, in case HAIF breaks the URL too. The information about the Ion is on pages 140 through 160, and there are a bunch of images not in the article. Here is the full set of images:
  13. I agree too. Looking at this particular forum now, we have a thread for "Coca Cola plant on Bissonnet closing". But that's not even in an enclave, that's in Houston proper. It's included here because it's near West U. But in that case, shouldn't things in the Rice Village be alongside it since those are also near West U? But then that just shows the deficiency in having a separate "Enclaves" forum like this that combines so many disparate cities. I agree with @CrockpotandGravel that it would make more sense to geographically cluster things. One possibility might b
  14. Hard to see because I photographed this from a moving train, but they've dug a fairly large hole on the "north" side of the building. I'd guess at least 6-8 feet deep:
  15. The bus was moving too fast to get good photos, but the tilt walls have been up for a couple weeks and work continues:
  16. No. It works on Windows too (confirmed with Firefox at least; I'm sure Chrome also works too).
  17. Here's what the finished ballroom looks like. The "Sonokrete" doesn't look too terrible:
  18. GFR Starbucks is now under construction:
  19. But that's only if it's an antenna mast. It's no longer being used as an antenna mast, but it was decided to leave it up as an architectural spire. So it should count now.
  20. Scaffolding has been up since at least Thursday, maybe earlier, and the sidewalk is closed under the scaffolding. All week there were men in white bunny suits covered in ash going in and out of the building, though I saw no activity today. Earlier last week they were pumping water from the basement of the Holy Cross Chapel, and they still have a lot of heavy equipment on site trying to dry out and clean up that building so it can reopen. Haven't heard any news on the building that burned, though.
  21. I seem to recall reading that now it's just serving the purpose of an architectural spire. Though in that case, because spires count for the height of buildings (unlike antennas), it should then be considered the second tallest building in Houston (the spire makes it 1000 feet even).
  22. Not from a drone but from a Southwest 737, but thanks!
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