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  1. Today they have a very large mobile crane, which I assume they are using to build a more permanent construction crane (you can see the beginnings of the white scaffolding right by the old building). I'll try to get a better photo of it later today, but I just thought I'd share this one right away (click to enlarge):
  2. They were pouring a whole lot of concrete for it on Friday. It's surprisingly well built for something that will only be up a few months. They've also put more lifts around the side of the building. I was surprised they didn't build the crane on a part of the block that won't need to be excavated for the new building, because this means it will have to be torn down and a new crane built later for construction.
  3. I know some of you have complained about a lack of renderings of the back (southeast) side of the tower, since most renderings just show the front (northwest) side in detail. I was at the Hines office today so I took some photos of the model. Unfortunately, it was too bright today so the lighting was bad, so I may have to come back again on an overcast day. For any of these photos, you can click for a higher-resolution version. First, a full view of the back (southeast/Fannin) side: Next, a closeup of the lobby on the southeast side: Next, a lower view of the front (northwest/Main) si
  4. Finally some visible progress! Today they just started building the construction lifts on the southeast and northeast sides. Sorry for the poor picture, but lighting just wasn't good today. Click for a larger photo:
  5. It's been a week and a half since my last update, so I thought I'd let you guys know what's going on today. You can click on any of the images for high resolution versions. Earlier this week, they put a bunch of filler over the cracks in the penthouse, and then painted the whole thing with the turquoise sealant. Now they are putting the white panels on it to make for a new façade. I was wondering if they'd do that; now I wonder if they'll also do the windows: The last few days, they have been adding a lot more relief to the main façade (by the outer pairs of windows, from the 15th floor d
  6. I noticed yesterday that they have finally shut down the whole parking lot, putting a green fence around the entire block. Looking good for progress!
  7. They've made a little progress on the façade in the last couple weeks, with the most visible progress being today. They've now added relief to the pilasters on the ends and have mostly reinforced the attachment of the white backing boards. Hopefully this means they'll be putting the gray texturing over most of it soon. Also they've put a bunch of boards for platforms on the scaffolding around the mechanical penthouse.
  8. Quite a lot more activity today. There are several guys on the roof by the southwest side of the taller building, where they have set up another structure, a ladder up to a third floor window by the south corner, a few more guys hanging out a fifth floor window that has been removed (hard to see in the photo but just above the ladder), and they've removed a bit of the façade between the third and fourth floors on the southwest side of the shorter building.
  9. I don't know much about construction, but I can explain what I have learned from watching various buildings go up. They're taking a similar approach on the lower floors of SkyHouse. First, there are two options. Either they will paint the existing wall (brick or whatever) with the turquoise sealant, or they will attach a metal structure, put green USG Securock gypsum boards on that, and then paint that with the turquoise sealant. Then, they cut the white façade substrate material to shape (I don't know what it's made of), spread a dark gray adhesive on the back with a trowel, and stick it to
  10. There was a whole lot more activity today, too. They had a crane there this morning which appeared to lift something onto the roof of the older building (I have a clear view of the roof of the new building, but nothing was put there), but the crane is gone now. They also had a whole bunch of trucks parked near the RV. Also they have a new trailer of some sort, but I didn't get close enough to see what it was. Also, this afternoon they added some kind of lift structure (looked like what they use for window washing) on the roof of the southwest side. I'll report back later with pictures if
  11. Now that they've made more progress on the light rail, I can now see why this was necessary. It looks like they are building a rail station right where the old garage entrance was, which would have completely blocked the garage entrance, so they were forced to reconfigure the garage in this case.
  12. Work on tearing down the old Texas Tower is now visibly progressing. They are now starting to build the (de)construction elevator on the northwest side: Also, they are lifting a large number of barrels of iodine into the building. Disinfecting?
  13. Back on topic, things are starting to look really good at the top now. They have apparently nearly finished the work on the 22nd floor, and are now mounting the white backing boards (on top of the sealed USG Securock) in preparation for texturing the 21st floor: Here's a closeup of the upper façade plus the apparently-completed work on one of the pilasters around the 17th/18th floors:
  14. This is just speculation, but having been in the garage and watching the construction from my building, I think I know what is going on. The garage entrance was on Rusk. With the light rail going in right by it, that would no longer be a safe entrance. So they are reconfiguring the lower floors of the garage to move the entrance to San Jacinto. No idea if Metro is paying for that or the owners of 1110 Rusk, though.
  15. Just this morning they started adding some of the fake stone façade to the upper floors: Closeup of the "stone":
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