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  1. Looking good at night from Wheeler Station, all lit up:
  2. This bridge is also being replaced. They are doing a single bridge, not a double bridge, and I believe they are taking out the trees because the new bridge will go down the middle. The same is being done at South Rice. New Chimney Rock bridge: New South Rice bridge:
  3. That two-tone glass really has a 1980s feel to it. I get that feeling even more seeing it in person than in these photos, too. Not saying it's bad, just surprising.
  4. They finally started demolishing the Buffalo Speedway bridge this past week:
  5. Here's the big pile of dirt to the south: It looks like they got the dirt by digging a giant hole, maybe for a lake? Also, a new gravel path just south of this opens on Tuesday. It replaces the sections of the Red Trail and Yellow Trail that were lost to the Big Dig.
  6. With a crane that close to the high voltage power lines, is it possible to set some kind of "lock out" for certain orientations in the crane operator's controls so he doesn't accidentally hit the lines? Or is there no protection so one must always be extra careful there?
  7. Yes, it was a little park. When they built Discovery Green and One Park Place, the park space "moved" a block east to cover up parking lots that used to be where Discovery Green is now. That's why the Shops at Houston Center used to be called the Park Shops because the balcony overlooked the park (now it overlooks Phoenicia).
  8. Lots of new information on TxDOT's site: https://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/get-involved/about/hearings-meetings/houston/022521.html Possible construction start in 2027. Three concept routes:
  9. A skybridge between the Marriott Marquis and the new Block 98 apartment tower (seen on early renderings but removed from later renderings) would achieve the same thing too. If neither gets built, I would have to wonder if they are intentionally trying to isolate GRB from the rest of the skywalk/tunnel system.
  10. I just can't see paying $11k/mo yet having the cars still sit outdoors (albeit covered). I don't understand why they didn't enclose that garage.
  11. You may be thinking of the CVS at West Alabama and Shepherd, which was just built in 2015. This was built in 2005.
  12. There is no way a 2000 square foot project costs $350m. There is clearly something missing here, assuming no typos.
  13. I wonder if it would be cheaper for TxDOT to just relocate the rail (rebuilding one bridge and acquiring a small amount of land for the reroute) than to do what is currently planned barring no cooperation from other entities (rebuilding one bridge, building a shoofly bridge, and building two grade-separated crossings). Seems like a no-brainer to me; I'm surprised an agreement hasn't been made yet.
  14. After reading the Record of Decision published yesterday, one thing I am worried about is that they seem to have abandoned the plan to relocate the railroad tracks, necessary for the North Canal project, because it discusses adding grade-separated crossings for the tracks at Providence and Rothwell Street, but those would be completely unnecessary if the tracks are relocated. Also they mention a shoofly for the overpass over IH-45, but I would think that wouldn't be necessary if they built the new bridge with the new alignment necessary for the relocated rail in lieu of a shoofly. If I am re
  15. Maybe I am misunderstanding, but from the map it looks like they WILL require you to get off at the Northwest TC and then take the Silver line to get down into Uptown. This BRT line will not be going to Uptown, per the map -- only to the NW Transit Center and, if the high speed rail is built, continue north to the HSR terminal. But maybe the map is inaccurate and it will actually turn south to Uptown along the ROW put in place for the Silver Line?
  16. Assuming you mean Feast, not Underbelly. That was a cool old building; sad to see it go.
  17. Ten utility poles in a very small area. It's like they are trying to make our city as ugly as possible. If they are too cheap to bury the power lines like first world cities would do, they should at least try to minimize the number of poles.
  18. Went yesterday and it was amazing. Very well done. The architecture, the exhibits, everything. Here are some photos:
  19. I like the new feature where it shows gaps between posts like "2 weeks later" or "1 month later", and the "new posts" line is more visible too. My only complaint is the topic listings are too narrow so most thread titles wrap onto multiple lines. Thankfully I was able to create a Greasemonkey script to resolve this, by widening the thread listing. What I did in my Greasemonkey script was put in a addGlobalStyle method (search Google for an example you can copy and paste) and then call it with this, adding 300 pixels to the default 1340 pixel width: addGlobalStyle(':ro
  20. Maybe it was named after the old programming language. Perhaps their next projects will be called the Cobol and the Ada.
  21. I think having two go up at once like we are seeing now is unusual. Usually Hines builds a tower, holds it until it is pretty much all leased out, and then sells it to an investor, using the proceeds to fund their next project. So usually there is at least a couple years between the completion of one tower and the beginning of the next one. For example, 609 Main was open and leased out before this one was begin, 811 Main was open and leased out before 609 Main began, and 717 Texas was open and leased out before 811 Main began. If Hines follows their normal process, they'll start
  22. That is so cool. Houston needs more creative reuse like this. I sure hope it is built as rendered!
  23. The Final Environmental Impact Statement has been released now: http://www.ih45northandmore.com/final_eis.aspx Also I see they have a brochure that I hadn't noticed before (seems new?) with some interesting material: https://online.flowpaper.com/7afd0778/FactsHighlightsPapersENGLISHclickable/ Houston Chronicle article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/TxDOT-releases-environmental-analysis-on-7B-I-45-15598001.php
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