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  1. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/Spanish-rail-giant-tapped-as-operator-of-planned-16314681.php
  2. Concrete is far stronger now than it used to be, and these bridges are quite old. If you look at concrete bridges in general, there has been a trend in a reduction of columns over time, especially comparing bridges built in the 1930s (my guess on the age of this bridge) to those built today.
  3. We had something like that at Fannin and Capitol for about 10 years until the parking garage for the Star (former Texaco) was built. Not quite as deep, though.
  4. Had a good view of this during the broadcast of the fireworks finale:
  5. According to that article, design won't even start until next month (with construction completion still 3 years away), so I wouldn't expect renderings for some time.
  6. I'm not a suburbanite (I've lived inside the loop for the last >20 years), but I want this project to happen. Why? IH-45 is one of the most dangerous highways in the country, and there are so many problems with its current implementation that this project addresses. Most of TxDOT's plans for this project are to increase safety. People keep naively going on and on about induced demand, but that isn't even relevant here, because in many sections, this project doesn't even add more regular lanes. It does add bus (+HOV/HOT) lanes, but improved mass transit is something we should be cel
  7. I don't understand why the floor-to-floor heights won't work for residential. Usually commercial has the greatest heights, then residential in the middle, and then hotels at the bottom. Unless it's a very old commercial building with low ceilings that only work well for hotels (like the Carter Building that became the JW Marriott), a residential conversion of a moderately-old commercial building usually has perfect ceiling heights. I believe 800 Bell has approximately 13 foot FF spacing, which would be low by today's commercial standards (the towers built in recent years are all over 14
  8. Am I remembering wrong, or wasn't the IH-610 southbound to IH-69 northbound ramp formerly 2 lanes? Cutting it from 2 lanes to 1 lane seems like very backwards thinking. Though I guess that goes with the views of many here who think that roads should be made smaller to encourage public transit. And yes, I too have now found that exiting to Westheimer and getting back on to get from 610 south to 69 north is quicker. I'm pretty sure that's not something that TxDOT wanted to have happen with this project. i doubt there is a conspiracy here, though; I think it is just incompetence. Th
  9. The BRT line is not planned to go through Afton Oaks. It would drop down from Richmond in the Greenway Plaza area to follow Westpark. Even the last designs for the LRT line weren't even planned to go go through Afton Oaks. After the neighborhood made a big stink about it, Metro moved the planned route from Richmond to Westpark. The biggest difference I am seeing between the proposed BRT route and the formerly proposed LRT route, in the Wheeler to Uptown section, is that it now appears to cross IH-69 at Edloe instead of just west of Edloe (Timmons maybe?). Also, if they are only
  10. That looks amazing. Houston could never get anything this cool. It would get value-engineered into a box covered in fake stucco. I could see something like this being built in a more innovative place like China, though.
  11. Those don't look very dead to me. Look closely -- there is lots of green hiding behind the dead branches. If they clear out the dead vines on top, they will grow back.
  12. And another building with cohesive architectural style made incohesive in the name of modernization. Looks as silly as 811 Louisiana and 2 Houston Center. Pity.
  13. Yes, the new fa├žade has gone up to match the renderings:
  14. That was the first thing I thought of when I heard Abercrombie was being torn down. So glad the art is being saved.
  15. Looking good at night from Wheeler Station, all lit up:
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