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  1. About 7-8 years ago, I was (slowly) riding my bike for about 300 feet on the sidewalk downtown, just trying to get from the front door of my office to the parking garage entrance so I could park my bike (taking the street would mean either going the wrong way on a one-way or going all the way around the block), and a bicycle cop, who amusingly was also riding on the sidewalk, told me I was not allowed to ride on the sidewalk. At another time, maybe a couple years before that, I was riding my bike on Edloe Street through Greenway Plaza and a cop told me I should ride on the sidewalk instead, even though that would have been illegal since it was a business district. So no, I haven't been ticketed, but I've experienced both hypocrisy and incompetence from HPD on the matter. In my more than 2 decades of living as an adult in Houston, both HPD, and HFD as well for that matter, have both disappointed me immensely.
  2. I think the ordinance update was only to reference motorized scooters as well. I don't think anything changed for cyclists. See my previous comment with details showing the law is still indeed what we thought it was. That said, the law makes sense at a high level, because traditionally, riding a bike on a sidewalk is far more dangerous than riding on the street, because cars entering/exiting driveways are not expecting cyclists on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, Houston drivers are so reckless that cycling on the street might actually be even more dangerous in our unusually awful situation -- we need the extra barrier of the curb to protect ourselves (and even that may not protect us from speeding cops who lose control and drive on the sidewalk).
  3. From ยง 45-2: So unfortunately the law is still what I described.
  4. Bicycling on sidewalks is prohibited in Houston in any area considered to be a "commercial area", which basically means an area with a lot of businesses around. So not just Downtown, but also much of Uptown, the TMC, Greenway Plaza, most of Westheimer, and any other street with a block or so of continuous businesses. So cyclists are forced onto major roads in these areas where motorists often are none-too-happy to see a cyclist taking "their road". In Houston, outside of residential neighborhoods, cyclists are generally required to be in the street, and when the lane is under 14 feet wide (which is most places, as standard lanes are 10 to 12 feet wide), they may (and honestly, for safety's sake, *should*) take the entire lane.
  5. I don't think one follows the other. In my neighborhood there are some absolutely enormous live oaks that were planted in the late 1930s. Most people assume they are hundreds of years old but they are not. So sidewalks have existed longer than many of the live oaks that are interfering with them.
  6. Maybe not on the sales side, but on the service side, after you get the repair bill you might change your mind.
  7. The survey link is here (there was a QR code with this address on the video, and it's also linked from the main project site): https://ridemetro.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4SJWbsekHAVTR9c
  8. Only a little. The rendering shows they are largely going to be building this in the parking lot southwest of the mall. It appears they would tear down the First Horizon Bank and the building that appears to be vacant at the northeast corner of Gessner and Barryknoll, and then just the very western part of the enclosed mall (mostly the former Sears, but also some smaller places like American Girl, Old Navy, and the ice skating area), but otherwise it's just going to be in the parking lot of the existing mall. Present: Proposed:
  9. There are two houses on Bissonnet at the southeast corner of the intersection with Westchester that have been owned by St. Andrews Presbyterian Church for some time. Apparently the church has been using them for child care services. The church is currently requesting zoning relief to have reduced setbacks and more impervious area on the front yard for these lots. I wonder if they are planning to tear down these two old houses and replace them with a purpose-built facility?
  10. I wanted to like Finn Hall, I really did. But their most interesting place (Mala Sichuan) quickly went downhill (switching to more American Chinese, which we don't need more of downtown) and then closed, and always the prices at all the vendors were too high, so I haven't eaten there in a long time now. I'd rather spend $12 for lunch than $20.
  11. I've done the Air New Zealand flight from Houston in coach. It's really not that bad, but I've been on some other long non-stops in coach too so maybe I'm used to it (Houston-Beijing, Houston-Dubai, Newark-Mumbai). They had an unusual option where 2 people could buy 3 coach seats in select rows and basically get a lie-flat bed for two out of it, which I've not seen on any other airline. I didn't do that (I was flying solo), but if I went again I'd probably take advantage of that for the 15 hour flight, if they are still doing it.
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