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  1. rechlin

    511 Main St.

    Already have a thread here; moderators please merge:
  2. I got a photo. It seems they are just using it for parking at the moment:
  3. Very interesting. Thanks for finding and sharing this. Just a bit of a summary of the 3 concepts: All move the Wheeler light rail station on top of a trenched IH-69. This, of course, is dependent on the federal government ending its hold on the highway project, caused by a bunch of people who seem to think rebuilding the highways is racist or something Two of the options have the BRT line cross with grade separation from the light rail (one above, one below). The third would have an at-grade crossing, which would mean frequent delays while waiting for the train to cross. Hopefully the BRT would get signal priority in this third case, because at present, sometimes bus 25 has to wait for several minutes for the lights to cycle after trains cross All would add an indoor (or at least covered) transit center for buses, as well as bike storage I personally think the option with below-grade BRT (confusingly labeled as "At-Grade") would be the best, by far. The above-grade BRT ("Elevated") would also be OK, but it would involve a bit of a round-about approach at crossing, causing extra turns on and off of Richmond/Wheeler, meaning more delays for BRT riders, whereas the below-grade BRT would be a straight-through route. Also, elevated infrastructure is visually much more imposing/menacing than trenched infrastructure. The at-grade BRT ("Transit Mall") seems the worst to me, because of the rail crossing issue I mentioned above. Of course, the below-grade BRT option probably would be the most expensive too! I hope that whatever design they pick, the canopies extend between the bus areas and the rail area, so passengers can transfer without getting rained on. From page 54 of the report: And a few more renderings of the three options from the report:
  4. Forgot to post my photo of the other side of this from 2 weeks ago:
  5. As I recall, the sign facing the inside of the door was filled in with a location, but the sign facing outside was not. I thought it was strange, too.
  6. Not really a restaurant/bar, though it provided easy access to some of the restaurants in the tunnels, but the CVS at Main Street Square closed about a week ago. Signage is all gone already too.
  7. Most big O&G companies have realized they need to diversify, so it wouldn't surprise me if they want to be in facilities like this to do R&D toward renewable energy. And if Houston wants to remain the energy capital of the world as energy shifts to renewables, it's great if companies want to be doing that here too.
  8. Judging by the railroad bridge in the rendering, I wonder if they've given up on the idea of relocating the railroad tracks? Though that was probably going to be done in conjunction with the IH-45 project, and if that is being delayed indefinitely, we may never get the relocated railroad tracks.
  9. I thought drones were prohibited in Memorial Park. And I'm surprised this is only for car traffic. I'd think buses and trucks and motorcycles would be allowed, and those nice sidewalks on either side would make me think pedestrians would be allowed too. The 35 mph speed limit would make me think bicyclists should be allowed too.
  10. @cityliving I'm not sure what you are doing differently now, but your photos are finally showing up with proper color on my computer now and look great! Thanks for all the time you are putting into the aerial photography. What did you change? Was it a color space conversion issue?
  11. So many different exterior finishes. I count gray painted concrete, gray painted bricks (maybe CMUs?), reddish-brown bricks, gray stucco/EIFS, brown stained wood, gray painted wood/Hardiplank (maybe two different shades?), multiple shades of trim, and white windows. And of course two more different kinds of bare/treated wood for the fence and garage gate. Isn't that a bit much? Did they just pick up random construction materials from various abandoned construction sites and combine them to have enough for one building?
  12. rechlin

    511 Main St.

    This building is completely gutted inside, wall to wall, front to back, and floor to ceiling, so it's now one big two-story room. Looks like they might be getting ready to put something in here:
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