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  1. This is starting to look really good:
  2. Looking almost complete. Sidewalk really isn't too narrow.
  3. The annoying thing is a subset of people saying we should vote no on this because they want more money spent on rail, unhappy that this puts a bigger focus on BRT. But I'm pretty sure that if this fails, Metro will take this as the people just rejecting mass transit in general, so those people would be shooting themselves in the foot.
  4. I'm not really understanding the point of moving this transit center. If it's moving to Gulfton at Chimney Rock, the only buses there are 9 and 49, which combined together only see about 5000 riders a day, and neither is a high-frequency route. The current location serves two of the most popular high-frequency routes (2/402 and 65, each of which see 6000-8000 riders a day), plus the aforementioned 49, plus the high-frequency (but admittedly low-ridership) 33. The whole point of a transit center is a nicer place for people to wait for connections, plus a place for bus drivers to use the restroom and possibly do a timing stop on the rare occasion that they are ahead of schedule. Remember, this is just a fancy bus stop, not a park-and-ride. But the proposed location would have a much, much smaller need for that than the current location. Unless Metro is revamping their bus network again (which seems unlikely, though I do realize the 33 route may change once the Uptown BRT is in place), the new location of the transit center seems pointless. Regardless of whether the Bellaire transit center exists, those bus routes will still be there so the same people will still be hanging around waiting to transfer buses, so if Bellaire residents have something against bus riders, moving the transit center won't change that. If they just hate the existence of the building, it seems like it would make more sense to just tear it down without replacement than to build a semi-pointless transit center at a location with few bus riders. Or is there something I am missing here?
  5. I seem to recall reading here a year or two ago that one developer (Hines maybe?) said that with typical office floor plate sizes (presumably in the 25-28k square foot range), 45-50 stories or so (assuming that includes a parking podium of 10-12 stories with its own separate elevators) was the limit of a conventional 3-bank elevator system. If you want to go higher, you need to start doing more complicated elevator systems (such as skylobbies or dual-floor elevators), though maybe the new elevator systems where you select your floor when calling the elevator (for increased efficiency) could allow taller buildings with just 3 elevator banks. So I think their point was that making a building more than about 45-50 floors will make the price per square foot go up enough that it's harder to justify in Houston.
  6. Maybe people are less likely to wear clothes that require dry cleaning than they used to.
  7. rechlin

    615 W Gray

    To be fair, to meet the parking requirements they had to tear down an older (historic?) home a few doors west, to build another parking lot. But I can't blame them for the City's parking minimums.
  8. And it passed: And an article about it: https://kinder.rice.edu/urbanedge/2019/07/17/houston-extends-minimum-parking-exemptions-east-end-midtown
  9. Incredible how much of that building is going to parking. About a third of the first floor, half of the second floor, most of the third through fifth floors, and all of the sixth and seventh floors. Only the eighth and ninth floors don't have parking. Still, looks like it should be a good use of that lot.
  10. Awnings completely gone from the Wheeler-facing side:
  11. Figured I'd take some photos of the carnage inside, too, because everything so far has been from street level.
  12. Crazy how they leave what I assume to be a perfectly good fire extinguisher and trash can in the building, soon to be rubble. I'd have salvaged some of that stuff...
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