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  1. I know the opera hall is getting a lot of hate on here, but I think it fits the architecture of the rest of the campus perfectly. Can't wait to see all the landscaping finished.
  2. Amazing how they managed to spell his name wrong every time (it's Liu, not Lui). I guess we'll have to see how POST Houston turns out, which could potentially be a major development (even though I realize it's been cut back a bit from the original design), but if he does a good job with that, maybe we can have better hopes for the Coca-Cola facility.
  3. I did the IAH-PEK trip last year, and it was definitely a disappointment. The IFE system was worse than what Turkish was using way back in 2013, and the food was mediocre at best (no better than United, and that says a lot). I wish we had a different nonstop option to China. The only good thing is Air China still does 9 across in coach on a 777 instead of 10 across like some of the penny-pinching carriers. The only other time I flew to PEK was on a 747 via Northwest so that's too long ago to be comparable. Hopefully we'll see a nonstop route to Shanghai in the future as an alternative, as I would take that next time I go to China.
  4. I used a webcam to record the construction of the existing tower, along with the other buildings nearby, from 2015 to the present. I still haven't gotten around to making the timelapse video (over 200,000 three-megapixel images). Now the Hampton/Homewood blocks most of my view of the roof of the tower, but I am expecting to relocate 3 floors higher in July, which should give a better view, so if the construction doesn't start until then I should be able to get the construction progress of the roof preparations for the hotel in my webcam.
  5. The rendering pretty clearly shows the W hotel on top of the tower, not the garage. The amenities deck is on top of the front part of the tower and the W hotel is on top of the back part of the tower. None appears to be on top of the garage. And I watched them build that garage; there is no way that garage is supporting a hotel like that. So no, I am pretty sure you are incorrect. Yes, a little bit of the garage is incorporated into the existing tower, but I'm not counting that since that's well below the beginning of the hotel.
  6. No, the article is misleading. The Houston First building is attached to a parking garage. The hotel will be on top of the Houston First building, not its attached parking garage.
  7. Scaffolding is now down and the sidewalk is reopened, though the slipcover is still removed from much of the "north" side:
  8. You're not accounting for unexpectedly high HVAC costs. It will probably look something like this when it's done:
  9. No shutdown of consequence would be necessary to add a new station between Wheeler and Museum District. Remember, Central Station Main was added without any significant shutdown (occasional shutdowns with bus bridges at off-peak times and that's it). That said, although the 1000 meter gap between Wheeler and Museum District is bigger than the typical 400-800 meter gaps in Midtown, Downtown, and the TMC, it's in line with the spacing of the rest of the MetroRail system. And having stops delays the already slow train, meaning you would need a lot of people getting on and off before a stop becomes more than just an annoyance. So I think a lot more than just this Museo Plaza development will have to be completed before another stop would be justified.
  10. The title of this thread is a bit misleading by saying it's in Bellaire. It seems that it's actually in Alief. Not only is it not anywhere near the city of Bellaire, but it's a full quarter of a mile from even the street of Bellaire Boulevard. Could we get that corrected?
  11. And before it was called the Galleria Area, it was called the Magic Circle.
  12. The condition of the original façade looks better than I feared but it's still far worse than the Main Street Food Store building at 1101 Main, which was reportedly already hard to justify restoring. It appears the columns between the windowed sections were totally destroyed. But maybe we'll get lucky -- I'd love to see that 1929 façade back.
  13. It looks like they finished the interiors before installing the windows. Isn't that risky, in case of a storm blowing rain in?
  14. It already has. For quite a few months, about 8-10 spots have been reserved for this. The new construction just makes it so they can go out a separate door instead of the main door, potentially speeding up the curbside pickup. The parking situation is why I usually walk to this grocery store rather than drive.
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