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  1. Car lots all over the country are emptying out due to lack of supply of new vehicles, so it's also possible they may be consolidating their car lots. This is a good time to do the move to the South Loop when they are down on inventory.
  2. That was exactly my point. I'm glad you understand it. This should have been built before prices went up as much as they did, and they should now build this before prices go up any more. Rail projects in the US are gradually becoming more and more unaffordable every year (and getting much much worse than most other countries, for a variety of reasons), so that's why I think we need to build this before it becomes completely unfeasible. Doing the math, as it is, I have trouble seeing how investors can even justify $24b for this project with the expected ridership. If they wait any longer, I can't see this ever getting built.
  3. A 13' travel lane makes it so that cyclists can legally take the lane, so they no longer have to hug the right side for cars to pass like they do with a 16' wide lane.
  4. They need to hurry up and build this before the cost goes up even more. First they were saying $12b, then $15b, then $18b, and now $24b. And no word on whether they are lining up any new investors. Interesting to see they are now asking for federal loans when previously it was going to be privately funded. I too am surprised that there are at-grade crossings. I'm assuming these are probably going to be things like farmers' driveways and not roads with any real traffic? I hadn't noticed them when I looked at all the maps on the environmental study back when that came out, but I wasn't specifically looking for them.
  5. Might it have been summer 1984? Is it possible Heritage Plaza was that far along by that point? He says that his family left Houston in 1984, and I didn't think he moved back to this country until much later so it seems unlikely it was after 1984. But maybe he's remembering wrong when he moved away, because it doesn't seem likely it would be that far along by even the middle of 1984. TC Energy Center, Wells Fargo Plaza, 1400 Smith Street, and the JPMorgan Chase Tower are all complete in this photo, but all of those were finished in 1983 so it's really hard to date this, because I can't identify anything other than Heritage Plaza that was completed over the few years following 1983.
  6. I thought this project wasn't really adding lanes, except bus lanes which is what we do desperately need to improve mass transit?
  7. Wow, Rice Military, Sawyer Yards, and Downtown are all different neighborhoods yet they say it's in all three. My guess is this is actually in Sawyer Yards (which some people seem to think is part of Rice Military). Interesting that we are getting a Putt Shack in downtown and a Drive Shack from Puttery not far away, at about the same time.
  8. Those look like renderings of 3D models rather than photos. There is something eerily unreal about them. Very cool.
  9. No photos, but last week it was still unchanged from before, just with a "For Lease" (or similar) sign in front. Still boarded up, still with the original fa├žade partially exposed.
  10. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/Spanish-rail-giant-tapped-as-operator-of-planned-16314681.php
  11. Concrete is far stronger now than it used to be, and these bridges are quite old. If you look at concrete bridges in general, there has been a trend in a reduction of columns over time, especially comparing bridges built in the 1930s (my guess on the age of this bridge) to those built today.
  12. We had something like that at Fannin and Capitol for about 10 years until the parking garage for the Star (former Texaco) was built. Not quite as deep, though.
  13. Had a good view of this during the broadcast of the fireworks finale:
  14. According to that article, design won't even start until next month (with construction completion still 3 years away), so I wouldn't expect renderings for some time.
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