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  1. Hopefully this means they'll finally replace the two broken windows on one of the upper floors that have been broken for 1.5 years (since October 2017).
  2. Wrong forum. This is near the Rice Village, not the West Loop. I already made a thread for this development here:
  3. Well, I also was very, very disappointed by what Hines did to 811 Louisiana (former Two Shell). It used to be a somewhat architecturally interesting building, with an arch-like appearance to the windows on the second floor that gradually disappeared over the next several floors. But then they replaced almost all of it with black cladding, leaving just one floor (the fifth, I believe) with slight variations in window sizes, which now looks out of place. Once again, a modernization that did more harm than good. Though I will admit I like what they did to the interior.
  4. "Dated" at one point becomes historical not long later. Calling it "dated" is the same kind of thinking that led to the modernization of the Carter building a couple blocks from here in the 1960s, thankfully undone (though in styrofoam) to restore the building for the JW Marriott. I for one am disappointed to see this example of architecture demolished. Sure, it looked old, but at least it was interesting with all the circles. Now the building will be a disjoint combination of distinctive 1970s architecture and generic 2010s architecture. My only complaint about the escalators at the Houston Center complex is that they are either always full of disrespectful people who would stand two-abreast, preventing anyone from getting around them, or they are so narrow that only one person can stand so there is no possibility of standing. I always wished they had a stairwell in the middle, because it's quicker to walk up stairs than to wait for the slow escalator ride when nobody lets you pass.
  5. One thing I've noticed with the search is it ignores numbers. So, for example, if I search for 609 Main, it returns all results for Main, ignoring the 609. However, if I put the whole address in quotes as "609 Main" then it will work. Any way to fix this, or should we just know to quote the number together with another word when searching for numbers? Thanks for taking the time to maintain the site. It's working so much smoother than it did half a year ago.
  6. What forum should be used for the southwest quarter of the loop (Rice University, Rice Village, Southampton, West University, Southside Place, Bellaire, Greenway Plaza)? I've been using "Other Houston Neighborhoods", but some have been putting Greenway Plaza posts in the "West Loop/Galleria/Uptown/Memorial" forum, but that doesn't seem right. It isn't Museum District or Texas Medical Center, but maybe one of those forums could be expanded to include the neighborhoods west of it?
  7. Central Station Main to Museum District station on the Metrorail will take you about 14 minutes, almost triple the 5 you mention. And you won't get to the Kirby area from the middle of downtown in a 5 minute Uber. At least 15, and more like 25 if there's any traffic.
  8. Guess we're never going to get the old decorative parapet (which was removed during renovation) restored, then, since the rendering still shows the current plain fa├žade at the top. Glad to see an empty building put to use, though.
  9. Disappointing. Not liking that they are tearing down a recently-renovated high-rise to build another boring cookie-cutter midrise. The site plan definitely shows it replacing the Cabochon, but sparing the engineering building, even though the rendering shows it on a corner.
  10. Today, looks like I was just a floor or two higher than @ekdrm2d1 (not chosen for the jury though!):
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