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  1. I thought electric bikes were not considered motor vehicles in Texas, as long as they can't exceed 20 mph and don't weigh more than 100 pounds. They could theoretically be banned from bike trails but I've seen no signs indicating that they aren't allowed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_bicycle_laws#Texas
  2. I've mostly only heard it called Bellaire by people in the Vietnamese community. Chinese are more likely to call it Chinatown in my experience. Calling it Bellaire is so misleading and confusing because it's not especially close to the city of Bellaire. But I realize calling it Chinatown is not very inclusive of the large Vietnamese community. I do like the idea of calling it Asiatown, or maybe just calling the Sharpstown part (inside the beltway) as Chinatown and the Alief part (outside the beltway) as Little Saigon, and that divides things up a little more accurately.
  3. I believe plans were shared here earlier that showed the path actually going THROUGH that building, which would be pretty cool.
  4. Looks like they've really scaled this back. Probably for the best, though, because now they won't have to kick out their existing tenants to make this work. No more movie theater, and less street-level interaction, and the rest of the second floor ends up a lot less "open", even keeping several of the tenants in their old locations. It's a lot less of a "reimagining" than they originally had planned, but this still should be very nice, especially with that rooftop patio.
  5. Cool site, but the claim of June 2020 at 50,000 feet is a lie. They haven't even built runway 8L/26R at IAH (built around 2002), or the northeast part of the Sam Houston Tollway (built around 2010), among other things, at that view, despite it claiming June 2020. Those images are probably a lot closer to June 2000!
  6. Couldn't take a photo while driving, but today I saw at the roof level they have an angled roof (not flat) over a higher ceiling than is implied by the roof level in the photos above. It's really quite striking from IH-69.
  7. The crown got value-engineered too unfortunately. Current design (I believe): Original design:
  8. The location is great, but when they are asking $0-9-1.2 million for a 2 bedroom unit with no view, or $1.3-1.6 million for the same size unit with a view but way too few windows, plus add $1000 per month for maintenance, and then don't even have indoor parking (two spots in an outdoor, but gated and covered, parking area), I can't see many people willing to pay that. I really wonder if the developers were thinking this through when they designed it; clearly the original developer didn't since they had to pass it on to another company to finish it. At the very least they should have finished off a rooftop patio (perhaps even with a small pool) for all 6 residents to share, and maybe that would have made it a bit more special.
  9. I really like how they changed the design of the parking garage, but with the skywalk to the Marriott Marquis now removed from the rendering, I guess this means there now definitely won't be a tunnel/skywalk connection between the convention center and the rest of downtown as I had hoped (and as the earlier renderings had indicated). Too bad.
  10. I assume they mean "mall" like the National Mall, a big place to walk around, and not "mall" as in "shopping mall".
  11. It's so each unit pays for their own electricity for air conditioning. It's a lot less efficient than a central system, but it's the simplest way to make sure everyone pays for their own amount of cooling.
  12. I would say the opposite. Rather than being like the other Mala Sichuan restaurants (which are excellent, or at least the Chinatown location was), they had a greatly reduced menu that had too much American Chinese food and very few of the offerings that made their other locations great. There were only like 2-3 traditional dishes on the menu. I was really looking forward to them opening, because downtown had no proper Chinese food, meaning they had the potential to fill a very valuable niche, but instead all we ended up with was basically another American Chinese place but with prices far too high to compete with the others downtown. Look around town and fairly authentic Sichuan-style places are opening up everywhere -- Cooking Girl, Pepper Twins, Spicy Girl, etc -- so there is clearly a lot of demand, but so far nobody has attempted this downtown. Now that the middleman has been removed at Finn Hall we might finally see prices adjust to be more reasonable, because despite working across the street from it, I very rarely went because their prices just weren't competitive.
  13. There is no lockdown in Harris County anyway, and even in counties that have more strict shelter-in-place rules than the very light ones effective for us today, construction is generally still allowed. So I wouldn't see that as a concern just yet.
  14. I have reinstated it. I don't know why it was removed.
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