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  1. Question - Were they Charles Chips, or Charlies Chips - Tan can, brown writing - leave the money on the can when they delivered the next batch
  2. Texas Tumbleweed - I remember going there pretty regular, but it was a different location, but I remember Monterey House more - Specifically the candy that was mixed in with the chips - Almost pure sugar in a wax paper "bag"
  3. The Shakeys I remember was out at Wilcrest and 59 - The building is still there - I most remember going there with my YMCA football teams and they had this video game where you were on a motor cycle and you jumped over barrells or something like that - Black and white monitor and sketchy audio - This thing predated Space Invaders
  4. Starlight Skate was located at the corner of Beechnut and Cook Rd out in Alief - Should be the Northeast corner
  5. Depends where on Bellaire you are talking - Out in Alief there was a skating rink called Great Skate between Cook and Kirkwood - First place I ever held a girls hand
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