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  1. And going for $2350 a month - 3 br 3 bath - http://www.har.com/u/250EE615 How long until the price drops? Any bets?
  2. Whoever bought into those 3 tow homes are going to have a big wall or some hotel windows to stare into pretty soon - that suckssssssss...
  3. I wish I could get that Miyako sign off the top of the building! One side of that would make a really cool (and REALLY big) wall piece.
  4. Wow. That original plan dissolved drastically. Talk about being watered down...
  5. As cool as the “reconstruction” looks – I’m still a bit disappointed that none of the awesome Mid-Century elements will be left exposed.
  6. Well, I can tell you one thing...there is no way this is a rendering of the side of the building facing S. Main This must be a connecting driveway on the side or rear of the building I'm guessing. I live in the neighborhood and it will definitely be an improvement for the area though
  7. Haha I had a feeling there must be some restrictions in place for that. No doubt, the neighborhood would not take kindly to turning that into basically a "thoroughfare" for residents in and out of there. As far as access via McNee - that's true, it is right at that intersection which will be helpful.
  8. I think this was the site of the old Hospitality Inn - demolished in 2005 or 2006. To be honest, I live not far from here and the convergence of S.Main and Old Spanish Trail right near this will make access a pain. I would hope they incorporate some sort of secondary access, maybe from the neighborhood behind(it would require maybe a house demo or two) via Lorrie Dr. Or maybe the rear of the Target to connect with Braesmain Dr. Regardless, this is an odd site choice for a multifamily development.
  9. Has anyone noticed that the gas station/used car lot on the corner of S. Braeswood and Kirby has closed? Maybe the property sold? The used cars for sale that were there are gone, the place appears to have closed up, and driving by this afternoon I saw they have begun to remove the fuel pumps. Is this being demolished and included in the Millennium Kirby footprint? If so, I say good move on their part
  10. I'm from Seattle originally and recognized that development the instant I saw the picture you posted - it's in the Denny Triangle/South Lake Union area! It's crazy for me to think how much that area has changed! Much like Houston, the area it sits is an area that was very different even just 10 years ago - transitioning from a somewhat blighted area of the city filled with warehouses and vacant lots to a fast growing neighborhood of apartments, retail, biotech companies and even the new headquarters for Amazon. I like to think Midtown could transition into something similar. Both have many elements in common, such as prime location and light rail connection.
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