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  1. i guess this is part of the reason why there will be large parking lots http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2015/12/white-oak-music-hall-gets-incentive-from-city-of.html The Houston City Council on Dec. 16 approved the reimbursement for public improvement costs. In exchange, the project will incorporate features for the community, such as extra parking for residents, school rehearsal space and a place for a farmer’s market, the Chronicle reports. There will also be three parking lots to reduce on-street parking, and the developers will upgrade infrastructure such as sidewalks, landscaping, street lighting and the public sanitary sewer line, the Chronicle reports.
  2. thanks for all updates and all but ... they need to stop it if they are not going to do anything about it even if is not soon
  3. i understand their point of view but too far in my opinion, and not looking forward a possible bus line like a "shuttle" be created, only other option another rail line extension but that will not happened.
  4. does anyone a holiday inn sign will go up on the top of the building or along the side? it seems it will not.
  5. Somebody needs to tell these people this is not NYC at least not yet and that in my opinion is not for a very LONG time when it comes to pricing for living in places such as these and no doubt for prices like that you can get much better like in the galleria area and other areas.
  6. Forgive my ignorance but what is the height requirement for a "midrise" 4 floors?
  7. In deed, we got so far city view terrace which hopefully goes up and you can see from the picture above the hamilton.
  8. that was fast!!! it would not surprise me if Hines has something up their sleeve for another development within the year.
  9. Impressive for the size and the location being that is not that close to downtown yet not that far, imagine the pricing might be a bit cheaper then inside dowtown. there also seems to be an empty lot across the street which could eventually lead to another development. awesome news.
  10. i thought i heard that apache is going through some hard times which might not give them the opportunity to build, anyone knows if this would be correct or maybe they would hold on before building? thanks.
  11. while it seems cool the renderings no longer impress me knowing it won't happen.
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