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  1. I have a Townhome for lease in the Midtown area. It is 3 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, 2 Car Garage. It is the perfect blend of architectural detail, and design efficiency. The kitchen is big, and there is a great downtown view from both the 2nd and 3rd story. I have upgraded some of the details such as a very nice powder room, added a second cable line in the living room for those DirectTV DVR's, remote lighting and ceiling fan in living room etc. I have also posted the listing on Craigslist, where there are 4-pictures. In this posting I have put one picture of the actual view from the balcony/what you see when sitting in your living room. Asking $1876/month + deposit Craigslist AD: https://accounts.craigslist.org/post/shwpst...48500&db=lv You can either reply via the Craigslist ad, or to my phone number. 602.510.4119 Thanks. Ferron
  2. just a random thought but....do you think Lovett will ever stop building homes, and only sell under the InTown name? It seems as though InTown is a newer brand, and appears to be targeting a slightly lower price point, but could also have begun because of the word of mouth on their higher end Lovett products.
  3. I have used the 2percent2buyer.com and so have two of my co-workers. None of us have ever had any issues on getting the rebates.
  4. now you are talkin...Trader Joe's would be awesome!!!!
  5. China Hong Kong (pre- china rule) Tiawaan Japan France - but just the Airport, same for Amsterdam and London - you know, long enough to be at the airport for a day, but not much else Kuwait Nigeria Argentina USA - Texas, Arizona, Washington (state), Oregon, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Idaho I think that is about it. My Political Leanings - Moderate in Texas, Conservative outside of Texas, it is all realtive you know. I personally have a hard time differentiating between Fiscally Conservative, and Cheap. I say that because I feel as though a lot of money is wasted here in Houston by not properly funding things the extra 10% to do it right the first time, so we pay an extre 2% for maintenence for 20 years. For example - road construction, everyone digs up the roads and puts the same dirt back in the ground. This, in my opinion, is stupid because the soil being put back into the ground isn't easy to compact because of the type of soil it is. Therefore, over time, the soil compacts from traffic and rain etc. If they would have just spent another $200,000 on the $4,000,000 project for crushed gravel the soil would compact and drain better, thus keeping our roads smoother for longer timeframes. Ultimately reducing the maintenance costs for a direct savings, and making traffic travel smoother for reduced congestion (potentially), and lower wear and tear on our cars for indirect savings..... So, if I am a liberal for wanting to spend a few more dollars on up front costs that will result in better use of money, then I am a liberal. But, if you agree with the not necessarily Fiscally Conservative, but Fiscally RESPONSIBLE approach...that is what I am looking for...EFFICIENCY.....anyone else care about how efficient the money is spent, rather than just how much money is "taken" from us?
  6. So the last time I was in Seatlttle I made a point of taking a self guided tour of the new Seattle Library. Functionally - the archicture is wonderful. Visually - the architecture is subjective. The building is about 8 stories where the top 3 stories are administrative offices - haven't been there. The 5th floor is a lot of open space with computers and seating. The interesting thing about the seats is they are made out of foam. Relatively dense foam with a rubber coating over them. It is pretty ingenious because they are very angular, but not uncomfortable. The building is wheelchair accessable all the way to the 5th floor. The color of the center core is a greenish yellow flourescent color. Very bold, and trendy. It is really the wave of future library's for city use. While university libraries will always have massive amounts of books for research, prestige etc. City libraries should really be used for the benefit of the people. This library accomplishes that...it even has a starbucks stand (pun intended - and true at the same time). To me, this library garners the same reaction, but using a completely different methodology than the Experience Music Project in Seattle. Overall - I like the architecture, and the function. However, in all honesty, I think a structure like that in Houston wouldn't fly too well. It would take too much scrutiny for being trendy, and non conformist. Seattle can get away with it becuase of its culture. In Houston, I have seen similar attempts at being bold, but on a much smaller scale.
  7. I was there at the same time....I grew up there actually. Very beautiful. They definitely have a lot of small to medium size parks. Not many as big as Memorial, but some are more functional I think. They have significant trails for biking and rollerblading on too. I haven't been anywhere nicer than Seattle in the Summer.....but I have been many places nicer than seattle in the late fall, winder and spring. I was there at the same time....I grew up there actually. Very beautiful. They definitely have a lot of small to medium size parks. Not many as big as Memorial, but some are more functional I think. They have significant trails for biking and rollerblading on too. I haven't been anywhere nicer than Seattle in the Summer.....but I have been many places nicer than seattle in the late fall, winder and spring.
  8. I think there is a delicate balance between too much and not enough zoning control. In Houston I think there should be more zoning control. With low interest rates all the builders are building houses rather than commercial real estate because they know they can sell it quickly. It makes sense for the developers, but I think it slows property values and urban development in general.
  9. I am just learning about this TRIZ stuff - but to me, for Public works elements it sounds like a crock of crap to me. Why should the TRIZ budget have anything to do with the ability to maintain the roads. I read about a project that is to widen San Filepe ....well right now they are working on an "Improvement" project from Yorktown to Chimney Rock. What I find disheartening about the project is that literally 2 blocks toward the loop from there the same road is settling like crazy. There are sections that have settled 6-inches, and to see that right next to an improvement project makes me shake my head. Overall, to me the biggest issue I have with the TRIZ's is that they don't include zoning. I would think that if there is a special budget set up, you would include zoning to help create a balance of use. Overall, I am not against having consultants perform studies in areas - but only to provide an actual impact. I think a lot can be learned from looking at other communities. However, a study should be differentiated from being tied down in legal terms and conditions. For example, a good use of tax payer money was to higher a consultant to study the red light running and provide a recommendation that indicates red light running could be reduced by upwards of 80% if they were to increase the length of a yellow light by 2-seconds. A bad use of tax payer money is to completely ignore the recommendations and just build more roads. What good are more roads if the signal timing is messed up. Anyway - that is off topic. In a city that barely has enough money to maintain basic public services - let me rephrase that. Considering the city has a budget of about $4.2-Billion, and a General Budget of over $3.0-Billion, one would think the services would be a little stronger. To put it into perspective - Houston has a higher per capita tax than the city of Chicago. But to offset that it is a lot bigger geographically - but there is also tons of unmaintained vacant land...so it offsets I guess.
  10. are there any architectural tours that people can sign up for that have a schedule? When I was in Seattle the Architectural society gave tours on an annual basis and had a schedule...I was wondering if this happened in Houston too.
  11. I don't know much about the Grand Parkway project - but I will say this - I certainly hope that everyone in the Woodlands (and Katy and Sugarland...etc.) understands that they live out there by choice and they should live with what they have at this point. There is plenty of vacant land inside the loop to house another 100,000 people and they wouldn't have to drive 30-miles each way each day..... Remember that where you live is in large part by choice....if gas prices reach $10/gallon....hopefully nobody complains because there is plenty of housing, and lots of room for increased demand inside and near the loop. Remember when there was only a 2-lane road from the woodlands (hypothetically of course).....if you build it they will come....the movie was about more than just a baseball field. It was a symbol to signify something about thinking before you act. build more roads....people will own more cars, and more people will move up there....if you widen the road, it won't make it easier for the existing population - it will make it so more poeple can be stuck 30 miles from the city.
  12. 71 degrees - as opposed to 99 degrees - of course......temperature. As far as Singapore - lets put this into perspective a little bit....do you have any idea why people walk everywhere there? Most people don't own cars. do you know why most people don't own cars - for starters, cost to purchase. Second cost to register. And you know you don't want to piss off the Govt. in Singapore, so I am sure anyone that drives there has their cars registered. A Toyota Corolla costs over $50,000 USD, and over $15,000 to register.....enough said. SUV's are nice...what is funny though is looking at the Gas total after they leave - I saw one the other day $90 to fill the tank.....NICE...to compound things more people in Houston CHOOSE to live 30 miles away from their jobs. I heard a lady on the radio that said her commute was basically from the Woodlands to Sugarland every day....what a joke.... Drive whatever you want - just don't delicate flower about gas prices because you made the choice to drive what you drive. I believe that the developers follow the money...of course. However, cities with zoning help dictate where developers build what types of structures. I am all for a free market society; however, to be honest, I feel like the city of Houston spends 90cents on 60 cents of service and quality, where other cities would spend 100cents for 100 cents of service and quality. Basically, what I am trying to say is the lack of planning and zoning ends up creating situations where repairs and re-construction takes place all too often. In the end, this is wasteful. The property taxes here are outrageous, and so are the assessments. I know I know....Texas doesnt have any state income tax.....but that doesn't really matter because most places have relatively the same sales tax, but the property taxes are 1% instead of 3%. I would be willing to bet that people in Texas pay pretty much as many taxes as many other cities. Oil prices dropping - it is all relative. yes with respect to their highs in the summer; but compared to last year at this time they are significantly higher. Oil is definitely a seasonal commodity, with the Summer being the highest price time of year because of all the travel etc. So, I will say they are dropping if they don't reach $70 next year in the summer. The bottom line to me is Houston is a city in the midst of a transition, but in 5 years what will it look like? I am not optimistic considering the marginal progress Midtown has made in the last 5+ years. The commercial development is so minimal in some areas of mid-town. The Geographic area inside the loop that is undeveloped, or completely run down is enromous, and the way developers are picking the land to build on doesn't seem very community oriented. Now, I know that developers are out to make money, but considering a house in the Uptown area sells for $200/SF - and they sell, seems like an awfully good indication that if you build something in an area that is established you can get a premium for the structure. Therefore, it seems to me if you were to work on more mixed used communities the area in general would grow and become established much quicker.
  13. Well lets see....it gets up to 100 pretty much anywhere in the Continental US. The difference is Here is some data about the temperatures: NYC Average High Temperature Years on Record: 33 YEAR Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
  14. I agree completely......you and I are in alignment on many things. I remember when I first moved there, two things jump to mind. First, I remember coming out from a movie theater at about midnight and walking into the parking garage and feeling all of the heat from the concrete structure just wrapping around me. The second thing to put it into perspective was I remember going to the swimming pool at night and not being able to cool off because the water was too hot. I had to make it relatively cold - so I would go into the hot tub to get really hot, then go into the pool to feel cool. Funny thing is by the following May, the water was too cold to go into the pool because I had adjusted. Talking about red lights - funny thing is Phoenix used to be rated the worst for red light running - they got red light cameras, and you know what.....the problem no longer exists.....well, at least not compared to Houston. Since moving here I have had 3 serious near misses that had never occured anywhere else I have ever lived....nothing even close. What gets me is the arguments being used. I have heard people saying things like...what if the car is stolen and they run a red light...I will get a ticket. As if everyone in the city is driving a stolen car. The other one I have heard is what if it is 3 am and the light "just isn't changing" and you want to go through it.... Here is a perspective - 75 people die every in the US from being struck by lightning. 200 people die in the US every year from changing lanes on the freeways. 246 people died in HOUSTON in 2004 from running red lights. I have had people go around me because I was stopped at a red light, and run the red light.
  15. how about something OTHER than a F***** chain restaurant.....anyone can cook a hamburger or deep fry chicken.....
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