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  1. Wow, I just got back onto this post of Westbury Square and found it is still going since when I started the thread in the year of 2005. Funny when I wrote the post, I mentioned a coffee shop that existed at the moment when I went back to see what became of the square. It was sad to see the coffee shop really never made it, though at the time I printed the photo of the fountain in the center of Westbury Square from this thread and pasted on the coffee shop's board of memories.
  2. A pony-riding place off South Main. I am 29 years old now, though I remember a park that use to be on Main Street before you got to Holcombe. It had a bunch of rides plus a pony ride you could go on. Was this the same place you are regarding when it comes to that? You know, I don't think I even remember when they tore it down. It seems like it was there and then it was not.
  3. Though my wife and I live in Nashville Tn after moving from those apartments. Here in TN, most of those places never have existed for anyone to know about. They have a chain here called Krystal. They sell these very small hamburgers that are somewhat like another chain called White kastle. Has there ever been a Krystal in Houston?
  4. Many times I have eaten there at that Piccadilly on West Bellfort. I also lived right next door to it in the apartments. The food there is still really good, though it does serve a twist of soul food.
  5. Don't know much about that, but the church West End Baptist out in that area was designed by the same person that designed West University Baptist in the West University area inside the city of Bellaire. If you go inside both of the church buildings, you will notice they look almost alike. Though West U remodeled years later and now looks a little different. Sorry about not knowing much about the park..
  6. Champs, does anyone remember this place that was located on Braeswood in the SW part of Houston during the 1980's? It was right next door to where Beldons is today? This location of Champs is now a Mexican food pub like eatery. Champs was more like a diner like place that served breakfast and hamburgers and randomness. Plus I liked the place because I was able to play the arcade games that were in the front of the cafe as my parents ate the rest of their meal. Plus the waitress would always ask us if our food and everything okay at the end of the meal. Plus there was another Champs on Fondren and West Bellfort which is now a Shell Gas Station.
  7. That's right now I remember, though only ever being there as a child the name was very vague. My main reason of remembering the place so well, my dad loved taking me there and spending time there on Saturdays. That was a good memory. I wonder if there is any old photos of the place that even Meyerland itself might hold onto as records?
  8. I remember "Poor Folk" on Fondren and 59 freeway. Their chicken and dumplings were wonderful. I also remember they had a big black and white poster of John Wayne right there as you came into the place.
  9. I remember watching the Houston Cougars play the many random teams in the South West Conference. Plus many years before that I remember watching a Houston Gamblers football game. Now there is something you don't ever hear about anymore. Plus somewhere at the moment at a UH football game, I remember my mom taking me up to one of the sky boxes and during that moment I remember wanting to throw up over the rail as I was looking down toward the field.
  10. During the 1980's this cafe was located in back of the store Woolworth next door to the cobbler's shop in Meyerland plaza. My dad would always get his shoes fixed in the shop and go next door to the Rumble Seat to have a drink at the bar. This was also a cafe that had a band to come in and play during the week after people were getting off from work. I remember drinking cherry cokes there at the bar counter then going over to play Pac-Man at the video game table. They also had a penny gum ball machine that my dad would give me pennies to buy gum. Does anyone remember this place? Does anyone have photos? I remember my dad got me a shirt from this cafe that I liked wearing, though it was so big it would go down to my feet since I was a little kid.
  11. Then if you go back a tad bit farther to 1975, you will see these stores that I list here: "J.C. PENNEY / MEYER BROTHERS / F.W. WOOLWORTH (with lunch counter) / KROGER / PALAIS ROYAL / Turrentine's / Texas State Optical / Windmill Gift Shop / The Woman's Shop / World Wide Health / The Man's Shop (Herman Melcher) / Hancock Fabrics / Seline's Ladies' Wear / Margo's - La Mode / Oshman's Sporting Goods / Walter Pye's / Thom McAn Shoes / Gibraltar Savings / Eight Js Company / Merle Norman Cosmetics / Coiffures Unlimited / Jaclans Fashions / Cole's Barber Shop / A. Action Safe & Lock / J. Ross Bole Company / Kits Incorporated Hobby / Cobbler's Workshop / Houston Trunk Factory / Vogue Shoes / Motherhood Maternity / Wicks-n-Sticks / Browz a Bit / B. Dalton Bookseller / Graham's Shoes and Apparel / Singer Sewing Center / Corrigan Jewelers / Hickory Farms Ohio / Wyatt Cafeterias / ABC Baby Furniture / Gluckman and Associates / J. Kornblith, Incorporated / Prices's Furniture / Williamson Fashions / White Auto Store / Playhouse Toy Store / Jimi's / Tiny Togs / Diamond Realty / J.J. Pappas Attorney / Parmer Real Estate" But these are not from my memory, I found these names from the website of: http://mall-hall-of-fame.blogspot.com/ Does anyone here remember that cafe called RumbleSeed that was in back of Woolworth? I can not find it here in this list?
  12. Wow, amazing I remember going to that fun time to play video games. It use to be a Hickory Farms before that or some kind of store? Anyhow wow.
  13. I remember on the other side of Woolworth, near the corner of the other side. There was a shoe and boot store that you could get your shoes repaired, plus next to that there was a pub like cafe called the Rumbel Seed Cafe. I know I am not spelling the name right, but at that time, my dad use to go there every Saturday and have a drink while I drank Cherry Coke. I am 29 years old now, though at that time I was pretty young.
  14. I've been with their foot ball team for about 4 years in the Marching Owl Band aka MOB. The team is pretty good, I've always enjoy watching them from where we sit. During the half time, our band entertains the crowds by making fun of the other team or some other type of show for simply fun! If you don't like football you just might enjoy watching the MOB. We are not your everyday marching band and better, we don't march either!
  15. Here is a place which has been there in the same location for many years. It's a one man kitchen that creates big hamburgers. He is near the old University of Houston area and has been working in his small kitchen since 1972 creating wonderful hamburger meals for really cheap prices. If you drive in the area, he might be hard to find simply because the area is somewhat old, but look closely and you will see his window. Here is a website that describes where he is at! I've eatten there 3 times now and love it! http://waylandshamburgers.tripod.com
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