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  1. Boomtown coffee has now opened as well. It looks like Seaside poke may be next.
  2. Isn't that the Wells Fargo block Urb?
  3. At first I thought this was in strange place for this size of tower. However, after looking at the maps and aerials others posted, this is primary surrounded by other commercial property. Build baby, build!
  4. Agreed and NYC which is known for ground floor retail everywhere just built a high end Galleria type mall at *Hudson yards. In my opinion, Galleria will be around for many more decades.
  5. Yes it is something new and hopefully it succeeds but this is terribly underwhelming. I say this for 3 reasons. 1. Hanover Buffalo Bayou 2. The Allen 3. Regent Square for god sake! Like the three projects above, this fronts the bayou/park and is actually in downtown. In my humble opinion, I would prefer for Lovett to sell (at a profit) and for a developer with a bigger vision(and pockets) to come along. Even if it sits vacant for a couple more years.
  6. Not sure of the exact hours but the above details had previously been communicated.
  7. There is actually one open retail spot that faces Rusk.
  8. Awesome, thank you for all of the details! One questions though, Pappa's Bros Steakhouse, are they relocating elsewhere in downtown? I would hate to be relegated back to one location in the Galleria.
  9. Where is Common Bond going? Street level or last food stall?
  10. Apologies, I actual meant the Milam street side is the worst side. The Travis side is actually not as bad because as seen in the picture, half of that side is driveways. Pic I took before barricades were taken down.
  11. I could not agree more. On the Travis St and Milam St sides they took what was otherwise a large sidewalk and made it tiny. Unsure how no one pointed that out. Wish them all the success but kind of hoping the City takes corrective action. It is especially bad on the Travis street side. Otherwise, I think it is a great addition and in my opinion turned out better than expected.
  12. That is awesome! are they fully launching in Houston?
  13. There is already one in the tunnels under 1000 Main. Seems to do alright.
  14. I think that is a fair comparison. There is a certain cheapness to it reminiscent of student dorms. It is great to have a wide range of housing options however, these are not much more economic than the "luxury" options up and down the street.
  15. If it turns out to be residential I can already hear it now. "We offer direct access to the bayou and have dedicated bike and kayak storage."
  16. Great development. Question though, at what point do we rename Main Street to Marriott Street? -Residence Inn -Courtyard -Sprinhill -JW Marriott -AC Hotels -Moxy -Icon All from Polk Street to the Bayou. In fact, if it was not for the Holiday Inn, every hotel on Main street in downtown would be a Marriott.
  17. You took the words right out of my mouth. The pictures of the updated progress immediately made me think about the Austin food hall on Congress & Cesar Chavez.
  18. Is it me or does it seem like this will be above ground in like two weeks? That vertical rebar already seems to be at street level.
  19. Love the development, hate that the power lines were not buried. If the City wont do it, why don't they ask the developer to do it as an improvement on these new builds? Anyone have any insight?
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