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  1. If it turns out to be residential I can already hear it now. "We offer direct access to the bayou and have dedicated bike and kayak storage."
  2. Great development. Question though, at what point do we rename Main Street to Marriott Street? -Residence Inn -Courtyard -Sprinhill -JW Marriott -AC Hotels -Moxy -Icon All from Polk Street to the Bayou. In fact, if it was not for the Holiday Inn, every hotel on Main street in downtown would be a Marriott.
  3. You took the words right out of my mouth. The pictures of the updated progress immediately made me think about the Austin food hall on Congress & Cesar Chavez.
  4. Is it me or does it seem like this will be above ground in like two weeks? That vertical rebar already seems to be at street level.
  5. Love the development, hate that the power lines were not buried. If the City wont do it, why don't they ask the developer to do it as an improvement on these new builds? Anyone have any insight?
  6. Wow, I guess Houston is not the only city willing to turn away jobs and billions of dollars. (UT Campus) Interesting to see where this all ends up.
  7. Articles mentions space is 3,600 sq ft. That is the approx size of the spot next to the coffee shop along Fannin.
  8. I do not disagree with you on the overall project. However, the two story lobby into the tunnels appears to be turning into something unlike anything else downtown.
  9. The chain link portions seem to be temporary opposed to the other fencing. My hope is the gates for each side had to be specially fabricated and are simply delayed.
  10. Do we have any more or updated renderings for this? There is now extensive work being done on the ground floor.
  11. It would be great if they proceeded with this plan instead! Official change?
  12. Fence was down on 3 out 4 sides this morning. Will try to grab a pic on the way home. Thought it looked nice and we are just continuing to build that downtown fabric.
  13. Add 10 stories and build it next to OPP downtown as condos orr lot behind the Marriott. Not going to be picky.
  14. Anyone that has the contacts/know how should get this to local TV and reports. Make it a huge story.
  15. https://www.papercitymag.com/culture/w-hotel-houston-downtown-convention-center-cooler-tower/
  16. same, turning into such a prime lot. My dream development is a mixed use building with central market/modern furniture store on first floor and apartments above.
  17. So when I-45 is rerouted this one goes away for two reasons? No longer on an Interstate and not really business viable?
  18. Would be perfect! No need to even extend the light rail. Natural extension of the properties they already own and invest in the medical center.... Wait, never mind. That would make too much sense, ignore my comment.
  19. Not to mention 1825 has the rooftop pool facing downtown. I'm just glad we have moved from "should I move downtown?" to "where in downtown should i move to?"
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