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  1. The Greek Orthodox Church really adds another dimension to that last pic!
  2. Bumping these renderings to better gauge the podium progress. It looks like it is coming right along.
  3. not to mention what @Highrise Tower posted in the Hines thread that is also going up in La De'fense.
  4. That looks like a significant improvement!
  5. I am glad you mentioned both systems are good and bad. However, age is important for one reason, technology. More specifically vehicles. By the time personal cars came around NY had been established for 200 years. The decreased demand for train travel even led to destruction of one of NY's greatest public spaces, Penn Station. As for Houston's parks? I agree with you. They are getting better every day and we are getting even more. In fact I live in front of Midtown park and I can say it meticulously maintained and used by many that live around it! Unfortunately there is also a h
  6. I was not aware of this tradition for the tallest building in Houston? Is there something you can reference? It is not just the ESB, it is the WTC, Rockefeller, Hudson Yards, Sears/Williams, Hancock and other international towers I have visited. They all have dedicated elevators and spaces. I will agree there are many other parks but not hundreds. At the same time they were not all built at once. NY has 200+ years on Houston. I am guessing that as time progresses we will also have more green spaces. You call it "bluing" of the city, I would just call it a city changi
  7. I would agree Houston needs to do better in the public realm however I disagree with you using NYC as an example.They are notorious for exclusivity and class segregation. Exclusive buildings, clubs (think Yacht, Yale, etc), and even have a park that requires a key so only residents surrounding it can access it. The buildings that do have observation decks have dedicated entrances and spaces so tourist do not co mingle with the actual tenants of the building. If you ever try to go to one of the other entrances of said building prepare to meet the wrath of god from a private security officer. I
  8. Peaceful protest are a right and I 100% agree with the reason protests are occurring but it is sad to see this because of opportunistic criminals taking advantage of the situation.
  9. From when I toured the building the leasing agent said an Asian restaurant had signed a lease for the retail space facing Main Street. Take that for whatever it's worth.
  10. On the flip side employers may actually need more space as open concept may be on the latest victim of Covid 19. I think one way or the other it is all conjecture. The overall effect will probably land somewhere in the middle like it always does.
  11. The first picture appears to show stone. However, the third picture appears to show a consistency more like paint.
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