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  1. I am dreaming but what are the chances of a signature bridge on Jensen over the bayou? New wider suspension bridge opening space underneath and adding bike lanes/wide sidewalks? ”The East River Bridge”
  2. Heard from multiple people that there were issues with irresponsible dog owners. Either completely oblivious to their dog's behavior or not cleaning after them.
  3. Ok, someone else has already mentioned it. What F with the asymmetry on that one floor? Was looking it up and down and started smiling until I saw the floor with a balcony on one corner and not the other. OCD activated! lol
  4. This CVS location is closing 7/14. Anyone have any insight on redevelopment for this site? Seems like a prime location for more multifamily or mixed use.
  5. Couldn’t get a pic but this looks really sharp with the blue lighting on the pyramid. Def gives it an extra edge that was not there before.
  6. Damn, that makes 7 Marriott’s off Main in Downtown. Think they need to expand to Midtown. A Moxy could do well in Midtown.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXjJI6FuyGl/?utm_medium=copy_link Hines posted some indoor pics on Instagram
  8. It is scaled back? yes Do I wish they had stuck with the original plans? yes Were those plans drawn up before covid? yes Was the construction that started before covid match the renderings? yes Did covid probably have a significant effects in altering those plans? Unfortunately, yes. I hear you but at least we are still have some momentum in the right direction.
  9. McGregor Square in Denver could be good inspiration. Block sizes comparable? https://www.mcgregorsquare.com/?utm_source=google my business&utm_medium=listing&utm_campaign=visit website
  10. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CU5Z7AApexU/?utm_medium=copy_link newer or older rendering? Can’t recall that 3 story building facing Allen Parkway in previous renderings.
  11. As this development finalizes, a random thought about this part of Montrose. That gas station a block away is increasingly growing out of place. So what is the solution? I saw this in DC and wonder when we might start seeing it Houston. Given the density and land value in Montrose I imagine it can be far off.
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