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  1. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CU5Z7AApexU/?utm_medium=copy_link newer or older rendering? Can’t recall that 3 story building facing Allen Parkway in previous renderings.
  2. As this development finalizes, a random thought about this part of Montrose. That gas station a block away is increasingly growing out of place. So what is the solution? I saw this in DC and wonder when we might start seeing it Houston. Given the density and land value in Montrose I imagine it can be far off.
  3. Can it be moved? any of the blocks along 59/69 would be way better than where it currently is.
  4. Anyone know what is being done to it? It is surrounded by scaffolding covering the sidewalk on all sides.
  5. And to think one of the ugliest parking garages once occupied this plot…
  6. Saving judgment until it is complete but so far this seems to improve with every picture update.
  7. From the link Are those strips on the glass facade going to be lit up? This is the first rendering I see that kind of implies that.
  8. Maybe a bit of a hyperbole, but between Texas Tower, the JPM/600 Travis remodel, and Pennzoil, Houston will have 3 of the most unique building lobbies on 3 continuous blocks.
  9. How does that even fit the description of a TIRZ? Isn't it suppose to promote improvements within the district?
  10. This is pretty much done. For comparison
  11. Quite the negative spiral. Went from the developer, to the building, to midtown, to the general state of society.
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