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  1. In the latest round of Sears that are closing, Sears' parent company, Sears Holdings, has announced that the Baybrook store is next on the chopping block (while the Mall of the Mainland location continues to survive). The Sears at Baybrook has been there in its current location since the mall opened in 1978. Despite never going to Sears, it's still kinda sad. Does anyone have memories of this Sears? Supposedly there used to be a McDonald's inside, but I wasn't sure if it was true.
  2. It was either torn down or completely gutted now.
  3. Hey, guys, sorry for the 7 year old bump, but I had some info to add to the thread. Here are all the original stores when Baybrook first opened. Surprisingly, some of these stores are still at Baybrook (Visibile Changes, Sears, Foot Locker, etc). There are also some pictures, but I don't have a subscription to post them. https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/16987886/ https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/16986494/ Aladdin's Castle American Uniforms Baker's Shoes The Bank Store Bejeweled The Berry Tree Burger Express C's Chicken & Fi
  4. Here's an article about Goode, which was previously Del Taco. http://offcite.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/1989/06/DriveThruMargartiaville_Kaplan_Cite22.pdf
  5. Anyone know where the original Gay Family Pontiac was on HWY 3?
  6. Darn. Why couldn't it have been an Alamo Draft House instead? Anyone know when they are supposed to start construction? I thought it was supposed to be in May.
  7. Come on, guys! You guys always solve what stuff was! Now it's really bugging me! I was born in 91, so I don't recall what was by Fudd.
  8. It's where the Specs is now, situated across the street from the Clear Lake Library.
  9. Anyone remember the HEB Pantry in Webster?
  10. *sigh* I remember the cafe. Back in the '90s and '00s, when I HAD to go with my mom, that was the only thing I looked forward to. LOL
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