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  1. RIP, Baybrook Sears

    In the latest round of Sears that are closing, Sears' parent company, Sears Holdings, has announced that the Baybrook store is next on the chopping block (while the Mall of the Mainland location continues to survive). The Sears at Baybrook has been there in its current location since the mall opened in 1978. Despite never going to Sears, it's still kinda sad. Does anyone have memories of this Sears? Supposedly there used to be a McDonald's inside, but I wasn't sure if it was true.
  2. Toddle House

    It was either torn down or completely gutted now.
  3. Arlan's Market, Big Chief, and Safeway

    There used to be a Fiesta by NASA?
  4. Comcast has a monopoly in my neck of the woods.
  5. Baybrook Mall History

    Hey, guys, sorry for the 7 year old bump, but I had some info to add to the thread. Here are all the original stores when Baybrook first opened. Surprisingly, some of these stores are still at Baybrook (Visibile Changes, Sears, Foot Locker, etc). There are also some pictures, but I don't have a subscription to post them. Aladdin's Castle American Uniforms Baker's Shoes The Bank Store Bejeweled The Berry Tree Burger Express C's Chicken & Fish Casual Corner Corngan's Jewelry The Dipping Station Famous Ramos Hot Dog Place Fashion Conspiracy FlaggBros. Florsheim Shoes, Footlocker Fowles Gallery Foxmoor Frame It Fredericks of Hollywood General Cinema General Nutrition Center Gingiss Formal Wear The Go Round Gordon's Jewelers Hanover Shoes H & H Music International Tours of Baybrook J. Riggings Jeans West Joske's Joyce Bertram Bath & Boudoir Kid's Casuals Kinney Shoes The Knife Shop Leopold Price & Rolle Lerner Shops The Limited Luby's-Romana Cafeteria Margo's La Mode Morrow's Nut House Mr. Music National Shirt Shop Naturahzer Shoes 01' Dan Tucker's Bar-B-Que, Pizza & Subs Radio Shack Record Town Red Cross Shoes Royal Optical Sears Silverman's So-Fro Fabrics Steve's Sandwich Shop Stride Rite Shoes Susie's Casuals Sweeney's Jewelers The Swiss Colony The Taco Spot, Thorn McAni shoes Thomason Keepsake Diamond Center Topps 'n Trowsers Topsy's food Toys by Roy Visible Changes Waldenbook Ward's Western Junction Wicks 'n Sticks Wild Pair World of Cookery Yogurt 'n Things Zales Jewelers
  6. Did we ever have Chi Chi's Mexican Restaurants?

    The chain or a different one?
  7. Del Taco (old locations)

    When was that supposed to happen?
  8. Del Taco (old locations)

    Here's an article about Goode, which was previously Del Taco.
  9. old car dealerships

    Anyone know where the original Gay Family Pontiac was on HWY 3?
  10. Baybrook Mall-Expansion

    Darn. Why couldn't it have been an Alamo Draft House instead? Anyone know when they are supposed to start construction? I thought it was supposed to be in May.
  11. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    Come on, guys! You guys always solve what stuff was! Now it's really bugging me! I was born in 91, so I don't recall what was by Fudd.
  12. Anyone have any old pics of the area? Post em here!
  13. The first H-E-B in Houston

    It's where the Specs is now, situated across the street from the Clear Lake Library.
  14. The first H-E-B in Houston

    Anyone remember the HEB Pantry in Webster?
  15. Old Garden Ridge

    *sigh* I remember the cafe. Back in the '90s and '00s, when I HAD to go with my mom, that was the only thing I looked forward to. LOL