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  1. A quick google search shows numbers between 8k and 13k, but nothing as high as 67k.
  2. It’s very Hudson Yards-esque. A blue glass behemoth that sticks out like a sore thumb just a little bit. I say this all in a good way. It’ll be awesome for the TMC and Houston!
  3. Memorial Hermann Tower along I-10 https://www.emporis.com/statistics/tallest-health
  4. Interesting to see whether there are fewer people walking in the heat. No need to wait for July... it’ll be 93° tomorrow. 😅
  5. A little bit of a Montrose/midtown skyline forming: Edit: https://imgur.com/nFbGF76 can’t figure out how to delete old photos I’ve uploaded.
  6. What happens now? http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25357571/bob-mcnair-owner-houston-texans-dead-81
  7. This is from April of 2017, so it may not be up to date: “Phase one of the project will include a luxury hotel and condominium tower, retail pavilion and office building with more than 200,000 square feet of space.” https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2017/04/26/renderings-revealed-for-new-luxurymixed-use.html
  8. I like this development. I wish we had more inflill like this along the main street corridor (NRG up to downtown) http://imgur.com/BBAvHjz
  9. No idea what’ll replace that gas station, but I’m glad they're tearing it down. It’s been abandoned for years.
  10. Emporis has this building listed at 40 floors and 498 ft. This puts it 3 feet behind OPP and 5 feet behind the current tallest residential tower: The Huntingdon. If the floor count has been increased to 41 floors, than yes, I would assume that when completed, This would be the tallest residential tower in Houston.
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