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  1. Sky-guy

    Grocers Supply Co. - 3131 Holcombe Blvd

    Amazing! Although I would be surprised if this development turned out to be anything more impressive than this:
  2. Sky-guy

    McNair Mixed-Use: ~6-acres at 3200 Post Oak Blvd

    What happens now?
  3. Sky-guy

    The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    This is from April of 2017, so it may not be up to date: “Phase one of the project will include a luxury hotel and condominium tower, retail pavilion and office building with more than 200,000 square feet of space.”
  4. Sky-guy

    11-story apartments for N Braeswood at Main

    I like this development. I wish we had more inflill like this along the main street corridor (NRG up to downtown)
  5. I think groundbreaking is set for some time next year.
  6. I count 10:
  7. No idea what’ll replace that gas station, but I’m glad they're tearing it down. It’s been abandoned for years.
  8. Sky-guy

    Market Square Tower: 40-Story High-Rise for Downtown

    Emporis has this building listed at 40 floors and 498 ft. This puts it 3 feet behind OPP and 5 feet behind the current tallest residential tower: The Huntingdon. If the floor count has been increased to 41 floors, than yes, I would assume that when completed, This would be the tallest residential tower in Houston.
  9. Sky-guy

    The Kirby Collection by Thor Equities

    I believe the rug store on that site closed within the last few days.
  10. I also purchased the 6s this past October, and coming from an iPhone 5s, I am extremely pleased with it. Rumor has it that the next Samsung phone will include a similar pressure-sensitive display.
  11. Sky-guy

    Market Square Tower: 40-Story High-Rise for Downtown

    I think 37-38. It should be topped out by the end of the year.
  12. I believe you have made a mistake. The 102-story tower is proposed for the corner of Bissonnet and Ashby.
  13. Sky-guy

    Market Square Tower: 40-Story High-Rise for Downtown

    I drove by yesterday and counted about 29
  14. Sky-guy

    Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    Is there anything that can be done to make the waters of buffalo bayou a little more blue?