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  1. Definitely uptown, you'd get a nice view of the skyline and the number of new luxury projects going in there are awesome (Belfiore, Astoria, Place des Vosges, all of InTown Homes', etc) Obviously you'd have to have a fat wallet, but it would be amazing to live somewhere like the Belfiore.
  2. Besides the Sovereign do you guys think they'll build any condos on the sites?
  3. Wicked list! So many hotels and offices, great sign of the strength of the market.
  4. Downtown Dallas actually has more high-rise residential under construction than Houston. You can see all the current projects on BuzzBuzzHome for either Dallas or Houston. I'd be highly suspicious of any plans for a 50 story+ tower of any type (mixed use, res, office) let alone a 102 story tower in any city in Texas right now. I mean it would be awesome (check out this recent article about the benefits of supertalls ) and they are often used to spur development in an area, but at the crux of it all you have to have immense urban growth, or at least pent up demand for it. I've recently finished adding all new construction projects in Texas (void of rentals) to our site, and the number of low-rise, suburban ones dwarf anything in urban areas. On the subject of skinny towers, One Madison in New York is 60 storeys but super skinny, but the real kicker is 107 West 57th, its 1350 feet high and skinnier than most builds that are barely over ten storeys! Actually crazy if you look at the renderings. But yes, it's absurdly expensive to build on skinny lots or just skinny in general. Main reason is that building one more floor costs more and more as you go higher (greater feat of engineering, more things to consider, harder to build higher) so developers want to maximize their floorspace per floor to make sure that they can turn a profit. In Houston, skinny projects will probably only happen if and ever becomes very squeezed, which probably will never happen
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