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  1. This may be the best looking new building in Houston. I'd love to see something like this, only taller, in downtown. It would really break up the monotony of the grey and greyish blue glass buildings downtown.
  2. https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/neighborhood/downtown-goodyear-service-center-to-become-public-park-86211
  3. to me, the first notable piece of the 'downtown revival' was the addition of the ballpark at Union Station/Enron Field/ Minute Maid Park. There was a HUGE debate over whether the new baseball stadium should be built downtown or near the Astrodome. Pro urban renewal supporter pointed to the renaissance that Baltimore, Denver, and Cleveland experienced over their downtown location and the missed opportunity by the Chicago White Sox, who decided to build their new stadium outside of downtown. I never expected it to happen overnight, but a neighborhood is forming around MMP and that piece is connected to the other pieces...Discovery Green + Convention Center upgrades + Market Square, etc.
  4. They could have a section of the Hall for Houston inspired sports movies or movies featuring Houston sports/athletes/venues.. - Bad New Bears II/ Astrodome -The Batttle of the Sexes/Astrodome -Friday Night Lights / Astrodome - Boys Life featured an Astros game at MMP. Also, weren't the two main golfers in Tin Cup, former teammates at the University of Houston? Oh, and Jamie Foxx's UH character in Any Given Sunday and I'm sure many more.
  5. This is just the garage? Have they broke ground on the office building?
  6. Seriously. what is the developer's game plan here? I understand putting the project on hold in 2009 but many mini boom cycles have happened since then. This would be a HUGE success if it was currently online. The developers have owned the land since the 1980s, they demolished most of the Allen House (income producing property) and yet the lots remain vacant. Let's hope 2018 IS the year. Sadly, those Chines developers are going to one up Regent Square, once again, by building their mixed use development on Allen Parkway giving them another "reason" to delay.
  7. The brick rendering doesn't shows the Marriott Marquis as a parking lot so I'm going to say that is the older rendering. I like the brick facade better than the stucco or whatever panel system that is.
  8. Has the project officially started? Seems to be a lot of activity around the site.
  9. Don't forget there are plans to re-route 45 and remove the portion separating this area from downtown. Downtown is eventually going to extend to this area so they are probably thinking about what is going to happen. Plus, if Regent Square ever happens I'm thinking we will start to hear some kind of proposal to add mass transit up Allen Parkway connecting it to downtown.
  10. Looks like Dallas might be getting a Norman Foster Skyscraper... http://www.dallasnews.com/business/real-estate/2017/03/24/round-skyscraper-famed-architect-remake-dallas-skyline
  11. You sure about that? UH has already blocked a potential partnership with South Texas College of Law and Texas A&M. Texas A&M responded with blocking a northwest expansion plan by UH stating that it was too close to THEIR turf. This kind of thing happens all the time. The University of Houston sits in a county that has a larger population than 25 states and it does view itself as a potential UCLA caliber school of the Houston region. So, you bet they are going to fight to protect their vision because that's what ALL Texas schools already do. Texas A&M is NOT proposing to build a new campus 2 miles from UT-Austin just because the population growth of the the city of Austin warrants it. Some of your logic in this thread is troublesome.
  12. The Texas Senate hearings did not go well for the University of Texas.. $450 million of Texas tax payer's money for 300 acres of an Environmentally Unsound piece of land for a secret project with no plans or direction. Watch it here:
  13. An Oklahoma fan, on another board, posted I'm in Houston, in the galleria area- does Houston have mass transit to NRG for the game tomorrow. Well, you could have connected had they "actually" built the University and Uptown lines that were voted on and approved a decade ago...freakin geniuses that run Houston.
  14. If uptown doesn't want the light rails (since they've rejected it multiple times), I say place the light rail down Montrose and Washington. They will have the density to justify it. Possibly look to do something up Allen Parkway/Kirby and segment the inner city that way. let uptown remain the continuous parking lot that it desperately wants to remain.
  15. If uptown doesn't want the light rails (since they've rejected it multiple times), I say place the light rail down Montrose and Washington. They will have the density to justify it. Possibly look to do something up Allen Parkway/Kirby and segment the inner city that way. let uptown remain the continuous parking lot that it desperately wants to remain.
  16. Absolutely! Getting into the Big 12, alone, will increase our Athletic revenue to the $30+ million range. We currently make about $2 million in the American Athletic Conference. The basketball renovation will have a strong ROI. If you've been following, UH is one of the heavy favorites to get the 2 or 4 program invite. Other heavy favorites include University of Cincinnati and BYU but most are starting the feel that BYU's culture, and high demands, will not be a fit for the Big 12. Plus there is the fact that No other Power conference, under any circumstances, would ever take BYU. the same can not be said for the University of Houston so look for the Big 12 to invite UH sooner than later.
  17. Looks like they are trying to get retailers interested in this project to justify its construction. Not sure how far along they are.
  18. Regent Square? or part of that new Museum District development? After all, the MD is one of the top tourist destinations in the city
  19. I don't have any pictures but there were trucks and equipment all over the site. Looks as if they were doing soil test and early prep work but something was definitely happening there today!
  20. Are there any updates on this project? It looks as if the developer let another boom come and go while other mixed use projects were built (i.e. River Oaks District). With the current excess inventory of apartment units, I don't see this happening anytime soon. The ironic thing is that had the 2008/09 scheme been built it would have been up and running and probably would have attracted a large number of the transplants from 2012-2015 who accepted their energy jobs downtown. Does anyone know what the plan is now?
  21. Commuter school? Actually, Only Texas A&M has more on-campus beds than the University of Houston. We are second in the state in on-campus beds right now. I attended UH in the late 90s/early 2000s and lived on campus. That is what I meant by UH's growth cycle....a 100 year old campus, by that time, transitions from a commuter school to a full fledged residential campus. By 2027, we should be NUMBER ONE in the entire state of Texas in on-campus residents. That's quite an accomplishment considering our humble beginnings. On Third Ward, if you haven't been paying attention, look who owns most of the third ward and the proposals for re-development. UH probably owns most of the neighboring land and they are waiting for their opportunity to support developments that compliment the University of Houston. It is coming..have a little patience but yeah....a City Centre type development next to UH , with direct mass transit access downtown will not only raise the perception of UH but it will solidify the area as one of he most vibrant urban campuses in the United States. It's coming folks....the wheels are in motion. Cities develop in layers and UH's proximity to downtown Houston, over time, will be a HUGE asset especially when the city finally fills in with quality development. It is only a matter of time.
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